Hypnagogic Reveries

Long winter nights in the Huichol Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico provided me an opportunity to explore dreaming. I slept alone, in my thatched hut, on a mountain top (1971 to 1977). To bed at 6 pm and up at 7 am: this is 13 hours, and this is too much sleep. I would fall asleep and wake up many times: each time sleep is less deep, and dreaming is more pronounced or even lucid, with better recall of dream episodes and details.

This kind of experience is called hypnagogic and almost everyone has enjoyed it while falling asleep, napping or waking up early in the morning and falling asleep again, dreaming vividly, and recalling more details upon awakening. It is a gateway to the dream screen and developing a dream state point of view.

“A 2001 study by Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett found that, while problems can also be solved in full-blown dreams from later stages of sleep, hypnagogia was especially likely to solve problems which benefit from hallucinatory images being critically examined while still before the eyes.[40]”   Wikipedia   hypnagogia

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Fire Fever and Visions

When I was a child I recall having vivid dreams while wide awake. This occurred during occasional cases of influenza with a fever above 101 F. The visions where of dream vistas and characters, randomly appearing, in full color and fine detail, with eyes closed. I suspect this is normal, and most people with a high fever experience unusual dreams, even while awake.
Our bodies maintain a temperature almost half the boiling point of water, and most of our consumed calories are spent generating inner fire, or heat. When our (inner) body temperature increases a small percentage above 98.6 F, then critical chemistry of the brain alters, and unusually vivid dreams and visions (hallucinations) appear, even while wide awake.
Here is another example of the possibility to see via the dream screen, while awake, eyes closed. I believe almost everyone can remember extraordinary dreams and visions that appeared during illnesses with fevers. This another example that shows the possibility of dreaming while awake.
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To be fully awake, with eyes closed, and see, with the inner eye fantastic three dimensional views of exotic landscapes, ancient civilizations, and people in their daily lives is an ability to dream while awake. Everyone has seen this latent human potential while dreaming asleep, and many people have experienced this via certain psychedelic plants and substances. Edgar Cayce was proficient with this skill, a natural ability; shamans have accessed this, like the gypsies crystal ball, to dream while partially awake, and find lost objects or good hunting locations.

The key to this ability is maintaining a minimal degree of waking consciousness while dreaming: to be lucid, and then remember. Desiring to do this, continuously, directs the mind, both conscious and subconscious to accomplish it, and to find the pathways toward visionary experience.

I find that sleeping alone, in wilderness locations, especially near luminous places and where the air is energetic (near the ocean, in forests, on mountains) lucid dreaming occurs frequently and naturally.

Movie to see:   Fantasia      Minority Report        Lucy

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Thoreau on Dreaming and Walking

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake”.

I found this statement by Henry Thoreau in a booklet called, “Reflections at Walden” (pg.40).

Also, he was a distance walker, usually walking 8 to 12 miles a day.

Book and essay by HD Thoreau:   Walden    and

Walking ( “Walking” is an essay written by Henry David Thoreau. Between 1851 and 1860 Thoreau read the piece a total of ten times, more than any other of his lectures. He considered it one of his seminal works, so much so, that he once wrote of the lecture, “I regard this as a sort of introduction to all that I may write hereafter.” Wikipedia )

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Point of View

I experience dreaming as a point of view and usually there is no thought process occurring and rarely emotions. I find that the observer, a point of view, can be developed by means of desiring to do so, thinking about this before going to sleep, and especially via meditation techniques. A coherent point of view will form, and grow as an observer, a witness to the dreams, that leads to improved recall and also toward more frequent lucid dreams.

I believe that we develop a “point of view” in our conscious waking state very early in life. For most people a point of view is not developed in the dream state and so poor recall is considered normal. The dream state is not given any particular attention or training and proceeds in a random and chaotic manner. As soon as we pay attention to dreams, a point of view begins to form, memories occur and dreams start to change, becoming more lucid and interesting.

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Where is the Dream Screen?

I use “dream screen” as a definition to describe where dreams are seen. It is that dimension, it is the U of AUM (OM), and corresponds with whatever actual neural networks, biophoton activity and even perhaps quantum resonances or connections that present the inner experience of vivid dreaming, including visionary experiences.

Darkness is essential, and the darker it is, the better for good dreaming. Melatonin, a natural substance within the brain (at night) stimulates dreaming. Any light at night can disturb the healthy release of melatonin. Also, all electromagnetic fields can disturb the brains melatonin cycles, and thus sleeping away from these man made fields will allow superior ability to find the dream screen, lucid dream, and recall dreams.

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Life Extension via Time Dilation

Life extension techniques such as a good diet, plenty of exercise,vitamins, nutrients, pure air to breathe and water to drink, as well as calorie restriction - telomere care can only offer a few years to perhaps even a decade of additional life span. It is likely that in the near future more potential years off high quality life will be added as our knowledge advances.

Time dilation is a subjective experience where the passage of time slows down. Most people notice that time, periodically, can go by quickly, or very slowly.

Methods exist that can slow time down, and thus subjectively we can live much longer. Hypnosis and meditation can slow time, dreaming can slow the perception of time, and some luminous locations can slow or speed up time in a similar way. It has been reported that some emergency situations, for certain people, time slows way down, where events go by as is if “one frame at a time”.

Our inner clock and perception of time does not appear to fixed, and instead varies. I believe we can learn to modify our perception of time, slowing it, and thereby subjectively living much longer.

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Earthlights Dreams and UFO’s

There are reports of earth lights which appear similar to ball lightning and follow people, or respond to their thoughts or emotions. These experiences are rare, yet have occurred periodically thought out recorded history. The lights seem to have an intelligence and can move through open doors and out windows.

Billions of people are dreaming every night and perhaps some dreamers travel about in our waking world, to be seen as luminous spheres or even as UFO’s. The dreaming mind chooses to take on an acceptable “body” for flight, and can dream space craft bodies. It then might follow airplanes, jets and orbiting spacecraft. Sudden right turn angles, extreme acceleration or disappearances would be expected, and normal.

Ghosts are another manifestation which might be living dreamers taking on some form to move about in the waking world. How the dreaming mind can project visible forms is unknown, yet many people have seen the unexplained appearances of both ghosts and UFO’s, and dreamers experience out of the body travel as focused points of awareness with the ability to perceive all kinds of environments.

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Corridors of Time

Ka is the ancient Egyptian word for the dreaming soul, and was believed to be a counterpart of the waking self. Our word car (originally cart), contains the same phoneme ca or ka. Our word cat also contains this phoneme. The dreaming soul travels and wanders about via the Ka, a double of the conscious mind.

Is time travel via dreams possible? Is the experience of Deja Vu a situation where we encounter the same scene we dreamed about, perhaps one or more nights prior to the “real” event?  Most people have experienced precognitive dreams, and as such have time traveled into the future. Maybe our dreaming minds help find our future, unconsciously, yet the memories may not be accessible upon awakening.

Time travel via dreaming into the past might be an awakening and recalling of subtle memories, “akashic” records. Past life recall, via hypnosis has been described by various authors. Edgar Cayce, while viewing via the inner dream screen, in a semi-sleep state, visited many different time eras, civilizations and people from the past .

Time travel: movies to see The Time Machine    Deja Vu    Timeline     Stargate

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Dream On In Movies

Dreamscape is a movie that engages mutual dreaming in a conscious and lucid way. There are currently active experiments and explorations into this kind of shared lucid dreaming being performed regularly, worldwide. Some websites connect people who seek to learn more, and share mutual dreams.  Also, See the book  Group Dreaming  by Jean Campbell.

Next is another movie that uses the dream screen to peek into the future, and thus alter the future by viewing it, or by changing it. I suspect that many people use a subtle ability unconsciously, to determine their future.  There is one scene where an actual hike to Supai and the waterfall (Grand Canyon, Arizona) takes the viewer to meet Havasupai people. See my previous blog Serendipity In the Grand Canyon.

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