UFO Illusion or Reality?

What are the boundaries between inner and outer worlds, what is illusion versus reality? The subject of UFO’s touches this area of uncertainty and concern. Are all of the reported flying lights in the sky illusions, or projections of imagination, appearing as alien space craft?  Do we tend to see what we want to see?  Take a look at this video recorded by a Navy fighter pilot in 2004.

Another excellent report on the subject of UFO’s is, Out of the Blue, a documentary that reviews extraordinary cases by credible witnesses.

A theory that I have is:  Some of these UFO’s are people dreaming, and create a dream  “body” of apparent spacecraft. They follow interesting objects and people, turn at sudden angles, and instantly disappear. Could radar reflect off these dream bodies? Maybe. In certain cases sufficient coherence of form might occur, and give unusual radar reflections.

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“There is a light that glows continuously in the universe. It is eternal, ever-present, and unending. This light is the source of life. It can be for each of us the source of joy, wellbeing, aliveness, in fact that which makes everything in life charged with exuberance and gratitude at the miracle of being. We can be filled with wonder and excitement at participating in the enormous adventure of life. This light is infinitely expressive, constantly seeking ways to manifest in ever-unfolding, ever-increasing varieties of expression. We, humankind, have the opportunity to be the channel for the expression of this light. As the most developed creatures on the planet, we have been granted attributes which permit us to unite our inner self with this indescribably beautiful light, to be an expression of this energy, and to share in the joy and delight of the unfolding processes of Life.”     Myron Stolaroff                                                         Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration, 1994.

Myron was a friend of my father, Charles Adams. In the 1960’s, they were associates at Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, California.


Paul C  Adams     2018

The Universe Next Door

The study of Ashtanga Yoga in India, and Huichol Shamanism in Mexico opened doors of perception and awareness that suggests to me: each persons reality is powerfully influenced by personal beliefs. This impact on our consensus reality, by beliefs, seems to actively interact with the stage of life, reality, and a reflection of beliefs is confirmed in the perceptions of reality, the “external world”. Several examples of this power:

  1. Warriors who can go out on the battle field and survive in exceptional circumstances. Dances with Wolves, beginning of the movie:John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) rides in front of many troops that are trying to shoot him, yet they cannot hit him: George Armstrong Custer did this twice during the Civil War. Crazy Horse was famous for this ability, riding his horse in front of firing soldiers, and passing un touched. William “Bill” Kilgore (Robert Duvall) conveys this competence and personal power when in Apocalypse Now he walks out into gunfire and artillery explosions, fearlessly, and is not touched. I am sure there are many real life stories of this kind; I would like to see a book of collected accounts by soldiers who have experienced these kinds of miraculous events.
  2. Dreams Come True: take a look at Maidentrip. Laura Dekker sailed around the world, age 14-16: This was her dream, and it happened, despite intense opposition.
  3. Heal   Documentary about beliefs and healing.
  4. Henry Ford:  “If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”.

When I was with don Jose in the Huichol Sierra, Huichol beliefs powerfully influenced the environment, including myself. There seems to be a common consensus, dominated by the majority of a local population, and this actively defines characteristics of reality: including what is possible and impossible. Don Jose could heal because people believed he could heal, and reality actually attempts to conform to those beliefs. On one occasion, during the California drought of 1977, he lead an all night ceremony, and said it would rain the next day: it did. He said the rains would return the next fall, and they did. In Mexico I saw numerous examples of environmental modulation via the beliefs and expectations of shamans and Huichol people.

Three points of reference (triangulation, as used in navigation) have helped me observe fascinating characteristics about reality: 1) Yoga and the perspective of the Deep Self, as described by the Hindu Yogi Ramana Maharshi;  2) Huichol shamanic perception of reality: the world and nature as a living being; 3) Modern Mind, that which I learned in my own culture: Judeo-Christian & scientific. This “modern mind” is described in extraordinary detail by Rick Tarnas, PhD, in his best selling, Passion of the Western Mind. It is very difficult to see our own mind, how is formed, how it perceives, and is modulated by our collective reality: Passion of the Western Mind does an outstanding job of revealing the modern mind set, and how it was formed.

It would appear that we might live in great collective cosmic dream, the world as a Great Idea or Thought,  a world that tends to conform to our desires, expectations and beliefs. There are rules and laws, yet these might have various exceptions, which become apparent  when living in cultures quite different from our own.

Paul C Adams  (c) 2018       updated: 5/3/18

Huichol: My First Contact and Stories

I have written several articles about my years (1970’s) with don Jose and the Huichol Indians:  Shamanism in Mexico, an unpublished article located in the Archive – on my home page;  Don Jose: Apprenticeship With A Huichol Shaman, published in: Art of the Huichol Indians (Abrams, NY) your library might have this.  Prem Das: North America Huichol, published in Shamanic Voices (by Joan Halifax,PhD, Dutton, NY);  The Singing Earth: Looking at Shamanism, cover story and feature article published in Yoga Journal magazine Sept.- Oct 1983. You can down load past issues of Yoga Journal by joining Google Books (free).

My most recent publication is: A Guide to Luminous Places, available as an ebook and hard copy. The book is about developing environmental sensitivity, luminous places in the wilderness or power spots, perceptions of inner space, and extraordinary states of consciousness..

Paul C Adams (Prem Das)    2018      updated 4/15/18

The Huichol Indians 2018

The photographs of  don Jose and the Huichol that you see in my website galleries were taken between 1970 and 1980: 38 to 48 years ago. When I was there, I realized it would all change, via many influences of modernization. Don Jose’s family wanted me to take pictures, because they knew the old ways were going to disappear.

A road was cut into the mountains in 1973, and this made possible the construction of Aquamilpa Dam, which has been completed, and a lake is now visible from the historic location where don Jose’s mountain top village existed. Many local people have moved down the mountain and live close to the reservoir: roads have been cut into the Sierra and small air strips for STOL aircraft.

Schools have been set up in most Huichol villages, and these have been teaching Spanish and modern subjects for the last fifty years. In addition, the Summer Institute of Linguistics has helped with language research, and the Liga Biblica published the New Testament into the Huichol Uto-Aztecan language: missionary activities have occurred throughout the Sierra Madre region. Don Jose and I met (1976) Joseph Grimes,PhD,   in Atonalisco, Nayarit; I listened to him speak fluent Huichol with don Jose. Joseph Grimes is the only person from the USA who I heard speak fluent Huichol.

YouTube has many presentations listed under Huichol; and there are many excellent Huichol pictures to be seen via: Google Images. For  information about the Huichol, Wikipedia has a good page: be sure to take note of references concerning legal issues with peyote in Mexico. A short documentary about peyote is worth seeing, even if you do not speak Spanish: YouTube: Peyote La Mistica Planta (in Spanish) .

In recent years, several books have been published about the Huichol experience: The Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times, by Tom Pinkson, Ph.D; and People of the Peyote: Huichol Indian History, Religion and Survival, by Stacy Schaeffer, PhD and Peter Furst, PhD.

The World of Shamanism: New Views of an Ancient Tradition, by Roger Walsh, MD, PhD. This book is the finest definition of a shaman, and about the subject of shamanism that I have read, I highly recommend it to anyone interested.

Websites to visit:  Huichol Foundation and the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival.

Tourism and visits to the Huichol Sierra:  You need to speak Spanish and have a good guide or contact with the Huichol. Plan on hiking and backpacking in hot weather and high humidity. Risk factors are: venomous scorpions (very common), coral snakes (rare), vicious fleas (the dry season, from dogs), and possibly digestive disturbances – due multiple causes.

Mexico: Tourist Information for Huichol visits: National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, located in Tepic, Nayarit; Guadalahara, Jalisco; and Mexico, DF.

(c) Paul C Adams 2018    updated: 4-9-18


Ghosts, Angels and UFO’s

How can we travel to the next nearest star and beyond? Are there hidden portals and dimensions close to us, that open and close? People from all cultures worldwide have witnessed ghosts, angels and UFO’s.  These manifestations are clearly associated with a very special kind of light, and might point us toward a mass free avenue for travel. The new break throughs will come from such unusual research persuits. Access to other dimensions and time travel might also result from a complete understanding of these phenomena.

Native Americans like the Huichol Indians have made pilgrimages to places of power to see visions and contact with ancient wise beings (kakauyari), who live in a parallel dimension, close to certain natural geologic monuments. The Huichol believe these beings (who were people gods) first arrived on our planet on beach of the Pacific Ocean, and then traveled overland to Central Mexico.

Are ghosts, angels and UFO’s associated with power spots, and luminous places? Is there a potential at some of these sites to experience preternatural light, and doorways inward or outward?  Are mystical experiences and revelations of insight on some mountain tops, deserts sites, or in a forest “loka” [sanskrit]  location the gift of hidden terrestrial currents?

The above are questions I will explore and ponder as we visit luminous places of different kinds.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013