Vitality: Power Up

Here are a few easy techniques to increase cellular energy and personal power:

Drink: high quality liquids. Most people are dehydrated.

Chew more: thoroughly and longer, until the food is liquid within your mouth. Most people that I have seen eat via gulping down food, and they hardly chew.

Walk farther and exercise more. Half of our circulatory system (lymphatic) only works with movement. Also, exercise actively transports nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Breathe deeper, more often. Most people breathe shallow and rarely fill the lungs.

Sleep better. Use a dark room (any light interferes with your inner production of melatonin), free the room of all electronics devices (or unplug them, or switch off at a multi-outlet with switch and circuit breaker).

Relax: conserve energy via being calm and peaceful, as much of the time as possible.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017

Regeneration and Renewal

The calm and peaceful qualities of the wilderness recharge my batteries: after spending time in the wilderness I feel renewed, even reborn. My personal energies are brought back to a natural state, refreshing like a good night’s sleep. Luminous places are more profound and induce/resonate a far greater degrees of peace, and frequently with a large boost of personal energy. This charge of energy becomes very apparent when I return to the city, comparing how I feel, noting the shift to another state of being, characteristic of the city, and my personal energy discharges off me and into the city environment, feeling very elated as this occurs, and then fatigued with in a day or too…back to city normal.

How does this process work?  I have found that genuine rest is only found in real peace, and both regeneration and renewal occur from this blessed state of being. It is possible to follow the physics and bioenergetics of this process, and I find it fascinating to do so. We exist on many levels, and one of this is as electrical beings: our most basic powers are seen within each cell, that must maintain an electrical charge, just like a battery. Where electricity occurs, such as within each cell, you also have magnetic fields: the magnetic fields can interact with other fields (for better or worse) and influence the vitality, or health of each cell. Take a look at the YouTube presentation by Dr Jerry L Tennant: Voltage is Healing; also, you can read his book, with the same name, available from Amazon as an ebook.  His BioModulator is a technology that I am not familiar with, yet I suspect that this kind of device represents a new field of therapy, and it will evolve very rapidly, offering exciting and extraordinary healing potential.

(c) Paul C Adams  2017

Rest and Relaxation

I have found wilderness luminous places that provide a consistent experience of profound serenity and relaxation: this is the primary quality of these extraordinary sites. Some of these locations are large in geographical size, thus they are regional luminous places. Yosemite National Park, in the Valley, near the store and shops is one of my favorites: powerful serenity and peace!  Austin, Texas:  In this city I felt peaceful and very relaxed. Santa Maria Del Oro, the lake: This is another amazing site, located in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Also, in many areas of India the quality of serenity and peace is very noticeable.

In my experience, the depth and degree of deep relaxation and peace attained during sleep (or meditation) is directly related to the environmental energies, within which we exist. Wilderness locations are less perturbed by electrical and electronic technologies, such as the radiant 60 hertz power line fields, cell phone and computer wifi signals, etc.. This is one reason that rest and relaxation are easy to find in most wilderness locations.

Our health might be directly related to our ability to attain a truly deep and satisfying degree of peace each night while we sleep. Yet the invisible energy fields that surround us and penetrate each cell may not allow real peace to occur, and instead leave us with insomnia or anxiety, irritability and depression. Taking drugs or alcohol are options, but not healthy ones. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help calm from within, but only to a limited degree. The best options are retreats into the wilderness, descending under ground, and going out on (or into) the ocean. Special rooms utilizing Faraday type shielding can be constructed to minimize the disturbing technological fields, however this would be expensive and not totally effective, yet much better than nothing.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017

Comparison of Perceptible Qualities

Here is an exercise you can try. Get up at 3am and pay attention to how you feel. If you live in a city, at this early hour, electrical power use (and cell phone – radio waves) is very low. This is an excellent opportunity to compare how you feel, daytime versus during the very early morning hours. What difference can be perceived?  First of all, it is quiet, little or no sound; yet more important is that it is very peaceful, similar to how you might feel in the wilderness. The extent and degree of peacefulness is profound and contrasts dramatically to the stimulating, “wiry” buzz of daytime hours.

The city generates an artificial luminous place, and the bigger the city, the more powerful the radiant electric and electromagnetic (radio) fields are. Technology generates invisible fields that are perceptible, and they do affect us, coloring our moods and sense of being: they form a distinct layer of the “onion” – multiple feelings within.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017

How Do You Feel?

“How do you feel” is a question you might hear from your doctor. Obviously, it is very important, and how we feel can determine courses of action, decision making, and quality of life, for a moment or much longer. How much education have we received in this vital area of existence?  Hardly any at all, as compared to what our thinking mind has received. The cerebral cortex (mind) the limbic system (feelings): two brain centers or systems: that can operate together, independently; or against each other – with feelings at odds with thoughts, the brain turned against itself.

By paying careful attention to the continuous sensations of feelings, it becomes apparent that many feelings exist simultaneously, fluctuating in intensity, varying in  qualities or characteristics. Layer upon layer, like an onion, we can probe deeper and deeper finding subtle feelings: some of these correspond with external environmental energies and induce field effects within us. The search for luminous places follows this path, first identifying personal feelings and then looking deeper to the ever present environmental energies. Magnetic, electrostatic, piezoelectric, electromagnetic (including technology generated fields), and atmospheric electricity (specifically the ratios of air ions, in higher concentrations) are perceptible and quantifiable using a personal scale of numbers corresponding with intensities.

(c) Paul C Adams  2017

Sensitivity to Luminous Places

Our sensitivity to luminous places is a variable that can be enhanced or diminished by many different methods or techniques, including a vast variety of herbs, nutrients and drugs. In addition, our basic sense of feeling – sensitivity fluctuates with daily awake/asleep cycles, dietary choices, terrestrial, and space weather (including astrological aspects/transits. It is essential to recognize these variables, and personal  sensitivity, before trying to identify energies associated with luminous places.

My experiences at luminous places includes a large variety of distinct qualities and characteristics, which can be quite stable, such as geomagnetic fields, and others, such as air ions, that fluctuate intensity and qualities. Piezo-electric fields, as those near some earthquake faults are usually very stable, yet can vary dramatically upon certain occasions. Strato-volcanoes, such as Mount Shasta, Mt.Adams and Mt Rainier generate, in my experience, very powerful unique magnetic fields that are stronger in the springtime, during snow melt. Near the seashore, the air ion concentrations vary with onshore or offshore breezes, wave size and ions/ aerosols created upon crashing, wind speed and direction, weather and storms.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017

Drive, Walk and Hike to Luminous Places

Locating luminous places can be as easy as driving around and parking at different locations. Parking close to ocean beaches, on mountain tops; and camping: in national, state, or local parks. Almost all wilderness locations are rich with energetic air (atmospheric air ions of oxygen), instant serenity via biophotons from forests, smooth  natural geomagnetic fields, plus a superior connection to the schumann resonances.

Walking and hiking can take you to remote wilderness sites, far from the “noise” caused by human aura and electrical/electromagnetic fields (power line and radio waves). Treks into forests, upon mountains, into deserts, and along beaches can take you to powerful luminous places: treasures, fountains of well being and inspiration.

Walking is a skill, especially long distance walking. What shoes to wear, what to eat, how often to rest, what gear to take, and how to develop endurance to go farther and farther. An excellent guide book that can help you answer these questions is: Walking for Health and Happiness, by Dr.William Bird and Veronica Reynolds, published by Readers Digest.

(c) 2017 Paul C Adams   aka  Prem Das

Luminous Places Blog

A variety of previous blog entries can be found from the directory, mostly from 2013. I am working on selections to be available in the future via this blog, and will these be listed with an index, by subject or title.

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places  contains many of the blogs which were seen between 2013 and 2017. You can find this publication by clicking on the link to Amazon/books: it is available as an e-book, and hard copy paperback.

Paul C Adams (Prem Das)   June, 2017


Places of Power

Natural places of power, or “luminous-places” come in all sizes and types. It is not necessary to travel to exotic and distant locations to experience these special locations. Small places of power can be gentle,of low power, and perhaps more beneficial for both learning and healing than large powerful sites.The smaller sites require greater personal sensitivity, as an ability to find them.

Large sites can be over-whelming, too much to absorb, too fast. They tend to dominate, and force a specific state of mind and feeling, locking you there. For some people this might be good, and for others un-appealing, or limiting. For short periods of time the large,powerful sites are admirable, enjoyable, and stimulate significant inner change of a specific kind.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

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