My Experience with Energetic Air

The qualities I experience while breathing energetic air, as is found in most wilderness environments are: Lucid mind, serene, calm and energetic, satvic (pure), insightful, easy to breathe – especially via the nose, physically stronger, more animated and optimistic, dynamic rather than passive, healthy and higher vitality. What I find most note worthy is that these effects are constant while breathing energetic air; the energy gained is real, versus the opposite – such as the effect of a stimulant drug that wears off, and has side effects.

How does this process work? One possibility is that energetic air has acquired zero point energy, and this is transferred to the body via absorption in interfacial cellular water (specifically within structured – compact domains), of the lungs and nasal passages. Gerald Pollock, PhD has found that air ions have powerful effects on the size of the EZ (exclusion zone) of interfacial cellular water. This correlates with cellular power levels and vitality.

How does air acquire zero point energy? The galactic cosmic rays which strike air molecules are traveling at relativistic speeds and radio active alpha particles (from radon) strike air molecules are traveling 5 to 10% the speed of light. This acceleration might acquire some zero point energy, and the physics that suggests this possibility has been described by Harold Putoff, PhD. updated: 4-1-20

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Dr. Albert Krueger

In 1978, I had recently returned from Mexico, where I Had been living with an extended family of Huichol Indians. The power spots and sacred sites I visited with the Huichol shamans corresponded with geographic locations that were noteworthy for fresh air and bright states of consciousness.

I telephoned Dr Krueger, who taught and worked at UCB, and spoke with him about the extraordinary qualities of air found in locations such as near waterfalls, the beach and high elevation deserts and mountains. He said that the common characteristic of all the different locations was the abundance of small air negative ions. He confirmed that many people do experience an enhanced awareness, easier breathing and a general sense of well being when breathing air rich in NAI (negative air ions).

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How Do Air Ions Affect us?

Here is one theory as to how NAI (negative air ions) might create effects within us. The title of the article is: Reactive Oxygen Species, by N. Goldstein. The radical called superoxide O2- has been recognized as a key signaling molecule, for mitochrondrial biogenesis*,and to stimulate production of SOD (superoxide dismutase). Air ions are small enough to be absorbed into the brain directly via nasal inhalation.

*See, “Mitochrondria an the Future of Medicine” by Lee Know, ND, published in 2018 and available as an ebook (Kindle).

Updated: 1-26-20

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Surfing and Air Ions

My YouTube channel is: Luminouslokas

Energetic air (NAI) is found in high concentrations and in good ratios near the seashore.  Soft and gentle onshore winds, and near crashing waves (surfing!) provide some of the best lokas (locations) to experience high quality energetic air. My favorite seaside site is Natural Bridges State Beach, home to the wintering Monarch Butterfly.

Air contains approximately 27×10 to the 18th molecules per c/c.

Active NAI (negative air ions) equals (at the most)  one in 27 trillion molecules!

We breathe aprox. 10,000 liters of air per 24 hrs. Even so, How could this tiny electrical energy possibly create any effect within us?  It appears more potent than any drug, vitamin or nutrient. Possible explanations are beginning to appear and I will share these with you in future my future blogs.

Have a happy and joyful New Year!

Paul    aka   Prem Das

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Your Local Bookshop

You can order copies of my book, A Guide to Luminous Places from your local bookshop. At this time the B&W edition is available to bookshops, the color edition is only available via online: The digital edition is free with Kindle Unlimited.

Seasons Greetings and best wishes for a happy New Year.

Paul C Adams (aka Prem Das)  December 2018

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Energetic Air Review

If you want to learn more about energetic air, officially known as “negative air ions”, two excellent introductory books, well worth reading, and available via Amazon –  Kindle:

The Happiness Effect, by Earl Mindell (2016) and The Truth About Air Electricity & Health (2013), by Rosalind Tan.

Paul C Adams 2018

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A Guide to Luminous Places

A Guide to Luminous Places,  is now available, hard copy, in color. There are 62 color pictures and 2 black and white.The link above with take you to the Amazon page listing this exciting new edition.

B&W hardcopy edition.

ebook Kindle edition.

Free: You can check out (download) A Guide to Luminous Places from the Amazon library: Kindle Unlimited.

A Guide to Luminous Places can help you find locations, in the city and wilderness, of high vitality and serenity: places to live and prosper, for vacation and regeneration. In addition, you will find that the insights and extraordinary sensitivity learned from this book will be of benefit to your relationships with people and improve perception of many subtle qualities of any environment.

In this book, Paul (Prem Das) shares with you, personal autobiographical narratives exploring amazing inner worlds of luminosity and external natural locations of beauty and high vitality. A Guide to Luminous Places is a brilliant path leading to renewable inspiration and fountains of well being.

Updated: 10/5/18

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Energetic Air and Health

Negative Ions – How Do Neg Ions Influence Our Health?   Listen to this YouTube- podcast!

Summary of: The Biological Impact of Small Air Ions:  Dr. Albert Krueger.

Neg Ions, negative air ions, negative small air ions of oxygen:  these are all names for the same thing, which I prefer to call energetic air. The energetic element in air is oxygen: it can receive energy from muons –  galactic and solar cosmic rays, alpha particles – radon; electrostatic fields (as with electrostatic type air ionizers); rain drops, waterfall spray, and ocean spray from crashing waves (the Lenard Effect).

In the 1980,s there were quite a few air ionizers on the market, including Radio Shack. Now, most are gone. Why? Many people are not aware of any effects from these devices and others do not notice significant changes in how they feel or think. Honeywell offers one or more models, and there are several others listed by Google and Amazon. I believe these devices are worth trying, not just one model, but at least several. In an enclosed space, such as  bedroom, small office, or car the levels of energetic air generated by this technology can be useful and effective.

The big problem is you cannot ionize, effectively, many indoor atmospheres when there is excess dust, dander, humidity, and the 1000’s of possible synthetic molecules that out gas and slowly disintegrate continuously from all materials.

Nature can only maintain negative air ions in certain environments, at certain times.

(c) Paul C Adams  2018   updated: 8/16/18

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