Website is up !

There are still various errors and corrections that need to be made, as you will see: It is a learning process, website developement to uploading and then making corrections after it is up.  Fun and interesting.  

I hope you enjoy my website, and please feel free to send me recommendations, ideas or criticisms via my email:      

The pictures load up slowly because they are in bitmap images, which you can enhance by magnification with less pixelating.

I will be visiting some special sites soon, and will have pictures on the blog, along with qualities of these local sites.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Update on website

I am still working on the website.  It is slow because I take only a few hours each day to work on this, due to battery limitations, and a part-time job.  Some of my photos, like the sunrise picture  had an artifact-error caused by my computers video card; It has created horizontal colored lines on some of the pictures: I am reviewing these and correcting this peculiar problem.

The weather in our area has been cold and rainy:  it looks like winter will be back to normal, with the drought years behind us. 

Seasons greetings and happy new year!