Comparison of Perceptible Qualities

Here is an exercise you can try. Get up at 3am and pay attention to how you feel. If you live in a city, at this early hour, electrical power use (and cell phone – radio waves) is very low. This is an excellent opportunity to compare how you feel, daytime versus during the very early morning hours. What difference can be perceived?  First of all, it is quiet, little or no sound; yet more important is that it is very peaceful, similar to how you might feel in the wilderness. The extent and degree of peacefulness is profound and contrasts dramatically to the stimulating, “wiry” buzz of daytime hours.

The city generates an artificial luminous place, and the bigger the city, the more powerful the radiant electric and electromagnetic (radio) fields are. Technology generates invisible fields that are perceptible, and they do affect us, coloring our moods and sense of being: they form a distinct layer of the “onion” – multiple feelings within.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017

How Do You Feel?

“How do you feel” is a question you might hear from your doctor. Obviously, it is very important, and how we feel can determine courses of action, decision making, and quality of life, for a moment or much longer. How much education have we received in this vital area of existence?  Hardly any at all, as compared to what our thinking mind has received. The cerebral cortex (mind) the limbic system (feelings): two brain centers or systems: that can operate together, independently; or against each other – with feelings at odds with thoughts, the brain turned against itself.

By paying careful attention to the continuous sensations of feelings, it becomes apparent that many feelings exist simultaneously, fluctuating in intensity, varying in  qualities or characteristics. Layer upon layer, like an onion, we can probe deeper and deeper finding subtle feelings: some of these correspond with external environmental energies and induce field effects within us. The search for luminous places follows this path, first identifying personal feelings and then looking deeper to the ever present environmental energies. Magnetic, electrostatic, piezoelectric, electromagnetic (including technology generated fields), and atmospheric electricity (specifically the ratios of air ions, in higher concentrations) are perceptible and quantifiable using a personal scale of numbers corresponding with intensities.

(c) Paul C Adams  2017

Sensitivity to Luminous Places

Our sensitivity to luminous places is a variable that can be enhanced or diminished by many different methods or techniques, including a vast variety of herbs, nutrients and drugs. In addition, our basic sense of feeling – sensitivity fluctuates with daily awake/asleep cycles, dietary choices, terrestrial, and space weather (including astrological aspects/transits. It is essential to recognize these variables, and personal  sensitivity, before trying to identify energies associated with luminous places.

My experiences at luminous places includes a large variety of distinct qualities and characteristics, which can be quite stable, such as geomagnetic fields, and others, such as air ions, that fluctuate intensity and qualities. Piezo-electric fields, as those near some earthquake faults are usually very stable, yet can vary dramatically upon certain occasions. Strato-volcanoes, such as Mount Shasta, Mt.Adams and Mt Rainier generate, in my experience, very powerful unique magnetic fields that are stronger in the springtime, during snow melt. Near the seashore, the air ion concentrations vary with onshore or offshore breezes, wave size and ions/ aerosols created upon crashing, wind speed and direction, weather and storms.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017

Drive, Walk and Hike to Luminous Places

Locating luminous places can be as easy as driving around and parking at different locations. Parking close to ocean beaches, on mountain tops; and camping: in national, state, or local parks. Almost all wilderness locations are rich with energetic air (atmospheric air ions of oxygen), instant serenity via biophotons from forests, smooth  natural geomagnetic fields, plus a superior connection to the schumann resonances.

Walking and hiking can take you to remote wilderness sites, far from the “noise” caused by human aura and electrical/electromagnetic fields (power line and radio waves). Treks into forests, upon mountains, into deserts, and along beaches can take you to powerful luminous places: treasures, fountains of well being and inspiration.

Walking is a skill, especially long distance walking. What shoes to wear, what to eat, how often to rest, what gear to take, and how to develop endurance to go farther and farther. An excellent guide book that can help you answer these questions is: Walking for Health and Happiness, by Dr.William Bird and Veronica Reynolds, published by Readers Digest.

(c) 2017 Paul C Adams   aka  Prem Das

Luminous Places Blog

A variety of previous blog entries can be found from the directory, mostly from 2013. I am working on selections to be available in the future via this blog, and will these be listed with an index, by subject or title.

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places  contains many of the blogs which were seen between 2013 and 2017. You can find this publication by clicking on the link to Amazon/books: it is available as an e-book, and hard copy paperback.

Paul C Adams (Prem Das)   June, 2017


Places of Power

Natural places of power, or “luminous-places” come in all sizes and types. It is not necessary to travel to exotic and distant locations to experience these special locations. Small places of power can be gentle,of low power, and perhaps more beneficial for both learning and healing than large powerful sites.The smaller sites require greater personal sensitivity, as an ability to find them.

Large sites can be over-whelming, too much to absorb, too fast. They tend to dominate, and force a specific state of mind and feeling, locking you there. For some people this might be good, and for others un-appealing, or limiting. For short periods of time the large,powerful sites are admirable, enjoyable, and stimulate significant inner change of a specific kind.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

PS There is an update for the Drum Experience in my website Archive

Feathers and Hair

A very significant electrical charge builds ups on us as we move about. This is electrostatic electricity and can reach thousands of volts with spark discharges from us to door knobs, cars, etc. All synthetic fabrics are especially conducive to the generation of high voltages. Even nude, with no clothes the movements of the body can generate high voltages.

Body hair might be very important in its capacity to discharge the build up of electrostatic voltages upon the body. Have you noticed the small antenna like rods on the wings of jet aircraft? These discharge the build up of electrostatic voltages on the jet body – to the air.  Our brains and nervous systems are dependent upon a very precise and exact electro chemical balance. Hair could be functioning to discharge electrical imbalances, and thus reduce stress. The combination of wearing shoes, clothes (especially synthetic fabrics),walking on pavement, and having short hair might be primary culprits responsible for stress.

Feathers are effective as electrostatic conductors. Birds fly through the air, and need to discharge the build up of very high voltages: feathers do this. Feathers (and hair – furs!) have been used for massage and healing, they can help discharge the build up of tension caused by electrostatic build up.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Who Am I ?

Ramana Marharshi, a great Indian Yogi of the last century used the question,”Who am I” as a primary teaching and path to “Know Thyself”.

My perception, after decades of inner space exploration via multiple paths is that the human race is, at its core, is one single Spirit manifesting as so many bodies. The Human Spirit, as I perceive, it is quite a character, and plays many roles as personas (masks) or identities. Like layers of an onion, multiple identidies grow around the Spirit, and does so with almost everyone.. The identidies are very convincing, to oneself and others, and acting these identies out forms the greater dramas of life.

I was baptized Methodist and recall going to Sunday school in my youngest years. Then during early teen years my parents took me, occasionally, to Presbyterian church and sunday school. This was followed by some exposure to TV evanvelism with Billy Grahman, Charles Stanley and Robert Schueller (Hour of Power). In India, 19 years old, I studied Raja Yoga; and in my twenties I explored the path of Huichol shamanism in Mexico.

The following facts are interesting and have been relevant to me in various ways.

Huston Smith, a Methodist scholar (10 PhD’s) who I met at Esalen Institute, was impressed with my unusual spiritual path and encouraged me.

Ram Dass received his masters degree from Wesleyan Methodist University.

Edgar Mitchell (Apollo Astronaut), who was raised as a Southern Baptist, created The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA.

Edgar Cayce, Presbyterian minister, the “Sleeping Profit“, ( I read this book in 1966) and origin of A.R.E. in Phoenix, AZ

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


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