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I have re-designed and updated my website: take a tour and see the improvements. Home page now has a background picture of an Eastern California desert, the same one as seen on the cover of my book, and header for the blog. The small picture, lower left, is a waterfall in the high Sierra Nevada of California; the small picture, lower right is  a snow capped mountain in Northern California.

This is a quote about my book, from the hard copy cover:

A Guide to Luminous Places is a book that can help you find locations, in the city and the wilderness, of high vitality and serenity: places to live and prosper, for vacation and regeneration. In addition, you will find that the insights and extraordinary sensitivity learned from this book will be of benefit to your relationships with people, and improve perceptions of many subtle qualities of any environment.

In this book, Paul shares with you personal autobiographical narratives exploring amazing inner worlds of luminosity, and external locations of beauty and high vitality. A Guide to Luminous Places is a brilliant path leading to renewable inspiration and fountains of well being.

Paul C Adams  (c) 2017


These Blessed Mountains

“These blessed mountains are so compactly filled with God’s beauty, no petty personal hope or experience has room to be. Drinking this champagne water is pure pleasure, so is breathing the living air, and every movement of limbs is pleasure, while the whole body seems to feel beauty when exposed to it as it feels the camp-fire or sunshine, entering not by the eyes alone, but equally through all one’s flesh like radiant heat, making a passionate ecstatic pleasure-glow not explainable.”

” It is easier to feel than to realize, or in anyway explain, Yosemite grandeur”.

John Muir,  “My First Summer In The Sierra“, chapter 5 “The Yosemite“.

Paul C Adams   May, 2017

Mountain Air that Feeds the Spirit and Inspires

For I believe that climate does thus react on man, – as there is something in the mountain air that feeds the spirit and inspires. Will not man grow to greater perfection intellectually as well as physically under these influences?”

Henry D.Thoreau,  Walking, pg 28, Applewood Books, 1992; first published in1862.

Also, see my previous blog: John Freemont and Kit Carson Expedition.

Paul C Adams 2017       updated: 5-15-17

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places is available as a download from  You can read this ebook on any computer, tablet, and some smart phones: the App for  this is free from Amazon.  Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Movies to See

Anthony Hopkins plays the star actor in Solace, as a psychic who worked for law enforcement. He has the ability to pick up an object and receive information about the person who owned it, with a full visual revelation. Here we see both remote viewing and crystal clear eidetic imaging used to help locate lost persons, and learn of their stories. It is an excellent story, with impressive cinematography: you will enjoy it.

Another movie to see is: Hereafter, starring Matt Damon. This drama is about the ability to communicate with those ho have recently passed on, and retrieve important messages. Matt Damon plays the reluctant psychic, and he does a great job performing this unusual role.

Paul C Adams      2017

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places is available as a download from  You can read this ebook on any computer, tablet, and some smart phones: the App for  this is free from Amazon.   Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Luminous Places, Longevity and Time Dilation

Regular visits to luminous places in the wilderness reduce stress by inducing a peaceful state of well being. In addition, they confer a charge of vital energy: this has been my experience, consistently, on many occasions. Could these experiences add years to ones life span?  I think so, especially when combined with sufficient exercise, a nutritious diet and avoidance of toxins. In addition, the wilderness experience, especially near luminous places, adds a strong dose of enthusiasm and optimism for daily life.

My experience in the wilderness consistently provides another fascinating benefit: time dilation. In the wilderness and near luminous places the experience of time slows down, and therefore, in a subjective way, one lives longer. I think this approach to living longer, within an average lifetime, is practical and reliable.

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places is available as a download from  You can read this ebook on any computer, tablet, and some smart phones: the App for  this is free from Amazon.  Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Paul C Adams (c) 2017

The Path To Luminous Places

What are the benefits derived from luminous places?

  • A significant reduction of stress, and a return to peace.
  • Improved relationships with people: this is due to feeling better, both peaceful and energetic. It is easy to relate with people when your batteries are fully charged.
  • A clear mind, and insights about problems that need to be solved.
  • A deep appreciation for the natural world and our place within it.
  • Feeling wholesome, healed, coherent, focused, inspired and optimistic.
  • Enjoyable walks in nature, breathing fresh air and visiting beautiful environments.
  • A stronger body, greater endurance and fitness.
  • An enhanced ability to dream and recall episodes or details.
  • Serenity and vitality that can be shared with others.

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places is available as a download from  You can read this ebook on any computer, tablet, and some smart phones: the App for  this is free from Amazon.   Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Paul C Adams   (c) 2017





Songs of the Luminous Ten

Our sun and all the planets are singing unique and fascinating songs. Each has its own broadcast in the radio frequency part of the spectrum, and NASA has recorded these with space probes. Take a look at this YouTube presentation: All Planet Sounds From Space. The radio frequencies from the sun and planets are converted to audio signals that we can hear.  Jupiter is of particular interest, as it has a radiant cone pattern of propagation that periodically intersects earth, and it usually more powerful (on earth)  than radio frequencies from the sun.

Paul C Adams

A Guide to Luminous Places

My book, A Guide to Luminous Places: Exploring Inner and Outer Luminosity is now available online from   If you do not have a Kindle reader, you can read the book by downloading a free App from Amazon, and this can be used to read Kindle books on computers, tablets or mobile devices. An advantage of Kindle e-books is that you can download future versions that are updated, including corrections and improvements. My book contains many color photos: you will enjoy these most on the Kindle Fire tablets, or computers and tablets with high resolution for color viewing.  Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Paul C Adams    February,  2017

Magnetite from Mars

The martian meteorite ALH84001 arrived on Earth 13,000
years ago. The chain like formation, typical of biogenic magnetite, suggests this was a life form. This is the oldest reported magnetofossils, from 4.0 billion-year-old carbonate blebs, in the Martian meteorite. The oldest Earth magnetofossils are 2.1 billion years old.  See YouTube: The Universe: Martian Life – ALH-84001

Magnetoreception may well have been among the first sensory systems to evolve, as suggested by the presence of magnetosomes and magnetosome chain structures in the 4.0 billion year old carbonate blebs of the Martian meteorite ALH84001 [50••,51,52]. although this is nearly a billion years older than the oldest microbial fossils on Earth, it suggests that this genetic ability was brought here from Mars via the process of panspermia.”

YouTube: This is Mars 2017

Reading: Mars, National Geographic, Nov. 2016           Mission to Mars, Time, special edition, Nov. 2016

Magnetite-based magnetoreception”  Joseph L Kirschvink*, Michael M Walker and Carol E Diebel

Paul C Adams                       updated 2/15/17

Memory, Magnetite and the Air We Breathe

A publication has suggested that our memory may revolve round biogenic magnetite  within the brain.  Biogenic magnetite has been detected in cells throughout the human body, and especially in brain cells. The largest quantities are found in the membranes surrounding the brain, known as the pia and dura, and they contain up to 100 million biogenic crystals. According to one theory, this might act as either a shield for the brain; another possibility, I suggest, is as a transducer network for reception of magnetic and electromagnetic signals (including the schumann resonance frequencies, the geomagnetic field, tectonic piezo-electric fields, and empathic or telepathic detection of brainwaves) Human sensitivity to magnetic signals has been seen as low as 10’s of nanoteslas.

In addition to the above, unusual and foreign nano sized spherical microscopic particles of inorganic magnetite have been found in samples of human brain tissues, the count per gram is above 100 million in some samples. The origin of these particles is suspected to be from automobile engines (combustion chambers), and brakes. Platinum particles of the same type, presumably from catalytic converters have also been detected. These microscopic particles have been found along roadsides and highways. Serious speculation has been proposed, that this could be a significant factor for the development of alzheimers disease: the nano sized particles, it has been proposed, pass up the nasal passages and directly into the brain via the olfactory nerves, . They suspect that free radial generation occurs within the brain from exposure to the billions of magnetite nanospheres, this form of inorganic iron is very toxic. In addition, the magnetic fields of the brain can be confused by this form of inorganic iron, corresponding with memory issues, and disturbances of other mental functions.

Electrostatic air purifiers, especially when combined with hepa filters can remove air borne pollutants, even those that are microscopic. An additional filter utilizing a magnetic field could be included to reduce nano-sized magnetite particles. The best solution is to avoid breathing polluted air. Unfortunately, this not possible for most modern people in city environments, and air purification technologies look like the only option.

Iron and Alzheimers, Dr. Joseph Mercola

Paul C Adams (c) 2017          updated: 1/27/17