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    excerpts from: "A Guide to Natural Places of Power in the American West"   by Paul C Adams ( Prem Das                                                                                                                  


        Invisible "fountains of power" have been associated with some natural geologic sites. These locations are known as �power spots� or �places of power�, and have been referred to by mystics, saints and shamans. In the following pages I present a collection of photographs and information about my personal experiences at such extraordinary locations in California, Oregon and Washington states. The location (place, or site) is described with objective geographical data and my subjective, experiential records. Each site is a unique place of power and with various models I describe and define the qualities, perceived from within, of these amazing natural places.

        Places of power are rare. Over the past 25 years I have walked more than 25,000 miles exploring open spaces, state parks, national parks and forests. I have found relatively few of these special sites, those that I did find are enchanting and intriguing. Perhaps someday these locations will become national monuments, identified and protected. They are treasures, although these places are not recognized for the kind of gems they are, nor for what their potential is: They offer us a free energy, where we can �bathe� and learn.

        The practice of yoga (meditation, pranayama) and shamanism (pilgrimage to places of power) has helped me open my inner door to subtle environmental energies which for most people go unnoticed. These esoteric pathways make it possible to feel energies of the environment which normally are ignored and disregarded by our conscious mind. I believe that each and every cell in our body  "tunes into", and receives such environmental energies, and is blessed or hindered according to the characteristics of these invisible powers. In order to define the energies I have borrowed terms from electronics, yoga, nutrition, herbalogy, astrology, and especially atmospheric electricity (air ions). An appendix has been added providing definitions of these terms used to describe inner feelings associated with outer locations, sites, or places of power.

        The key to locating places of power is developing our latent potential in the dimension of feeling. It is relatively easy to identify our own emotions, such as happiness, sadness, joy, love, depression, anger and so forth. Slightly more difficult is defining our moment to moment feeling of personal power or vitality. If we look within ourselves very carefully, we will see our personal energy has definite characteristics and qualities that we can learn to identify, and then define. The various types of vitality within our heart and mind are related to invisible environmental energies moving around us and through us. In the following pages you will see report forms (surveys) where I have presented a description of the approximate geographical location for the places of power, and then a section dedicated to my subjective experience.

        I have learned how to recognize many different types of energy, perceived within my heart, mind, and inner self. Using simple models, borrowed from other disciplines and cultures, I have found it possible to describe, in a precise way, many attributes of the powers present at these amazing places. I then suggest how to
optimally utilize the energy of each location.


           Flux� is a word I use to help describe my experience of invisible energy fields.Total Flux Value� is the combined power of all fields present, at a given moment. Flux can be man made, natural or a combination of both. The Total Flux Value is an invisible environmental power, and might be is as important to our health as nutrition or exercise. I believe flux is directly related to our vitality, and it�s qualitative characteristics flavor our moment to moment experience of life. Most of the time we ignore flux, it is in the �background�, yet how we feel, on a moment to moment basis, is closely related to this invisible factor. This "background" falls into the unconscious, present and powerful, yet ignored by conscious recognition. Since it has gone largely undefined, unrecognized, and even denied as relevant; we do not consciously acknowledge the role flux has in our lives. I present my own experience of flux values at Places of Power, in the charts, under  �Subjective - Energy �, and quantify the intensity using numbers and graphs.

                                                                        PREREQUISITES FOR EXPLORATION OF THE SITES

    In order to open up, to feel and enjoy natures subtle energies, we need to become more sensitive, and "re-calibrate" our  potential.. This is possible and can be accomplished using simple techniques of awareness training, relaxation and by experiencing the wilderness.

    Our inner perceptions and feelings are subject to many variables. Learning to identify these, screening them , and thus �filtering� is essential in order to recognize the natural currents (�foundations� or �basal currents�) of environmental origin. Certain kinds of  �noise can interfere with feeling: This is a problem that we identify and correct. The learned ability to identify this noise and then subtract it from the "background" leads to an inner equation revealing the natural currents, the �Foundation�.

    Following is a list of �noise� that can mask, disrupt, block or obscure our ability to identify the natural energies of the environment.

METABOLIC: Strong hunger pangs, over eating, and digestive disturbances. Exercise, when insufficient leads to a build up of toxins and these jam the brain and central nervous system (CNS). Exercise, when excessive also "jams" the brain and CNS. This is due to the stress hormones norepinephrine, cortisol and histamine; also metabolic waste products( toxins) which can cause very high levels of noise; a condition that can last for several days following an intense physical workout.

DRUGS: Most drugs, legal and illegal, generate noise which is excessive and prevents an accurate ability to tune into environmental energies - as they actually are. Beverages containing alcohol, caffeine and all tobacco products are usually too �loud� and noisy. Small dosages of some types of drugs may not be of concern; this is an individual matter of distinguishing what is noise, and then subtracting it from the perceived energy - equation.

HORMONES: When our sex drive is too high, or too low, then inner feeling is altered, and disturbs the ability to perceive environmental energies. The hormones associated with sex drive generate feelings, which can overwhelm us, and thus impair our ability to perceive subtle fields of the environment.

EMOTIONS: Anger, sadness, depression and other strong emotions can jam our inner channels needed for accurate perception of the Sites.

ILLNESS: Colds, flu and disease processes produce high levels of noise; these alters our perceptions and have a numbing effect on perceptual channels.

STORMS: Clouds passing over, overcast conditions, thunderheads, fog, rain, and wind generate changes in the atmospheric electric field, and also in our moods. Good weather conditions are optimal for tuning into the natural flux and energies associated with Places of Power.

HUMAN AURA AND SHAKTI: In city areas there is, I perceive, an invisible field effect propagated by the collective unconscious associated with human beings, and it projects a strong influence. This is definite type of noise which can be eliminated by trekking out into the wilderness areas.

HOUSING AND VEHICLES: These act as shields, attenuating many varieties of natural energy. The best way to experience a Place of Power is by sitting, sleeping, or walking - in, on, or around it.

EMF (electromagnetic fields)   technological:     radio waves, TV, CB radio, ham radio, cell phones; and also sonar (ultrasound) are examples of invisible energies found in city areas. In high population areas these noises can be a very significant factors. This kind of noise forms an artificial Basal Current and Foundation (see vocabulary): We get accustomed to it, and it becomes unconscious; yet it is there, and can be very powerful.   Wilderness areas  are not completely free of technological flux fields, and (initially) they can be confused with the natural fields; sufficient experience with both kinds of flux clarifies the situation.


                                                                      (c) Paul C Adams 2012