Energetic Air Review

If you want to learn more about energetic air, officially known as “negative air ions”, two excellent introductory books, well worth reading, and available via Amazon –  Kindle:

The Happiness Effect, by Earl Mindell (2016) and The Truth About Air Electricity & Health (2013), by Rosalind Tan.

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A Guide to Luminous Places

My book, A Guide to Luminous Places,  is now available in color. There are 62 color pictures and 2 black and white. In addition, the book has been updated. The link above with take you to the Amazon page listing this exciting new edition. The editions in black and white, and the eBook are on the same page, or linked to it.  Enjoy!

A Guide to Luminous Places can help you find locations, in the city and wilderness, of high vitality and serenity: places to live and prosper, for vacation and regeneration. In addition, you will find that the insights and extraordinary sensitivity learned from this book will be of benefit to your relationships with people and improve perception of many subtle qualities of any environment.

In this book, Paul shares with you, personal autobiographical narratives exploring amazing inner worlds of luminosity and external natural locations of beauty and high vitality. A Guide to Luminous Places is a brilliant path leading to renewable inspiration and fountains of well being.

The Range of Light

Myron Stolarhoff lived near Lone Pine and enjoyed frequent hikes and backpack trips into the Range of Light, named by John Muir.

Another fascinating person, Franklin Merrill Wolf, also a Stanford graduate, lived in the same area, and extensively explored inner states of consciousness without the use of psychedelic drugs. He wrote two books: Pathways Through to Space, and Consciousness without An Object. These books are classics in the field of consciousness research. Franklin, his wife, and community members hiked into the Range of Light, and they developed meditation sites in the mountains near their homes.

The Range of Light (YouTube), the Whitney Mountain Range, and the area above Lone Pine is extremely rich in atmospheric air ions (AAI), also called negative air ions (NAI), or what I prefer to call energetic air. This very high level of energetic air is due to the naturally occurring radioactive elements uranium, radium and radon – which are exposed by the mountains. Cosmic rays from outer space is an additional source of energetic air (via muons) , and it is a very significant at higher elevations; the weather in this region usually provides cool temperatures plus low humidity that extends the brief lifetime of energetic air.

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“There is a light that glows continuously in the universe. It is eternal, ever-present, and unending. This light is the source of life. It can be for each of us the source of joy, wellbeing, aliveness, in fact that which makes everything in life charged with exuberance and gratitude at the miracle of being. We can be filled with wonder and excitement at participating in the enormous adventure of life. This light is infinitely expressive, constantly seeking ways to manifest in ever-unfolding, ever-increasing varieties of expression. We, humankind, have the opportunity to be the channel for the expression of this light. As the most developed creatures on the planet, we have been granted attributes which permit us to unite our inner self with this indescribably beautiful light, to be an expression of this energy, and to share in the joy and delight of the unfolding processes of Life.”     Myron Stolaroff                                                         Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration, 1994.

Myron was a friend of my father, Charles Adams.: he was with PR, and it was his job to know people and be friendly. In the 1960’s, they were associates at Ampex,  Redwood City, California.


Paul C  Adams     2018                updated: 7-8-18

Energetic Air and Health

Negative Ions – How Do Neg Ions Influence Our Health?   Listen to this YouTube- podcast!

Summary of: The Biological Impact of Small Air Ions:  Dr. Albert Krueger.

Neg Ions, negative air ions, negative small air ions of oxygen:  these are all names for the same thing, which I prefer to call energetic air. The energetic element in air is oxygen: it can receive energy from muons –  galactic and solar cosmic rays, alpha particles – radon; electrostatic fields (as with electrostatic type air ionizers); rain drops, waterfall spray, and ocean spray from crashing waves (the Lenard Effect).

In the 1980,s there were quite a few air ionizers on the market, including Radio Shack. Now, most are gone. Why? Many people are not aware of any effects from these devices and others do not notice significant changes in how they feel or think. Honeywell offers one or more models, and there are several others listed by Google and Amazon. I believe these devices are worth trying, not just one model, but at least several. In an enclosed space, such as  bedroom, small office, or car the levels of energetic air generated by this technology can be useful and effective.

The big problem is you cannot ionize, effectively, many indoor atmospheres when there is excess dust, dander, humidity, and the 1000’s of possible synthetic molecules that out gas and slowly disintegrate continuously from all materials.

Nature can only maintain negative air ions in certain environments, at certain times.

(c) Paul C Adams  2018   updated: 8/16/18