Maps, Pathways and Ports

Words are symbols, of course, and are not the actual objects they represent.  Just as a map is not the actual terrain, and a menu is not the meal, our words, as precious as they are to us, can only hint and suggest to our imagination what they mean. For this reason words and books cannot actually take us to cosmic consciousness or mystical experiences, but they can give directions and provide maps, such as those left by other people, even from the remote past or faraway lands.

Gopi Krishna, a modern Indian scholar and office clerk has given us extensive and vivid written accounts of his experiences with cosmic consciousness, and exactly how he was able to get there.  Swami Vivekananda, who attended the Parliament on Religions in Chicago, IL, USA (1893) found complete access to eidetic imaging via his traditional yoga path to samadhi. Nicolas Tesla who invented both wireless radio and electric power generation/transmission was celibate his whole life and experienced intense mystical experiences, revelations and insights that with astounding precision guided his discoveries and numerable inventions.

Did Jesus travel to India?  The Bible tells us that one day he walked fifty miles. Anyone who can do this could easily walk from Israel to India and back, over the well-used trade routes of that time.  Also, there were ships traveling from Alexandria, Egypt to and from India quite frequently.  The port city of Alexandria, at that time, had more Jewish residents that did Jerusalem.  Trade with India was very significant, and thus quite possible that Jesus could have either walked or sailed to the East.  I believe that “The Kingdom of Heaven” within, to which he referred, was cosmic consciousness, including the incredible imaging powers of the mind that we call eidetic.

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Mystical Experience

“Our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different…No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded.”   p 228,   “The Varieties Of Religious Experience: A Study In Human Nature”.by William James, 1901.

Another classic on mystical experiences is “Cosmic consciouness: A Study In The Evolution of the Human Mind” by Richard Bucke, 1905.

Of course words can only hint at these transcendent – transpersonal experiences that have been reported by astronauts, yogins, shamans, monks, nuns, sleeping profits and inner space explorers (meditation to samadhi, and hypnosis).

Pathways through to Space” by Franklin Merril Wolfe  and  “Starmaker” by Olaf Stapleton are two books that do convey mystical experience, with words, and get as close as you can, via books to these amazing states of transcendence.

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Space Walk

Have you seen the documentary “Live From Space” by National Geographic?        Space walking has become an essential part of life at the International Space Station. How profound and life transforming is this extraordinary experience, for the astronauts, I wonder, where so many factors (or lack of ) completely redefine the inner qualitative characteristics of which we identify as our own inner self.

There are astronauts who have had both ecstatic and mystical experiences while on space missions, and they have told us of such, including interviews and books (Edgar Mitchell, Rusty Schweickart). See the documentary, “In the Shadow of the Moon”, Apollo missions to the moon, which includes vivid stories by the astronauts of their experiences.

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Early Modern Human Migrations and Walking

Alice Roberts MD,PhD does an amazing job taking viewers of her documentary on a round the world walk in “The Incredible Human Journey“. Following the probable pathways out of Africa, she visits fascinating locations including caves, ruins, and contemporary tribal people. Long distance walking is everywhere in this film, and reminds us again of how deep it reaches into our common global history.  I found the documentary at the public library, and I am sure it is available as a DVD or download. This is one you want to see!

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Inspiration: The Air We Breathe

The origin of our word “inspiration” is defined as our contemporary word “inhalation”, and refers to breathing in air.  Energetic air (small air ions of oxygen) as found in sea breeze, near waterfalls, during and after rain showers, and as produced by radon in wilderness areas can be very inspirational. Fresh air contains higher levels of energetic air and this is a result of the energy provided by the above natural forces. The currency of power is a surplus of “negative air ions”, tilting the ratio of positive air ions down, and negative air ions up.

Polluted air reverses this ratio, reducing negative air ions and increasing positive ions of oxygen: the result is “stale air”, both contaminated and reduced in vital power, which can cause fatigue, drowsiness, depression, irritability, and breathing that is not satisfying, not full or filling. Stale air (enervating) is created by: smoke, smog, dust, storm fronts, hot desert winds, air conditioning, heating, and too many people breathing in enclosed spaces such as class rooms, auditoriums, offices and churches.

On and near freeways and heavy traffic areas smog, pulverized tire dust (this happens to tire material as it wears down) and brake pads (they wear down into dust) fill the air with microscopic contaminants that not only eliminate energetic air, but instead create the opposite: enervated air (posi-ion pollution) that literally sucks up and neutralizes energetic air, leaving stale and stuffy air behind.

If you have no fresh air in your neighborhood or home, then consider using air purifiers with good filtration (Hepa filters, electrostatic filters) and an adjustable air ionizer. Many companies make these. Expect to try more than one, and research customer satisfaction reports or endorsements.

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Reading and Imagination


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Reading books is a great exercise in creating mental imagery. I find that various degrees of image formation occur with each idea, object or concept presented in the words and sentences of books. This ability can be developed with practice, via the focused desire to do so, and imagining specific objects, in fine detail and full color.

Deep levels of the inner mind listen to our reading, thoughts and also viewing of television and movies. These deep inner levels of the mind tend to fully believe that what we think, read or see is real, and thus we experience emotions with reading, thoughts and movies. This makes possible a powerful inner catharsis, and can be a healing experience, according to the nature of the story perceived.

An active imagination can be connected to multiple sources, such as dreaming and dream screen viewing while awake (with eyes closed). Mysterious and unknown channels can link the inner dream screen with past, present and future events. I suspect that this occurs for most people, yet is repressed and denied, or considered spurious intrusions that do not achieve complete conscious recognition.

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Reading E Books: The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

cropped-snrse-11.jpgThis is a precious jewel for reading e books and more. I have been using this hand held device for about three months and I love it!   It has a backlight option for reading in the dark, downloads books in seconds, and the charged battery lasts long enough to read for days or weeks (depending on use of the backlight).  It is small enough to fit in a pocket, high lights your selection of notes and saves these both on the reading page and separately under a file for notes; it contains a massive dictionary for looking up any words (via high lights). Also, from your collection in the Amazon Cloud (included with purchase) you can download to your computer. To purchase books (it can retain hundreds of books in its memory) you use its browser to visit the Amazon Kindle website and choose from a million plus choices. Not all publications are available via ebooks, however the list of choices is large and exciting.

Kindle Paperwhite: I bought mine at Best Buy. I was visiting this store and saw their display & demonstration of the Kindle tablets.

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Sea Breeze See Bright

cropped-Pacific-Ocean-Coast.jpgThe slightly higher oxygen content of ocean air at sea level, and greater pressure (than at high elevations) yields a very good source of energetic air. The sea breeze  in mediterranean climates can blow inland many miles and still be rich in air ions; this is due to favorable temperatures and humidity.

Locations such as Greece, Italy, England, the USA, Japan and Korea have large geographical areas which receive almost continuous sea breeze. When we add a diet of fish (and fennel) then people with brighter minds can result. Fish is well known as a mental stimulant and fennel is frequently added to fish food meals. Combine this with breathing energetic air (negative air ions of oxygen) of the sea breeze: this is a recipe is for bright minds.

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Luminous Fennel

Big Basin 1I have enjoyed chewing on fennel stalks, flowers and seeds found growing wild in wilderness areas. The taste is some what like licorice and the smell is almost divine. Consuming this herb, fresh, in small doses can stimulate the mind to a fine degree, sweet, gentle, and very clear. I suspect that if coffee and tea were not available, then fennel would find its way to predominance and world fame. It is a remarkable (mild)stimulant with a stable effect that lasts for up to twelve hours. Not all fennel plants are the same, each has its own degree of potency and quality: rainfall, soil quality, herbicides and automobile exhaust pollution are some of the variables that determine its potency and quality. Marathon (originally) was wild fennel,  (The name “Marathon” (Μαραθών) comes from the herb fennel, called marathon (μάραθον) or marathos (μάραθος) in Ancient Greek)  and was the destination of the first famous marathon run.

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Marathons, The Olympics and the Road to Eleusis

View west from Black Mountain

There is a powerful inner transformation (see “In The Zone: Transcendent Experience in Sports) of self that can occur during and following intense endurance exercise, and this process, at times, shares common elements with the psychedelic experience. Did the original Greek Olympics evolve from Eleusinian Mysteries, as an alternative or parallel path to achieve an inner death/rebirth experience?  For more about these ancient mysteries see: The Road to Eleusis by Gordon Wasson.

Yoga exercises, in many of its forms, it is suggested, evolved from the soma experience ( see: soma, Rig Vedas). Here also, as with the Olympics, physical fitness via yoga exercises yields catharsis within, and can lead to samadhi (mental concentration to a very high degree) and a death/rebirth experience.

Eleusinian Mysteries: A cave was located below the Telesterion (temple hall) could this have added energetic air (via radium & radon), carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ethylene, methylene, or other interesting gases?  Fennel stalks were noted as an essential herb used in the transcendent experience: there are chemical similarities to the modern drug “ecstasy” found in some varieties of fennel. Combine this with the controlled release of gases from the cave and the effects could have been intense. Also, it is interesting to note this supreme transcendent experience was allowed only once in a human life time.

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