Walking into the Light

Dawn and twilight are great times to go for a walk. Luminosity at these times is especially beautiful and gently touches the soul with awe and mystery. Walking into the sunrise, or toward the sunset reminds us of waking and sleeping, of the transition between inner and outer worlds. Inspiration and motivation to go out and walk is much greater during these luminous hours of sunrise and sunset.

Walking into the sun light also occurs within, and is a natural result of this simple, yet supreme exercise. Breathing natures fresh energetic air outdoors and walking greater distances increases clarity of the mind, and this is complemented with an exuberant, optimistic enthusiasm for the day.

In 1955 Grandma Gatewood walked the full length of the Appalachian Trail.  In her golden years she hiked this trail three times, the last hike was at age 75. Her story shows us that age is no barrier to walking, camping and wilderness adventures. She hiked thousands of miles wearing only simple Keds tennis shoes, a shower curtain as a rain cover, no backpack and instead carried her food and clothes in a sack over her shoulder. You can read about this amazing woman and her hike on the Appalachian Trail.

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Energetic Air: Historical Reference

John Freemont, guided by Kit Carson into the Rocky Mountains wrote the following statement in his official report:

“The air was fragrant with the odor of the pines, and I realized this delightful morning the pleasure of breathing that mountain air which makes a constant theme of the hunter’s praise, and which now made us feel as if we had been drinking some exhilarating gas.”

The Daring Adventures of Kit Carson and Freemont, by John C. Freemont  (Kindle).

Walk Around The World

Some very adventurous people have taken long distance walking all the way: around the world!  This shows what our potential is, at least for those with good feet and a capability for super endurance. I can imagine that walking everyday can be addicting: to the intense sensations and ever changing scenery; but this is a good addiction. When walking is done carefully, and optimizing the healthy practices of eating well, plus resting enough it leads to a clarity of the inner self, illuminating within, filling oneself with well being and deep satisfaction. The point of optimal returns from walking is the middle path: not too much, and not too little.

Here are a few of the people who are, or have walked around the world:

Paul Salopek   Ethiopia to the tip of South America: in progress. He plans on a 7-year trip.  See National Geographic, December2013.Website:  outofedenwalk.com

Karl Bushby   Tierra Del Fuego, Chile to England: in progress, currently in Siberia.          Book: Karl Bushby: Giant Steps  A great story and adventure!

George Meegan   Tierra Del Fuego, Chile to Artic Circle: completed                                       Book: The Longest Walk: An Oddessey of the Human Spirit    Excellent!

Ffyona Campbell    NY to SF     Australia,  Capetown  S. Africa to England:  completed.       Books: On Foot through Africa is my favorite

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Wild and A Walk In The Woods

Long distance hiking in the wilderness is a good goal to aim for. It is as difficult as you wish it to be, and usually turns out to be much more than you expect, in many ways. The American National Scenic Trails known as the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and the AT (Appalachian Trail) are very long, several thousand miles each, and cross rugged mountain ranges. Do you think it is possible for people with no experience or training to hike long distance trails such as these?

Wild is a story about a young lady, Cheryl Strayed, who accomplished this on the PCT. This auto-biographical account is worth reading, rich in detail, with moving narratives: it was turned into an impressive (especially the wilderness scenery) movie with the same title, starring Reese Witherspoon.

A Walk In The Woods, another story about long distance hiking – on the AT. Bill Bryson, a very talented author, shares this story in association with a an old friend with whom he hikes the AT. Robert Redford plays Bill Bryson in the movie created from this intriguing and humorous tale.

I recommend reading both of these books and seeing the movies. These are very extraordinary stories, about exceptional people. As you will learn from their accounts, the need for preparation via training is obvious with hindsight, and foresight would suggest years of adequate training.

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High In A Tree

I find a peaceful and healing energy near some trees. When I was a young boy I enjoyed climbing up trees, for the view and exhilaration. Once ,at the age of 15, I climbed up a 100 foot tall eucalyptus tree to the nest of a red tailed hawk; I used climbing irons like those of the telephone service technicians. I felt an electric quality to the air, perhaps electrostatic and also a feeling of strength and power.

Today I explore forests and have found some redwood trees and groves which induce a fine degree of serenity, variable from one grove to the next, and not present near all trees or groves. The quality varies, as does the intensity, and can t times be slightly unpleasant, of a slightly depressive and dizziness quality.

The Legacy of Luna, by Julia Butterfly Hill is a sweet story about a young woman who lived at the top of a redwood tree for two years. This is an extraordinary and sensitive account of life with an ancient redwood tree, a living and wise companion for this author, who resonated with her, via inner song and power that shines forth from each page of this book. This site perched high in a tree is clearly a luminous place, powerful and healing in nature.

John Muir also found a perch high in a fir tree of the Sierra Nevada, during a storm; it appears to have been a high lite of his life (chapter 10, The Mountains of California).

Another fascinating tale of life in the trees is recounted by Marina Chapman, in her book, The Girl With No Name (1954). She was kidnapped, age four, and abandoned in the Amazon jungle. Alone, she grew up, a feral child, who learned from monkeys how to survive, including climbing to the top of the jungle canopy. Life above, in the tree tops was so good that she spent as much time there as possible, including sleeping. Her perceptions are pristine, and shares her unique perspective on many aspects of life, including relationships with various people of the modern city environment.

For those who prefer not to climb high up in a tree, consider these options:  On your next hike into the forest, take a lite weight hammock and tie it between two trees. This is a great way to rest and enjoy the wilderness lying down, napping, reading or meditating. If you plan on spending the night in the forest, then try a tree tent (include the bug net).

Energetic air (small air negative ions of oxygen) is produced by the leaves of trees; this occurs as radon gas, a component of ground water, is transpired and contacts free oxygen, including fresh oxygen released by the leaves. Peak output occurs in the late springtime, when the level of ground water is high, and transpiration is also high; this process is a natural response to warming weather.` Sharp pointed leaves, such as pine needles are also known to release energetic oxygen, and can be found near fir and pine tree forests.

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Sky High

Cosmic rays from our galaxy shower into earths atmosphere from all directions, at a (almost) constant rate and with greater intensity, due to the geomagnetic field, at far northern and far southern latitudes. These subatomic energetic particles arrive at near light speed and collide with atoms of the atmosphere: One significant result is the massive production of energetic air (ionized oxygen) from a secondary by product of the atomic collisions, called muons. About 10,000 muons reach every square meter of the earth’s surface a minute. Above 2500 feet elevation cosmic rays and the muons they create are the primary cause of energetic air.

Cosmic rays are believed to ignite all of our lightning strikes, they are the spark which starts the discharge process. Cloud formation (droplets via air ionization) and thus weather are also associated with this process.  It is still a mystery as to the exact origin of cosmic rays, however satellite probes indicate supernovas as the most likely sources. Here again, as with radon, radium, and uranium our energetic air is a result of exploding stellar powers. There are some rare ultra high power cosmic rays that arrive with as much power as a baseball moving at 100 mph!  And recently another type of cosmic ray has been detected deep underground; the origin appears to be from Cygnus X-3, located 30,000 light years away!

The higher up you go, the more energetic air you can breathe. Mountain climbing,     sky diving, hang gliding,  gliders,  hot air balloon rides,  blimps and light aircraft can receive this variety of energetic air and offer a sweet high from the sky (Caution with altitude illness: some people start to have serious problems as low as 6000 feet elevation).

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Reading:  The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins

Cosmic Rays and our computers

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How to Find A Luminous Place

I have included a “Guide” to finding your own luminous places on my home page, “Places of Power”, the button on the upper right side of the page. Of course, the first step is to develop sensitivity (“higher spectrum”) via quiet time alone in the wilderness, meditation and perhaps refinements of diet.

When you find a luminous place there is the option of keeping it quiet, to yourself and or close friends. This way the site is preserved, otherwise too many visitors might damage a delicate area. If the site is large, or already well known ( like Mount Shasta or Niagara Falls, then sharing your experiences with others poses far less chance of environmental disturbance.

There are many well known and famous sites all around the world. Martin Gray, anthropologist and professional photographer, has created a website to show many of these. He has done a fantastic job, and his website is a revelation you want to see. Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power, by Martin Gray, is a beautiful book with a magnificent collection of photos and fascinating information.

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The Healing Powers of Luminous Places

I have found many luminous places, which for me induce peace and serenity: This is the most common variety of luminous places I have discovered in wilderness locations. Since most illness is caused by stress, I suspect this category of luminous places can provide a “tune up”, via resonance with the site, and induce a personal energy state conducive to self healing. The mind and the emotions become calm, and a soothing regeneration, not unlike that of deep sleep, occurs and leaves oneself deeply refreshed.

Another common variety of luminous place is energetic, conferring personal energy,  coherent in quality and focused in nature. Many illnesses are closely related to a lack of personal energy, fatigue, weariness and some degree of depression. The energetic sites boost personal power, a sense of well being, and optimism. These qualities are genuine gifts of the site and facilitate healing, plus a clear state of mind that frequently yields insights about why one is ill, and what life style changes will further the healing process.

Some sites are very powerful and can induce a state of amazing mental and emotional stability. This category is fascinating, yet after a while is limiting, as it defines a specific state of being, usually peaceful, extremely stable, coherent, focused, yet eventually boring, as it limits change, like a “straight jacket,” and maintains the focus and state of consciousness in this condition continuously, until one leaves the area. Yet for some people this might be of value, at least for a period of time.

I believe there are hundreds of thousands to millions of luminous places on our planet, most of them undiscovered. People with meditation and yoga experience have the required qualifications to discover these amazing sites, as due many people naturally gifted with higher spectrum sensitivity.

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The High Spectrum of Feeling

Essential to locating luminous places in the wilderness is the ability to differentiate  subtle feelings that correspond with a considerable variety of environmental energies. I am amazed at how many qualities we can learn to perceive once this “higher spectrum” of the feeling sense is recognized and developed.

A first step is to compare feelings of the city to the wilderness: this is an opportunity to notice a dramatic difference in feeling, the qualities are opposite and easy to identify. If you cannot notice any difference between this two very different environments, then a change of diet and a practice of meditation is recommended.

A vast range of higher spectrum feelings that correspond to different natural environments can be perceived when patience and practice are employed. Every environment has a distinct “signature” of potentially perceptible feeling qualities, both city environments and wilderness. Luminous Places are especially potent natural energies that have the power to “tune-up” the body, heart, mind and spirit. This tune up will endure as long as one is near the luminous place, and slowly dissipates upon returning to the city.

Here is a list of some environments that induce intense feelings and are easy to identify: motel and hotel rooms of the city which are used frequently by many people, overcast weather (fog or clouds), heavy rain storms, gusty (dry) winds that precede a storm, geomagnetic storms, high levels of solar flux, in the hallways of mausoleums, redwood forests, in large crowds of people (such as during football and baseball games) and close proximity to crashing waves along the seashore.

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Historical Documents

I have added a new selection to my website archive, “Historical Documents“.  You will find letters from friends and business associates; also there is writing contract. These documents are relevant to my previous research, publications and experience in the field.  I hope you enjoy them.

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