Last Drum

In the past twenty years I have played the water drum once. This was seven years ago at an all night prayer ceremony lead by an Elder of the Native American Church. The service was held near Ukiah, California and the participants were adherents to a formal service, as directed by the Road Chief, an experienced leader and master with traditional NAC chanting.

Drumming requires an appropriate environment, and audience. Some of the benefits of drumming (pace, rhythm, and beat) can also be found via meditation and long distance walking: these you can do anytime and almost any place. Both meditation and walking are disciplines and simple, yet very powerful practices. They are life long subjects of learning and growth, and have no final completion: they lead on as far as you can go.

Everything constantly changes… there is a time and place for drumming, walking, or meditation. Finding a song to sing along with: these change, from one time to another, like waves of the ocean or clouds moving in the sky.

Slide Show

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Nicene State Park

View from Westridge trail

Nicene State Park is located near the town of Aptos, CA.  Multiple picnic sites are located close to the large creek that passes through the main canyon. This area is rich in flora and fauna and can be experienced via hiking trails which traverse the densely forested canyons and hillside. This park is a great place for a family picnic and very pleasant hikes, short or long.      See more photos

The inner qualities induced by this site are unique and special. Here I feel peaceful, serene, with a gentle softness and femininity. It is a place of power that consistently provides these fine qualities. Subtle and smooth, sweet and gentle are powers, and luminosity, of a specific kind, and contrast with the dynamic masculine powers of locations in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Tree rings in this park show the same pattern as in Butano State Park. I found a redwood that reveals rings, wide in the center and thinner outwards, and is similar to the douglas firs of Butano.  See: Tree Rings.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Redwood rings Nicene 6-17-13

see magnification

Light and Health

Apollo, the (Greek) ancient god of light was also associated with health. Light and health seem to be related, and refered to in many cultures worldwide. People who are very healthy “shine” and are “brilliant”, or “glow”.   Robust –  good health “charges our batteries”, and high vitality is synonymous with good health.

Google lists 2,540,000,000 citations for “health”, and lists 269,000,000 for “healing”. See Google Images for “health”:  the majority show light as the primary energy of health.

Another very informative source of information on health and healing is the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website.

The largest research & scientific data resource is found at the National Library of Medicine and is available online: Medline Pub-Med data base with 22,000,000 citations.

Sun Bathing

A luminous place in your backyard!

We all need sunshine. How much and how often are the big questions. The potential healing power of sunlight has been connected with our need for vitamin D: this vitamin is created by solar UVB (ultraviolet-B) and its reaction with our skin fats (cholesterol). Research into the immense importance of vitamin D to health is seen in the many studies of the last 10 years.

Many people perceive a sun tan to be a sign of good health and will spend time sun bathing to accomplish this. Melanin is the substance created in our skin that gives it a tan color. It absorbs UV light photons that could otherwise harm our skin (burn).

Melanin is a very special and almost magical molecule: it is a supreme organic semi-conductor, and quite unique. Chemical variations of it are seen in the color of hair, and the brain concentrates it, (neuro-melanin) in select regions of intense activity. The additional roles  melanin plays, in very sophisticated human electro-chemistry, is an active area of research.

Photo-reactivation (DNA cellular repair) has been reported at 380nm, in the UV spectrum. These studies indicate that small amounts of damage to cellular DNA, such as that caused by UV light, stimulates repair. What is amazing is the report (above) that DNA can be severely damaged and then be completely repaired! The UV in sunshine, at the right frequency and for the correct duration, seem to stimulate repair (via genes and enzymes) that can lead to more than a tan. The youthful and healthy glow of a sun tan could be more than a superficial appearance.

Warning: too much sun can lead to burns and skin cancers (melanomas). The right dose of sunshine is obviously a serious factor: this requires some research, and the advise of your doctor.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Life in Light

Can DNA encode its program into one single bio-photon?

 As our planet rotates, the blue-green algae of the oceans are radiating biophotons out in all directions. These biophotons are in the visible part of the spectrum and just like sunlight they can pass through our transparent atmosphere out into space, and do so, traveling at the speed of light: They have been doing this for billions of years.

The countless biophotons that all life forms have been radiating into space, for billions of years, have traveled throughout our galaxy, and to other galaxies, in every direction, and might have seeded life on planets with transparent atmospheres. How long can biophotons last?  CMB (cosmic microwave background) photons from the Big Bang are still here, seemingly immortal, and are detectable in all directions.

Visible light is in the very high terahertz frequency band and can be modulated or encoded, as we do with our computer clock frequencies and light fiber networks, to handle and store vast quantities of data. This frequency has the potential to accommodate the data of DNA codes, including those of higher life forms. The process that life could use to accomplish the real encoding, or modulating, and de-modulation of the light frequency is probably in the field of quantum physics. Biophoton research is exploring how life uses photons and could use quantum insights to explain some mysteries of high-speed cellular communications. How much data biophotons manage is still unknown.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013