I have heard that the world around us, and our bodies are 99.999% space. Our planet, if compressed – to squeeze out all space, would become a black hole, the size of a walnut!    I wonder what is going on “inside” us, in all that space. Does this space pass through us as our planet orbits the sun, and as we revolve at 1000 mph ?                                          

Meditators, especially those who spend years in this practice speak of the experience as “emptiness”;   powerful psychedelic experiences are sometimes refered to as “spaced out”.

The immense inner space that makes up almost all of our physical nature exists between the atom’s nucleus and the electrons. Here is where flux and fields, as a multitude of songs fill the space: communications that bind our visible and apparent selves together. It is here, within our inner space that rapport and resonance with luminous places occurs, and if we listen, we can enjoy the songs.

Pathways Through to Space“, by Franklin M. Wolfe, who lived in the  Sierra Nevada wilderness, wrote this book after his illumination deep in a gold mine. I met him several times and was very impressed with his wisdom and lifestyle.  I highly recommend this book.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Tune In, Tune Out

Our ability to selectively focus attention on one thing at a time, to “pay attention”  is a human gift that comes at the price of ignoring, or tuning out everything that is not of interest. Over the decades of our lives this becomes habit, and we are, from the moment we awake in the morning automatically focusing on seemingly relevant channels of perception in order to survive and prosper.  Like reading a book and not noticing noises in the background, or watching a movie and ignoring anything else, our experience follows the direction of our attention.

To perceive the songs of solar flux and of luminous places, this requires attention, to be focused upon them, and this is further improved, via increased sensitivity, that can be acquired with simple meditative practices and the right diet.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

The Sun

Today is spring equinox and it has been celebrated at amazing places (see home page links) worldwide, for thousands of years. Solar luminosity and life on our planet, in some ways, is the same song, orchestra and music.

Our present sun spot cycle is unusual, it is half as active as the previous ones!  Solar flux (measured at 2800mhz) here on earth is half what it was at was during the last cycles.                                                         

During the daylight hours, when the sun shines upon us the solar flux and its corresponding intensity is like “how loud the music is played”. What I find is that as I follow flux value changes, I can feel the corresponding qualities and effects upon me, especially when there is a sudden increase in solar activity. I have been following this for about 40 years, watching the reports on WWV and via internet, and noting how I feel –  in relationship to changes in solar flux intensities.  Locating luminous places in the wilderness utilizes a similar (latent) channel of perception, one that can be trained by observing solar flux values.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Night Site

Some years ago I was living outdoors, year round, and sleeping each night at the same place. This was a very peaceful site, under a tree on a hill-side, and I felt calm, tranquil and relaxed as soon as I arrived there. The quality of peacefulness became more obvious over the course of a year, and I realised this was a kind of luminous peaceful place.The size of it was small, about 3 meters in diameter: beyond this the pronounced peacefulness was absent. I had not discovered a site like this anywhere else.                                                                                                              

Not long ago I returned to this site, surprised to find that the peacefulness had vanished!  It felt just like the surrounding wilderness, in no way different. How could this be?  All of the sites I have found are very stable and consistent in qualities. Then it came ro me: I was the source of “tuning” the site, my personal energies that calmed down each nite and created a “mirror effect” in the immediate environment, an effect that was retained by the environment, and conveyed back to me each time I arrived there. How amazing!   Some years previous to this, I had noticed this same effect when I went into the bedroom, which was used only for sleeping, and it always had a very serene effect, leading to relaxation and sleep.  Meditation is similar, and “tunes” the environment to a state of tranquility that re-induces the same qualities to people who enter. Masters of meditation frequently recommend that the same room, or site be used for each session, and preferably for that use only.

Luminous places in the wilderness are probably “tuned” by various natural environmental energies. Each site might have its own unique potential to receive, maintain, and radiate various natural energy currents, or songs of the earth.

(c) Paul C Adams   2013

Energy and Elevation

One interesting variable found at all higher elevations is the “electrostatic field potential” or atmospheric electricity. For each meter of altitude increase there is corresponding increase in voltage, about 100 volts. A person that stands upright, at sea level has about 200 volts applied to their body. We ignore this effect, just like we ignore barometric pressure and gravity,etc. However, when we suddenly change altitude it becomes more apparent, such as when we drive (or hike) from sea level up into the mountains. With each increase in elevation there is a significant increase in the amount of atmospheric electricity being applied to our body, and this is can be part of the “song” found at luminous places. I believe we tune into this natural power of the atmosphere and use it various ways.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Luminous Place

Big Basin Ocean View Summit  3-16-13 001Big Basin State Park is home to very tall, and ancient redwood trees. A distinct serenity is perceptible thought-out the interior basin area, especially in close proximity to the redwood groves. Yet the quality is different from that of Butano redwoods, or UCSC Upper meadow: it is more peaceful, deeper in serenity, and in some groves a slight dizziness of sorts is noticeable. I recall experiencing these effects when I first visited this park in my youth, and still do so today.

There  is a site: N37  11.806    W122  13.950    1475ft el.   called “Ocean View Summit” that can be reached after hiking for about one hour. The trail (Dool) begins near the main Big Basin Park Headquarters (hiking maps are available) and parking lot. It leads up hill to Middle Ridge fire road, where you turn left and head up to a section that straight and level, approximately 50 meters long: this section is the Luminous Place. The summit, called ” Ocean View”  is farther up the trail another 5 minutes walk. 

What I find here is an energetic, crisp, and very clear quality. A clear mind and optimistic buoyancy: “satvic“, lucid, stable, focused, and penetrating. I first notice these inner qualities upon reaching Middle Ridge road, and they increase in intensity along the straight section, and are present at the Ocean View summit. As you hike away from this area the qualities fade. What natural forces generate this sweet and powerful song are unknown to me, and I can only wonder, and marvel.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Meditation and attention

I find that it is very useful to practice paying attention, concentrating the mind, and then it is easy to direct sustained focus of awareness on how I feel.  It is within the dimensions of feeling that an orchestra of natural “music and song” is perceived at many luminous-places, and this dances upon a calm “pool”  of consciousness.      

Various methods of calming the inner waves and turbulence, such as meditation and concentration of mind are useful  skills which can be gradually developed and employed to finding natural places of power and luminosity. I like to try different kinds of meditation, from following my breathing to listening to music, waves, crickets, bird songs, streams, rain or the wind.

Sustained periods of highly focused mental concentration (meditation)might be too much, and lead to powerful inner currents of energy and bliss(samadhi). These deep states of consciousness are so absorbing they lose contact with the environmental “music and song”.  Simple, gentle, and light meditation that concentrates the mind on immediate perceptions: this  is what I find most useful for discovering luminous places.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Amazing Places

Three new additions of amazing luminous-places are found as hyperlinks on my home page below “amazing places”.  Niagara Falls, apart from its beauty, is creating an atmosphere extremely rich – full of energetic air – that flows and blows for miles all around this exhilarating site.  The Potola, of Tibet, is built on a small hill, at very high elevation, and like Machu Picchu, has been a center of spiritual power and insight. Mount Fuji of Japan is a stratovolcano like Mount Shasta, and has been associated with spiritual experiences and UFO’s.

How many places of luminous power exist on our planet?  My guess is hundreds of thousands to millions. Many are small and can be easily be over looked. Also,most people might not recognize these sites, due to high levels of internal (personal) noise [see “Guide” home page], created by excessive exercise,  or the use of alcohol and caffeine; and then there is the continuous distraction of not paying attention, or lost in the labyrinth of thought processes.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


A soft and quiet song fills our inner being both day and night, and helps us to be calm, relax, and even fall asleep. It is an inaudible song, secret, and a “lullaby” that has been with us since our conception, and the beginning of life on earth. The choir singing this song is created by 50 to 100 (worldwide) lightning strikes per second, resonating at 7.83htz, the “Schumann resonance”.

Relaxation, contemplation, meditation, drumming, air ions (energetic air), and time in the wilderness bring us into a much deeper rapport with this natural song. Our alpha wave rhythm, which is our own inner song of well-being and insight likes to sing along with this hidden and mysterious lightening chorus.

I believe that certain wilderness places of power and luminosity are focusing and enhancing our ability to relax (like falling asleep) and move into harmony with the deeply soothing – inaudible hum of mother natures song “the Schumann resonance frequency”.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Ghosts, Angels and UFO’s

How can we travel to the next nearest star and beyond? Are there hidden portals and dimensions close to us, that open and close? People from all cultures worldwide have witnessed ghosts, angels and UFO’s.  These manifestations are clearly associated with a very special kind of light, and might point us toward a mass free avenue for travel. The new break throughs will come from such unusual research persuits. Access to other dimensions and time travel might also result from a complete understanding of these phenomena.

Native Americans like the Huichol Indians have made pilgrimages to places of power to see visions and contact with ancient wise beings (kakauyari), who live in a parallel dimension, close to certain natural geologic monuments. The Huichol believe these beings (who were people gods) first arrived on our planet on beach of the Pacific Ocean, and then traveled overland to Central Mexico.

Are ghosts, angels and UFO’s associated with power spots, and luminous places? Is there a potential at some of these sites to experience preternatural light, and doorways inward or outward?  Are mystical experiences and revelations of insight on some mountain tops, deserts sites, or in a forest “loka” [sanskrit]  location the gift of hidden terrestrial currents?

The above are questions I will explore and ponder as we visit luminous places of different kinds.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013