Breathing in Home

Indoor air can be 25 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air!    The good news is certain plants can absorb and eliminate most of this mess.   “the top 10 anti-pollutant plants rated best by The New…

  1. The Feston Rose plant
  2. Devil’s Ivy
  3. Phalaenopsis
  4. English Ivy
  5. Parlor Ivy
  6. African Violets
  7. Christmas Cactus
  8. Yellow Goddess
  9. Garlic Vine
  10. Peace Lily”

Energetic air (ions) are consumed by air contaminants, neutralized by them.  To increase the level of energetic air, first the air must be cleaned, and house plants can help do this. See article by Joseph Mercola, MD. ,  NASA list via Wikipedia ,   and “12 Plants to Clean Home Air”.

Update: Photos and Galleries

My home page link to “Photo Galleries” takes you to a page of instructions for the Slide Shows (and Galleries). I have moved the photos from Gallery One and Two of the home page to this Photo Album, and also, in their original form, to the Archive (see below)

In the Archive you will find “Ions Gallery One” and “Ions Gallery Two” listed next to Energetic Air. These are the orignal Photo Galleries that were refered to on the home page.

Garden Delight

 I love gardening and enjoy the vibrancy and vitality that glows in the garden.  I think that most people feel more relaxed and “in tune” while gardening. The backyard garden is a natural luminous place that you can create, and then it nurtures you with both food and radiant vitality. I believe the plants have rapport with us and grow faster and healthier when we love them, care and sing to them (The Secret Life of Plants). For millenia shamans have successfully  used the power of family ceremony – via song and prayer, to increase the harvest (and influence the local weather). 

The legendary “Garden of Eden” suggests a powerful place when plants grew better, faster, healthier and in great abundance. I have found many natural luminous places where the vegetation is healthy and prolific. In proximity to luminous places various natural powers can become very focused in ways beneficial to life, for plants and people.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013