Where is the Dream Screen?

I use “dream screen” as a definition to describe where dreams are seen. It is that dimension, it is the U of AUM (OM), and corresponds with whatever actual neural networks, biophoton activity and even perhaps quantum resonances or connections that present the inner experience of vivid dreaming, including visionary experiences.

Darkness is essential, and the darker it is, the better for good dreaming. Melatonin, a natural substance within the brain (at night) stimulates dreaming. Any light at night can disturb the healthy release of melatonin. Also, all electromagnetic fields can disturb the brains melatonin cycles, and thus sleeping away from these man made fields will allow superior ability to find the dream screen, lucid dream, and recall dreams.

(c) Paul C Adams 2015      updated: 1/26/15

Life Extension via Time Dilation

Life extension techniques such as a good diet, plenty of exercise,vitamins, nutrients, pure air to breathe and water to drink, as well as calorie restriction - telomere care can only offer a few years to perhaps even a decade of additional life span. It is likely that in the near future more potential years off high quality life will be added as our knowledge advances.

Time dilation is a subjective experience where the passage of time slows down. Most people notice that time, periodically, can go by quickly, or very slowly.

Methods exist that can slow time down, and thus subjectively we can live much longer. Hypnosis and meditation can slow time, dreaming can slow the perception of time, and some luminous locations can slow or speed up time in a similar way. It has been reported that some emergency situations, for certain people, time slows way down, where events go by as is if “one frame at a time”.

Our inner clock and perception of time does not appear to fixed, and instead varies. I believe we can learn to modify our perception of time, slowing it, and thereby subjectively living much longer.

(c) Paul C Adams  2015        updated: 1/26/15

Earthlights Dreams and UFO’s

There are reports of earth lights which appear similar to ball lightning and follow people, or respond to their thoughts or emotions. These experiences are rare, yet have occurred periodically thought out recorded history. The lights seem to have an intelligence and can move through open doors and out windows.

Billions of people are dreaming every night and perhaps some dreamers travel about in our waking world, to be seen as luminous spheres or even as UFO’s. The dreaming mind chooses to take on an acceptable “body” for flight, and can dream space craft bodies. It then might follow airplanes, jets and orbiting spacecraft. Sudden right turn angles, extreme acceleration or disappearances would be expected, and normal.

Ghosts are another manifestation which might be living dreamers taking on some form to move about in the waking world. How the dreaming mind can project visible forms is unknown, yet many people have seen the unexplained appearances of both ghosts and UFO’s, and dreamers experience out of the body travel as focused points of awareness with the ability to perceive all kinds of environments.

Movies to see:   Close Encounters of the Third Kind    The Sphere    Flight of the Navigator    Race to Witch Mountain    Fire in the Sky     Cowboys and Aliens

(c) Paul C Adams  2015   updated:  1/26/15

Corridors of Time

Ka is the ancient Egyptian word for the dreaming soul, and was believed to be a counterpart of the waking self. Our word car (originally cart), contains the same phoneme ca or ka. Our word cat also contains this phoneme. The dreaming soul travels and wanders about via the Ka, a double of the conscious mind.

Is time travel via dreams possible? Is the experience of Deja Vu a situation where we encounter the same scene we dreamed about, perhaps one or more nights prior to the “real” event?  Most people have experienced precognitive dreams, and as such have time traveled into the future. Maybe our dreaming minds help find our future, unconsciously, yet the memories may not be accessible upon awakening.

Time travel via dreaming into the past might be an awakening and recalling of subtle memories, “akashic” records. Past life recall, via hypnosis has been described by various authors. Edgar Cayce, while viewing via the inner dream screen, in a semi-sleep state, visited many different time eras, civilizations and people from the past .

Time travel: movies to see The Time Machine    Deja Vu    Timeline     Stargate

(c) Paul C Adams 2015         updated: 1/26/15


Dream On In Movies

Dreamscape is a movie that engages mutual dreaming in a conscious and lucid way. There are currently active experiments and explorations into this kind of shared lucid dreaming being performed regularly, worldwide. Some websites connect people who seek to learn more, and share mutual dreams.  Also, See the book  Group Dreaming  by Jean Campbell.

Next is another movie that uses the dream screen to peek into the future, and thus alter the future by viewing it, or by changing it. I suspect that many people use a subtle ability unconsciously, to determine their future.  There is one scene where an actual hike to Supai and the waterfall (Grand Canyon, Arizona) takes the viewer to meet Havasupai people. See my previous blog Serendipity In the Grand Canyon.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Dream Movies to See

Here are two movies that explore the inner “dream screen” for different purposes. Inception employs a maze of dream channels, dimensions and possibilities where directing the future and events occurs on multiple levels.  The Giver conveys profound experiences of the past, from a wise elder teacher to a young student, via the dream screen. Our future and our dreams could be related and mutually interactive, as these excellent movies suggest.

Paul C Adams (c) 2014


Image generation within the mind is imagination. Fantasy and dreaming also use our inner imagination. This power of the mind to imagine, with inner vision, provides us with a creative ability for inventions, stories, art, and even previewing our future, moment to moment. Before the era of human languages our inner ability to think in images was probably very evolved.

How can imagination be enhanced and refined?  Does the language orientated mind suppress the image thinking mind, or attenuate inner visual imagery by keeping it in the “unconscious” mind, such as we see in dreams while sleeping?  Does the environment around us “tune” us like musical instruments where imagination and dreaming reflects powers of land and home as qualities of mind and songs of nature?

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Luminous Nature Photo Gallery

I have added a new sales photo gallery. It is called “Luminous Nature” and is the same as the “Thanksgiving ” Gallery.  Here you will find prints of my select photos mounted on  canvas, metal or matts, and a wider variety of sizes for certain pictures.

All of the photo sales galleries offer digital downloads of the pictures, and most of the galleries offer prints of the photos.

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A Song To Sing

Walking is a song, a rhythm, pulse and beat like that of a drum. It is a path of heart, especially hiking up hills and in the mountains. Walking brings us back into tune and harmony with ourselves and the environment. Of course, there are many other ways to  find this “beat”,  such as: swimming, running, dancing, skiing, climbing, surfing, etc..

Meditation finds the inner rhythm, and focuses attention on breathing, mind waves, and feelings. An inner alignment occurs that is similar to those of the above external activities: entrainment with a song and rhythm.

I believe our bodies and mind need a song to sing, to dance with, and when it does so harmony within prevails, health is restored, happiness appears spontaneously and a strong orientation to advance is gained.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Walking Far

I enjoy walking as frequently as possible, and try to walk one long distance walk per week. “Long distance” is a walk, of sufficient distance, that starts to expand my upper limit and thus stimulates muscle growth. It corresponds with a feeling of being a little tired the next day and muscles are a bit sore. The benefits of this kind of exercise include higher personal energy levels throughout the following week, mental clarity, increased optimism, reduction of accumulated stress, stronger muscles, and greater ability to deal with day to day stress.

For each person a “long distance” walk could be very different. One person reaches this distance limit at a half a mile, and someone else does not reach it until they are at 25 miles or more. Not trying to go “too far too fast” is essential: distance is not the goal.Too much, too fast is hard on the body and counter productive. Walking to that distance which is your limit, periodically, that is the goal. Over the years the ” long distance” will increase, your walking exercise “envelope” will gradually expand.

Walking or hiking in parks, open spaces, state and national parks, and close to the seashore are the best places. Each breath is enjoyed, full of pure and fresh energetic air, and this helps encourage an optimistic and enthusiastic walk.

For more information: On the benefits and techniques of walking, see past issues of Prevention Magazine       For hiking see: The American Hiking Society  and  also           The Sierra Club               Wilderness cautions: see my previous blog: Wilderness Safety Warning

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