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                                                          UCB  Lowie Museum


                                                          Carlos Castaneda

                                                          John Brockman

                                                          John Brockman

                                                          DeYoung Museum

                                                          DeYoung Museum

                                                          DeYoung Museum
                                                          Senator Alan Cranston

                                                          Joseph  Campbell

                                                          Andrew Weil  MD

                                                          Harper & Row

                                                          Joseph Campbell

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                                                          Ram Dass

                                                          Bhagavan Dass    

                                                          Baba Hari Dass      Air Energizer

                                                          Baba Hari Dass      India 1

                                                          Baba Hari Dass      India 2

                                                          Micheal Harner
                                                          New Age Journal: Way Of the Shaman  book review