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Where can information about picture locations be found?  Click on pictures to see enlargements and            information, and see the Index of photo locations

What kind of camera was used?    Small digital cameras. 

When were the pictures taken?     2003 to 2013

How did you first learn to use computers?     My first  computer (1988) was the game "Simon," and then TI "Speak and Spell".                  In 1992 a friend gave me a small, used, early model Apple computer .  I learned how to                                                                 use these slowly, along with library computers.

When did you become familiar with the internet?  1987   I used the library computers: The "Silver Platter": at San Jose State; UCB (Athena) and Stanford (Socrates) in order to access the National Library of Medicine data base (Medline) via the   internet.

Who built your website?   I built it using a notebook computer - on battery power, a web page editor, and within my vehicle, parked next   to the ocean (over he course of months) slowly built this website. I did use several books for reference,                   and researched the internet for specific questions not found in the books; also,
I am grateful to family and friends who gave me editorial suggestions.

Is Ansel Adams a distant relative of Paul Adams?  We do not know. They had fathers with the same first name (Charles),                                           and both Ansel and Paul have similar hand writing qualities - signatures.
For more about Adams, (and Prem Das) see  biography.

When did you begin with photography  1970       with a 35mm Minolta and later a Kodak 110 pocket camera. At that time I was                                                                        interested in creating slide shows for presentations at workshops and seminars.
                                                                 I began with digital photography in 2003, and this was a result of hiking in the       wilderness with a  desire to
capture some of the natural beauty of luminous places in photographs.

   How useful is an electronic air ionizer?     
Significant variables in the air: such as humidity, temperature    and pollutants determine the extent to which the air can be ionized. Also, the room (material chemical content)    itself can absorb - neutralize the generated air ions, and leave little or nothing left,    beyond a foot or two from   the ionizer. Air ionizers vary in their designs, efficiency  and potential.                                                                                                                                                        Mother nature is the best source for fresh "energetic air" (small air negative ions of oxygen).


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