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A Guide to Luminous Places 
2018  Color paperback, updated.

A Guide to Luminous Places: Exploring Inner and Outer Luminosity
2017  B&W paperback

A Guide To Luminous Places: Exploring Inner and Outer Luminosity
2017  eBook  Kindle

Shamanic Voices: A Survey of Visionary Narratives   Anthology by Joan Halifax, PhD  
1991    See chapter 8, pg. 249: Prem Das, North America, Huichol. 

Yoga Journal Magazine: The Singing Earth: Looking at Shamanism
Sept./Oct.    Available online:

Art of the Huichol Indians   Edited by Kathleen Berrin and Thomas Seligman
            see last chapter: Don Jose, by Prem Das.
1978    DeYoung Museum of San Francisco & Abrams, NY.

1988    Ecstasy and Health in Huichol Shamanism  ITA 1988 conference.  Availabe from:

1992      Shamanic Pathways    with Joan Halifax, PhD. New Dimensions Radio.  Available via
1977    The Singing Earth     
1975    Huichol Cosmology,   Big Sur     Available online.
Music, Drumming, with Muruga
1991    Ecstasy                        
1989    Dreaming Drums
1987    Journey of the Drums   Available online:, and from: