Inner Light

Photographs are seen by light that is reflected from them. Now a new dimension in photography is upon us: Images that radiate light from within.

The depth and quality of computer generated photos, with millions of colors, shinning from the monitor leaves me breathless and amazed. I have visited stores that sell new computers, looking at my website, and the photos. Apple takes first place for brilliant, crystal clear and almost magical quality images!  Photos seem more alive, with greater significance and meaning. Several other computer manufacturers have almost the same effect, and probably use similar technology. Marvelous!  I am very impressed and appreciate this advance made possible by the extraordinary people of the computer tech fields.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Power Spot

There is a small open field area next to Empire Grade road called the Upper Meadow by UCSC, to whom it belongs, as an “open space” park.  GPS: N37-01-066   W122-04-600  accur. 50ft, elev. 1180ft  (The GPS accuracy is not too important, it is provided to give a reference point, not an exact location; the size could be 1km in diameter or more, with no one point more significant than another.) This site is very special: it very beautiful, with distinctly symmetrical relationships between tree heights and growth patterns.

There is a corresponding inner balance and precise mental focus induced within oneself: it is not strong or intense, rather very sweet and “satvic”(pure), and stable. I find this quality year round, sitting quietly, meditative or contemplative, especially along the perimeter of the forest.  This kind of “power spot” is, in my experience, quite rare. What causes it is a mystery…maybe the redwood trees, or subterranean geology, or ceremonies performed here by early native American inhabitants (UCSC archeologists identify this area as a former village, or ceremonial site, that was used a very long time ago).

Great hiking trails are found going in all directions, including quite a maze within the forest. Hikers and mountain bikes (watch out) are encountered  afternoons and especially on weekends. From this meadow you can hike down to the ocean ( 2 hours), via trails thru Wilder Ranch, or hike to UCSC campus (20 minutes). There is free parking at some of the UCSC colleges on weekends; parking is very limited on Empire Grade.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Lucid Dreaming

We all spend so much time asleep and part of this is dreaming. Why not enjoy it more, and enhance the dreams?  I have found that by taking 250mcg of vitamin B12  before bed, it will illuminate my dreams with bright colors, and as a result I remember them more clearly…almost lucid dreaming!  The herb hops, taken as a bitter tea, is another way to stimulate lucid dreams. 

Did you know that catnip tea was An English favorite? Before black tea – this very close relative of cannabis was a British mainstay, and like hops it provides very interesting dreams.

The inner dream “screen” can be illuminated by a variety of legal, natural herbs. Before hops became the standard used in beer there were various dream enhancing herbs added to the fermented grain brew: such as angelica, wormwood, mugwort, catnip, horehound and some that are presently illegal.

How many hours of our lives are (enjoyed) dreaming?

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Photographic Memory

I have heard that everything we see, from book pages to movies and the scenes of daily life are memories, and can be accessed in complete detail.

Photographic memory is a gift some people are born with, and others experience periodically throughout life. This latent human potential we all experience when dreaming, and during hypnogogic visions that are seen upon falling asleep, awakening, or during a fever. Hypnotists have been able to help some people review memory scenes, in very great detail, from all periods of their life. 

Edetic imaging (photographic memory imaging) is a skill and inner process that can be learned, I am sure it is a latent ability, just below the surface of awareness. 

Sometimes I speed read my files, or articles, and just glance at each page. I know I remember, because later – I just know some of the details or facts, which just pop up into awareness as I need them.  I think speed reading works, even if you are not aware of it!

(c) Paul C Adams 2013




I try to find sites or places where both inner and outer luminosity is extraordinary: then take photos. This seems to produce more magical moments and better pictures.  There are places that inspire me, due to qualities of light, and the “pulse” (energy, vibrancy) of the environment, and a photo is the result.  Sunrise and sunset are favorite times!

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Website construction

I am slowly rebuilding this website, and at times you will see this, including missing photos and error page alerts. The main problem has been with the presentation on “diagonal” or wide-screen monitors, I am utilizing cells and tables to stabilize the content, which has not been a problem with notebook computers, tablets and handheld mobile. Also, the navigation menu, found at the bottom of the screen (in the galleries) is visible in 1,2,12,13, and 24. It is not seen in the other galleries (yet), but can be found by clicking or pointing at the bottom of the screen.  Re-building the website will take some time.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Crashing waves generate vast quantities of energetic air (AAI = atmospheric air ions):  within and around the waves a power spot exists. I wonder if surfers are exhilarated by this?  The airborne aerosols of sea-foam would also be full of all the natural elements, found in seawater, and I suspect “ionized”, that is to say energized, and taken in with each breath.  Some studies indicate that elements such as gold and silver, as is found in seawater are beneficial nutrients, even in very small doses. These ionized and energetic aerosols are easily absorbed while breathing near the crashing waves.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Pure Air

The photo above is the beach at Natural Bridges State Park. This site is extraordinary for high levels of energetic air, that comes in from the ocean. A gentle breeze carries the air ions inland, and at this site, during fair weather I find it  very fine, high in quality, and invigorating. I pay very close attention to the air, and have found that of all the coastal areas, this site is supreme. Could it be that this is why the Monarch butterflies have chosen this site as their migratory destination?  Does it help them re-charge after flying hundreds, or even thousands of miles ?

I suspect that a variety of factors concentrate energetic air (small air ions of oxygen) to high levels throughout the parks groves and beach area, and this occurs most of the year. You can recognize this easily: it is easy to breathe through your nose, the nasal passages are wide open, and you feel good.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I am slowly updating the website, and attempting repairs.

There are new additions in the archive, stories related to inner luminosity (“enlightenment”) and outer: journies to India and Mexico.

I  use a  notebook computer to build this website, and it looked fine. However, when I saw it on a new wide screen computer the navigation menu seemed to be missing, Actually it is there, at the bottom of the screen,hiding under a retractable (by pointing near it) base. Also. the browser on these wide screens stretches images and data – if it can. in order to fill the screen; I found a way to correct this.

At Christmas I had a chance to see my website on an ipad, and a handheld mobile: it looked ok. 

I plan on visiting some interesting sites soon.        Happy New Year!

(c) Paul C Adams 2013