Amazing Songs

I find that luminous places “tap into me” and sing their song. Even if I am unaware of the process, distracted within my own thoughts or turbulent emotions, the power of these places re-aligns me from within, generating a harmonious and peaceful state of mind and heart. It might take a day and night to do so, but it does, and effectively, every time.

We can create our own luminous-place within our home: singing, chanting, drumming, dancing, breathing, meditating, or even listening to music can generate a similar state of harmony and re-alignment.  Combining some of these can be even more effective at reducing stress and inner conflicts of mind and emotions.

Robert Ornstein, MD, wrote a fascinating book about the human brain called the Amazing Brain. He vividly describes the multiple smaller brain centers within our brain and their corresponding functions and desires. Each mini-brain within has its own push and pull demands on the other centers, and they can disagree and fight for command. This can lead to self created inner conflicts, along with all types of psychosomatic disturbances, and dis-ease conditions.

Our ability to tune into the Schumann resonance, plus a good nite sleep are probably the primary avenues we follow to harmonize and balance inner discords. If these don’t accomplish this vital function, then “tune up” techniques, such as those listed above are needed to maintain equanimity and well-being.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Drum Experience

Finding a song to sing with, a chant, drum beat, dance, walk, meditate and even humming can help generate inner harmony or rhythm, and in my opinion, improve cellular communications between our trillions of cells.

The Schumann resonance song, 7.83htz, created by 50 to 100 (worldwide)lightning strikes per second, penetrates each cell of our body, and goes deep into the earth and oceans. There are online references to the International Space Station, and our space craft that have generators on board to simulate this inaudible EMF beat or pulse which helps maintain well-being and harmony. This is a song that gives all life a rhythm to sing with, and can be “heard” by each cell as a pulse or beat.

City environments can attenuate and distort the schumann resonance song, and leave us seeking an alternative source for all our cells to sing and dance with. Drumming is one excellent substitute, hearing  or playing it. Sound proof rooms, with optimal echo potential (to create binaural beats), and stereo systems (headphones or speakers) with peak bass response are highly recommended. Breathing techniques can be employed to dramatically enhance the experience, and improve cellular oxygen up take (especially an atmosphere rich in energetic air-ions).

I plan on adding a short article on the subject of Drum Experience to the Archive of stories found in my website.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013



Robert Becker MD  found that the health and healing potential of an organism is directly related to bio-electricity. In the Body Electric he shares research results and facts which are a revelation, and this continues in Cross Currents. These are recommended reading for everyone interested in luminous places, field effects, flux and the possibilities of regeneration.

My experience has been that there are luminous places and corresponding energy fields that not only enhance well-being, but also stimulate healing and regeneration. Sensitivity and receptivity to these sites can be learned, and beneficial results maintained. I have found that there is a whole spectrum of effects, sometimes stimulating the mind to degrees of clarity, or the body to  levels of vitality.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Our earth sings ringing the geomagnetic field, in rhythm and concert to solar activity. At times the field rings loud, like a bell, in response to sunspot activity and corona mass ejections (CME). This geomagnetic activity is monitored by electronic sensors at locations around the world. Does this invisible field effect us? Our blood is red, due to high levels of iron, and it does dance to the tune of magnetic fields. We may not be conscious of this (like the forces of barometric pressure or gravity), but it does induce a subtle song within. 

I have noticed geomagnetic “storms”, especially when strong have very obvious effects on how I feel.  Here is another opportunity to perceive (magnetic) flux, from within, via feeling, comparing this to numerical values and charts. You can follow the quantitative pulsations of our geomagnetic field and then recognize how it affects you.

There are luminous places that have predominately magnetic qualities. In the future I will visit some of these sites and describe my experiences of them and applications for well-being.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013 

Solar Activity

Our current 11 year cycle of sunspots and solar flux (measured at 2800mhz) is unusually low, or quiet. As a result,there are fewer terrestrial geomagnetic storms, and less solar radiation at all frequencies. I am sure this has profound effects for life on earth, and human activities (feelings, thoughts, actions). Tree ring patterns have been correlated to solar activity, and weather patterns also.

How we feel and think, is in my opinion closely related to flux levels, including solar flux, as recorded every day at radio telescopes around the earth. By comparing how we feel with large changes in solar flux provides clues to the our relationship with these songs.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013


Could there be luminous places where life is prolonged due to the enhancement and tune up of the cell’s efficiency?  Mythical or legendary locations like Shangri-La, or Eden might actually exist.  Natural places of power and luminosity are of many different kinds, and some of these confer a boost of energy, of a very fine quality, and stimulates (in my opinion) the cell to work will greater efficiency: to remove waste, breathe, and reproduce with superior replication ability.

Luminous places can be any size, from a few meters in diameter to hundreds of square kilometers.  People who live in these special areas might not notice anything unusual, as they have become accustomed to the local “songs” of the environment.  However, visitors are more likely to notice the distinct qualitative effects, as these contrast to their home “songs”.   The qualitative characteristics of a luminous place are not just one or two, but dozens, or more.  It is like an orchestra and choir:  the right combination (might) equal long life and happiness.

(C) Paul C Adams 2013



Inner Light

Visiting luminous places combined with meditation in silence and darkness are ways to look within, and develop inner light. Our imagination, fantasy and dreams depend upon a certain amount of inner light to reveal visions, ideas and thoughts. There are techniques to increase inner luminosity, and these have been pursued by hermits, mystics, yogis and shamans for millenia.  An archetypical image of the yogi is meditating in a cave, of the Himalayas, like the famous Tibetan yogi  Milarepa (one of his cave’s was near Mount Everest: see Milarepa by E. Wentz).

Our inner dream screen is invisible without light: this is a special kind of light, seen from within. The potential of this human ability can be evolved, from that of ordinary imagination to “eidetic imaging“. At night we use a subtle version of this ability to dream, during waking hours to imagine and day-dream fantasies. Visionary experience is another expression, as seen in mystical and psychedelic states of consciousness.

Eidetic imaging might be an evolutionary goal: to be able to see, with the inner eye (“third eye” and eye in the pyramid of the dollar bill) a completely illuminated image, in precise detail, and full color, of any thought or idea.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Cave Light

Some years ago I descended into a limestone cave. The opening was at the base of a tree and I had to crawl around the roots and then squeeze through a narrow rock passage down into the first chamber. After passing through a long second narrow passage I descended into a small space, the end of the cave, with room to sit down. Here I found a place that was completely dark and totally silent, and I spent an hour there enjoying the serenity.  I put my hand over my eyes to compare how dark it was.  What astounded me was light coming from my hand! I could see the outline of my hand when it was almost touching my face. I checked again and again,and each time it was there, a glow of light, faint, yet distinct.

Fritz Popp, a German scientist, has done research and experiments indicating the DNA in cells emits bursts of light in the visible spectrum, and it is coherent (“intelligent”) light. He and a growing number of scientists around the world are finding that this light,or “biophotons” could be a vital communications network used by cells to coördinate the extreme complexity of cell organizations.

Research has revealed visible light is employed by living cells and infrared (heat), ultraviolet, microwaves, VLF, and other parts of the vast EMF spectrum!  Living cells are amazing and probably use more channels of communication than we can imagine.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Ham Radio

I recall how diffficult the “general class”  examination was. I was only 13 years old, and the knowledge of electronics and radio “waves” – EMF required to pass the FCC test was a huge challenge for me, yet I got it on the first try.This study included an understanding about the propagation of electromagmetic fields (radio waves) from the antenna, out into space, at the speed of light, and bouncing off the ionoshere back to places all over our planet. It taught me about field strength or density, known as flux, that surrounds us, invisible, yet modulates (dances) electrons with amazing mathematical precision: as are, for example, demonstrated by algebraic equations for resonante frequency and wavelength.

At that time, while learning about the above, I realized we are all surrounded by millions of EMF sources, mostly man made, and the combined density (flux) in given square centimeter is very significant, and billions of times higher than what is was a hundred years ago. 

Thus we have created a powerfull flux level, especially in city environments, and I suspect that our electrons dance, hum and purr as they are pushed and pulled by the invisible EMF fields. This adds up to creating “technological luminous places”.  How does this affect us?  The electrons of our bodies define precise relationships, and have their own songs, both electrical and chemical. The immense ocean of invisible lumens, or flux  is a powerful combination of hidden forces that might confuse our own inner songs, leading to stress and health concerns.

There are ways to minimize the effects of EMF flux , and it might require only periodic vacations away from high flux areas to recuperate. This could be wilderness time, or an isolation room (“cave”) that is shielded against EMF – high flux levels.  This kind of room could be built anywhere, and used as a bedroom, or meditation space: It could be very quiet and completely dark, providing a good nite sleep!

(c) Paul  Adams 2013


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