The Path To Luminous Places

What are the benefits derived from luminous places?

  • A significant reduction of stress, and a return to peace.
  • Improved relationships with people: this is due to feeling better, both peaceful and energetic. It is easy to relate with people when your batteries are fully charged.
  • A clear mind, and insights about problems that need to be solved.
  • A deep appreciation for the natural world and our place within it.
  • Feeling wholesome, healed, coherent, focused, inspired and optimistic.
  • Enjoyable walks in nature, breathing fresh air and visiting beautiful environments.
  • A stronger body, greater endurance and fitness.
  • An enhanced ability to dream and recall episodes or details.
  • Serenity and vitality that can be shared with others.

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Our Sense of Presence

I suspect that one of our first senses to develop is that of presence. A new born baby can sense, via a feeling, the presence of the mother, can also distinguish this from father, or sibling and stranger. The qualities of presence, unique to each person, are noticeably absent after death: the deceased have no perceptible presence, this is obvious at a funeral. Pets are keen to notice the qualities of presence, and they prefer proximity to their master and might be repulsed by the presence of strangers.

The sense of presence is also very strong at many luminous places in the wilderness. It is not exactly the same as human presence, for it lacks living vibrancy, yet it still is wholesome and satisfying, filling what would otherwise be a sense of isolation, loneliness or even desolation in the wilderness. Also, there is a peculiar quality of presence in all city environments, and it can be very strong, a result of both human presence and radiant electric fields (powerline, cell phones, radio, etc).

Michael Persinger determined that magnetic fields placed near the head are frequently perceived as a presence (the god helmet); some people have experienced this as a divine, psychic or occult mystery of presence.

Luminous places in the wilderness are also referred to as the spirit of place, power spots and places of power. I believe that many of these special locations have extraordinary natural magnetic qualities, they are anomalies which are perceptible to some people. Long ago, before electricity and radio, when people everywhere ate organic natural foods and lived in small groups of semi nomadic hunter-gatherers, the ability to sense presence, via inner feelings, was probably significant, and might have been sensitive enough to perceive magnetic north and south, allowing superior navigation and migrations.

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright”. Henry D. Thoreau, pg. 20, Walking, first published in1862.

Paul C Adams (c) 2017    updated: 3/15/17

Songs of the Luminous Ten

Our sun and all the planets are singing unique and fascinating songs. Each has its own broadcast in the radio frequency part of the spectrum, and NASA has recorded these with space probes. Take a look at this YouTube presentation: All Planet Sounds From Space. The radio frequencies from the sun and planets are converted to audio signals that we can hear.  Jupiter is of particular interest, as it has a radiant cone pattern of propagation that periodically intersects earth, and it usually more powerful (on earth)  than radio frequencies from the sun.

Paul C Adams

A Guide to Luminous Places

My book, A Guide to Luminous Places: Exploring Inner and Outer Luminosity is now available online from   If you do not have a Kindle reader, you can read the book by downloading a free App from Amazon, and this can be used to read Kindle books on computers, tablets or mobile devices. An advantage of Kindle e-books is that you can download future versions that are updated, including corrections and improvements. My book contains many color photos: you will enjoy these most on the Kindle Fire tablets, or computers and tablets with high resolution for color viewing.

Paul C Adams    February,  2017

Magnetite from Mars

The martian meteorite ALH84001 arrived on Earth 13,000
years ago. The chain like formation, typical of biogenic magnetite, suggests this was a life form. This is the oldest reported magnetofossils, from 4.0 billion-year-old carbonate blebs, in the Martian meteorite. The oldest Earth magnetofossils are 2.1 billion years old.  See YouTube: The Universe: Martian Life – ALH-84001

Magnetoreception may well have been among the first sensory systems to evolve, as suggested by the presence of magnetosomes and magnetosome chain structures in the 4.0 billion year old carbonate blebs of the Martian meteorite ALH84001 [50••,51,52]. although this is nearly a billion years older than the oldest microbial fossils on Earth, it suggests that this genetic ability was brought here from Mars via the process of panspermia.”

YouTube: This is Mars 2017

Reading: Mars, National Geographic, Nov. 2016           Mission to Mars, Time, special edition, Nov. 2016

Magnetite-based magnetoreception”  Joseph L Kirschvink*, Michael M Walker and Carol E Diebel

Paul C Adams                       updated 2/15/17

Memory, Magnetite and the Air We Breathe

A publication has suggested that our memory may revolve round biogenic magnetite  within the brain.  Biogenic magnetite has been detected in cells throughout the human body, and especially in brain cells. The largest quantities are found in the membranes surrounding the brain, known as the pia and dura, and they contain up to 100 million biogenic crystals. According to one theory, this might act as either a shield for the brain; another possibility, I suggest, is as a transducer network for reception of magnetic and electromagnetic signals (including the schumann resonance frequencies, the geomagnetic field, tectonic piezo-electric fields, and empathic or telepathic detection of brainwaves) Human sensitivity to magnetic signals has been seen as low as 10’s of nanoteslas.

Nano sized spherical microscopic particles of inorganic magnetite have been found in samples of human brain tissues, the count per gram is above 100 million in some samples. The origin of these particles is suspected to be from automobile engines (combustion chambers), and brakes. Platinum particles of the same type, presumably from catalytic converters have also been detected. Serious speculation has been proposed, that this could be a significant factor for the development of alzheimers disease: the nano sized particles, it has been proposed, pass up the nasal passages and directly into the brain via the olfactory nerves, . They suspect that free radial generation occurs within the brain from exposure to the billions of magnetite nanospheres, this form of inorganic iron is very toxic. In addition, the magnetic fields of the brain can be confused by this form of inorganic iron, corresponding with memory issues, and disturbances of other mental functions.

Electrostatic air purifiers, especially when combined with hepa filters can remove air borne pollutants, even those that are microscopic. An additional filter utilizing a magnetic field could be included to reduce nano-sized magnetite particles. The best solution is to avoid breathing polluted air. Unfortunately, this not possible for most modern people in city environments, and air purification technologies look like the only option.

Iron and Alzheimers, Dr. Joseph Mercola

Paul C Adams (c) 2017          updated: 1/27/17

Rise of the Himalayas

During my visit to India in 1971 I felt a distinct energy quality everywhere, it permeated the people and the land. My feeling in India was of a soothing, calm, magnetic and feminine quality: receptive, intuitive, gentle and spiritual. This contrasts dramatically with the West, specifically the west coast of the United states, which to me feels electric, dynamic, masculine, yielding a sense of forward momentum and a desire for activity. The west coast is also a collision in progress: the Pacific Plate colliding with the American Plate; here also we find piezo-electric energy (pressure between rocks, crystal containing granite, and igneous rocks) radiating from areas near earthquake faults, existing as a continuous background level of seismic activity.

I suspect that the on going collision of the Indian subcontinent with the Asian continent is generating a very powerful field of piezo-electric energy, and sensitive individuals can perceive this as specific qualities of feeling. For more information, see the YouTube presentations about the rise of the Himalayas, and Plate Tectonics and California Geology.

YouTube: Rising Himalayas   and   70 Million Years in Two Minutes

Plate Tectonics and California Geology

Paul C Adams (c) 2017       updated:1/26/17

The Origin of Meditation


My experiences at many luminous places is one of mental tranquility, including very coherent states of mind, at times almost completely free of thoughts. Places of power and luminosity, for me, induce a state of meditation, concentrating my mind via the energetic fields of these special environments, and incline my mind to a sustained degree of attentive awareness.

We can imagine explorers of the Himalayas, a very long time ago, who approached mountains such as Mt. Kailash, and experienced profound states of mental focus, spontaneously, naturally, and upon returning to their homes choose to practice inducing a similar state of focused awareness by paying attention consciously, duplicating, as best they could, their exalted experiences at luminous sites in the Himalayas. I believe that this was the origin of meditation, a practice of concentrating the mind, as it occurs naturally at certain luminous places.

Shiva, a principle God of Hinduism, is portrayed in art and scriptures as residing upon Mt Kailash, His Home. He is the patron of yoga, and He is seen seated in meditation* on the top of Mt Kailash. Lama Govinda and Walter Evans Wentz, both scholars and experts on the subject of Tibetan yoga and meditation refer to Mt. Kailash, and other sites in the Himalayas, which have induced powerful spiritual experiences for many people.

*Cannabis Indica is a sacrament used by many spiritual aspirants in Northern India. It is used to incline awareness to pay attention to the mind, and is thus considered by some people to be an aide for meditation. It facilitates withdrawing the mind from the senses, looking inward, and paying attention to qualities of the mind and consciousness. Cannabis was a medicinal herb held in high esteem by Shiva. We can imagine what the combination of Cannabis Indica was for early explorers who par took of this intoxicant while visiting luminous places in the Himalayas.

Reading: Circling the Sacred Mountain  by Robert Thurman                                        Way of the White Clouds by Lama Anagarika Govinda                                          Cuchama and Sacred Mountains by Walter Evans Wentz                                         Three Years in Tibet by Ekai Kawaguchi

YouTube: Kailash Beyond the Possible

Paul C Adams (c) 2017           updated: 1/9/17

Movie to See: Risen

The film Risen is spectacular. The degree of very impressive realism of this movie matches Gladiator. The story follows a Roman Tribune who attended the Crucifixion, and then was commanded by Governor Pontius Pilate to investigate and determine if Jesus survived. Rumors reached this frustrated Governor that Jesus emerged from His tomb, and had been seen alive.

In addition, this film introduces a new perspective of the Apostles, as exceptionally joyful and happy people. The ending of this movie seems to suggest that Jesus passes through to another dimension, or into a UFO.

In the first four chapters of the New Testament, we read that Jesus was seen going out into the wilderness alone, to the hills, mountains and deserts. Also, these chapters describe Him visiting a mountain top with several of the Apostles, and high on the Holy Mountain (Mount Hermon), He is seen to glow with radiant light (The Transfiguration).

Paul C Adams  (c) 2016         updated: 1/3/17

Solar Terrestrial Indices

Below you will find links to solar terrestrial indices which you can use to learn more about solar flux and the geomagnetic field. I refer to these frequently, as I have done for the last 35 years. You can compare sudden bursts of geomagnetic activity, called storms, with their specified intensity (the A and K indices) to how you feel, and thus learn to identify magnetic fluctuations and corresponding feelings. This is excellent training that will help you locate luminous places in the wilderness. The feeling of geomagnetic storms teaches you to pay attention to specific qualities of feeling, and this is the same magnetic sense you can use to perceive the magnetic qualities of certain luminous places.

The same approach applies to solar flux (measured at 2800mhz, a microwave frequency generated by the sun that easily passes through clouds): sudden changes are perceptible and correspond with feelings and personal energy levels. Solar flux varies the most during periods of sunspot activity, and that is the best time to look for the effects within you.  We are in a period of solar minimum (December 2016), with few sudden bursts of solar flux (the flux value is at the bottom of the scale) and occasional geomagnetic storms; however, it is still worth watching.

Inner space can be significantly altered by both solar flux and geomagnetic storms. If you are planning on an inner journey via hypnosis, meditation, the flotation tank, etc, then check the indices for space weather conditions: you will be amazed at how much our inner landscape is modulated by both the geomagnetic field and solar flux.   This is my favorite for fast and complete information at a glance. Solar flux is in the upper left corner, abbreviated as SFI.  A and K indices are below the SFI. You can click on any window for enlargement and more information. The aurora photos are excellent.

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report    Current data, the solar disc with spots, and charts which compare past sunspot cycles.

Geophysical Alert (NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center)  The solar flux, A and K indices. This data is also available on shortwave frequencies from the station WWV on  5, 10, 15 and 20 megahertz; also by telephone((303) 499-7111 for WWV, from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Use their home tab to see more charts and satellite information.

SOHO  Solar and Heliospheric Observatory   This NASA website provides satellite data about the sun: click on the photos for enlargements.

Songs from the Sun, Dance on the Earth (my title)   The Earths Magnetic Shield: This is a YouTube presentation of solar activity and our geomagnetic field.

Paul C Adams (c) 2016                  updated: 12/19/16