Solar Flux

Take note of the spike in solar flux that has taken place during this last week. For me this appears to be associated with stimulation and activity, animation, boldness, excitement, impulsiveness, agitation and even some aggression ( example: strike on missiles in Damascus)

The sun has been blasting CME’s in rapid succession, now at the peak of the 11 year sunspot cycle. It has been an unusually quiet and subtle cycle, with few sudden spikes or surges in Solar Flux.  Geomagnetic storms can follow, usually accompanied by dramatic displays of the northern lights (aurora). I find geomagnetic storms can influence how I feel: sluggish, heavy, depressive, limiting, and confined or contained.

Electromagnetic flux occurs all around us, both natural and man-made. Some natural places of power can be described using perceived flux, as qualities of feeling and numerical values for intensity.

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Mountain Walks


Recently I hiked to the top of Black Mountain, on Montebello Ridge (Elevation: 2700 ft., Cupertino, CA). The last hour of the ascent was steep, I was sweating and taking brief rest stops every 100 feet. One middle-aged man went right by me, to the top, without rest stops. Two elderly men, in their mid-seventies passed me by, heading back down from the summit. I am inspired by these hikers, and by:

John Muir: He walked 1000 miles, from the Indiana to Florida.Then he took a ship to San Francisco, CA  and walked to Yosemite: he hiked in this very mountainous region for the rest of his life. He encouraged the creation of Yosemite National Park and he founded the Sierra Club.

Carmelo Flores Laura: 123 years old (?) who enjoys walking every day, at 16,000 feet elevation, in the Andes mountains (region of lake Titicaca, Bolivia) of South America.

Don Jose (Huichol, known as “Matsuwa”): he lived to be more than 100 years old, hiking daily in the Sierra Madre mountains of central western Mexico.

Tenzing-Norgay, (Sherpa)   [see movie: The conquest of Everest, Re-visited 1953 -2003]   of Nepal, guided the first successful climb of Mt Everest, and taught mountain hiking/climbing skills in Nepal. Sherpas have been reported to carry loads of 60 to 70kg, (equal to their body weight) hiking at elevations of 16,000 and higher.

These people continued hiking in the mountains well into old age.

Many luminous places and natural places of power are found on ridges, hill and mountain tops, and on – or near volcanoes. To be in good shape and capable of mountain hiking is a prerequisite for enjoying these remote places.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Montebello Ridge

View west from Black Mountain

View west from Black Mountain

The top of Montebello Ridge is also known as Black Mountain and our site is where small rock outcrops are protruding a few feet above the surface, on both sides of the unpaved road, at the top of this mountain.. This site is located in Montebello Open Space Park, overlooking Stevens Creek Reservoir and the southern Bay Area. It is accessible via multiple routes. 1) Montebello Ridge Road, originating from Stevens Creek reservoir and ends at a very small parking area one half mile from the top. 2) Alpine Road from HWY 280 and ends at Skyline Blvd.: Note – there is a turn off a half mile before this intersection into a parking area on the left, and serves this park. You can hike from the parking lot to the top of Black Mountain, passing close to an over night backpack camp (reservations are required). This is an easy hike of a mile or two, and includes some uphill climbing; a map is posted at the parking lot. 3) A delightful sequence of good trails can be followed from the Rancho San Antonio Open Space parking lot, and these will lead to the top of Black Mountain: see on site posted maps, and free brochures for details. It is a three-hour hike, all of it uphill, and the last mile is quite steep ( a great workout!).

The perceived inner quality here is a fine, clear, and pure spiritual energy: It is most apparent near the rock outcrops. I suspect that the nature of this energy is primarily piezoelectric, and combines with the altitude related atmospheric electrostatic field, and a good dose of energetic air. It is has the most spiritual qualities of any site that I have found in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and central California. The panoramic view adds to the charm of this sweet site, as do cloud formations as seen from this elevation (2700 ft). This is another site that I include in my book, “A Guide to Natural Places of Power in the American West“.

Location:  GPS   37N  19.163     122W 09.070


(c) Paul C Adams 2013

China Grade

In my book, “A Guide to Natural Places of Power in the American West” [e-mail or write for more information] a site I describe is found on China Grade road in Big Basin State Park. The quality of power here is similar to that of higher elevations and is probably related to the electro-static field gradient (100 volts per meter, for each meter above sea level). In a calm, relaxed and meditative state of mind, it is quite apparent that a current of power exists here, stable and constant, calm and energetic at the same time. The site I described in an earlier blog is not to far away: on Middleridge, Ocean View Summit over look, Big Basin.

This location is accessible via car, several miles up China Grade. on the left side, and there is a parking place within it. A pleasant view over the forests of Big Basin Park is seen straight ahead. Close by, to the left, is a large rock outcrop (see picture below) decorated with fascinating natural patterns: It is possible to climb to the top (experienced climbers only) but is dangerous – if you are not trained to do so.

Nearby we have a secluded campground within the forest: Sunset Lane, of Big Basin State Park, and reservations can be arranged via phone for overnite permits. It is located about one half mile from this site, opposite the trail head intersection to Portola State Park. There are some very enjoyable hiking trails that go from Sunset Lane camp to Park Headquarters, or to the coast that is about 12 miles to the west.

Location: GPS: N37.12.550 W122.12.606 China Grade road parts to the right from the entrance highway to Big Basin State Park. It is the road to the Boy Scotts summer camp, and to Johansen fire road trail head, Big Basin State Park.

Rock formation on China Grade

Rock formation on China Grade

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Clarity Canyon

Trail up  "clarity canyon"

Trail up “clarity canyon”

There is a small forested canyon ( that I like to call “Clarity Canyon”) located in Ano Nuevo Stare park close to where it connects with Big Basin State Park. It is easy to access via a hiking trail which traverses the canyon from one end to the other. The forest is full of many tall redwoods, douglas firs, a few bay trees and some oaks. The forest floor is covered with patches of ferns and sorrell. It is noteworthy that botanical life flourishes here in abundance and beauty.

I have hiked up this trail many times and find it to be a very special experience. My mind becomes lucid and clear, quite focused and precise. The atmosphere is rich with high quality energetic air and a fine serenity pervades this magical forest. This is a luminous place of high quality, yet it is small, found only along the trail for several hundred meters, from the entrance at the road and up to the rest bench ( less than 1km) in the forest above. The hike up is steep and enjoyable, and offers two scenic over looks – over the coastal hills and pacific ocean.

The subtle lucid power found here is related to the energetic air flowing through the canyon and to the particular living vibrancy of this forest and earth, which is very alive, healthy and visually enchanting. Take note of this forest as soon as you enter it: as you travel along the unpaved road, and first enter the forest, from the coastal meadows: the trees are extraordinary.

Location: trail head: GPS N 33. 46.280 W126.02.270 El. 558 ft Take Hwy 1, 23 miles north of Santa Cruz, to Whitehouse Canyon Road, an un-paved road next to the entrance for Costanoa Resort (a great place to explore coastal hiking trails and beaches, dine and spend the night ). Walk from Costanoa parking lot for 2.5 miles, along trails and unpaved road to trail head. Or, you can drive to trailhead. There is a small parking area near the creek, on the opposite side of the road. Observe sign: “This is the end the public road”, trail head is to the right.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Bioelectric Field

 For us to contemplate our electrical nature is, obviously, a different view than the solid, stable physical matter we are used to, and this might be disconcerting. But there is so much to be gained by this additional perspective, that it is worth the temporary disturbance.

Places of power and luminosity in nature are easy to find and understand when we perceive  natural electric [and magnetic] field effects that interface (or couple) with our own. The perceptible qualities of these energies is most easily described with electric and magnetic terms, and can be, experiencially and subjectively quantified concerning intensities.  Also, qualitative characteristics of each site vary, and can be described by the states of mind, feeling, and conciousness that they create within us.

See:  Places of Power:The Guide  (my home page)

There are more than 1,620,000 citations listed by Google for “bio-electric field”.

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Vitality and Nutrition

An unusual perspective of nutrition is our need for electrical power. The sun provides power for plants via photons ( primarily at luminous light frequencies) that transfer their power to electrons (photosynthesis) in green leaves. Our food contains electron power, similar to a battery, that we assimilate by “eating” it. Sugars, fats and carbohydrates are “stored” [easy and fast access] electron power, and they can recharge our cellular batteries ( the electrolytes) and mitochondria (hydrogen ions).

Personal power and vitality are, in large part, dependent on an adequate supply, absorption and utilization of the electron energy that is derived from our food. Vitamin, minerals and various co-factors are essential for the transfer [and efficient utilization} of this power.To recognize and understand the process of nutrition in this  [unusual] way is a key to greater levels of vitality and personal power.

One excellent reference book is: “Electrical Nutrition

(c) Paul C Adams 2013

Inspiration and Innovation

The “West Coast”  is known as an exciting and dynamic region. Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area have been the birthplace of incredible and fantastic ideas that have produced technology and entertainment for everyone on our planet.

Piezo electric currents radiate out of the earth along earthquake faults (and near many volcanoes). In the movie “Mount St. Helen’s“, before the eruption, animals are seen reacting to the sudden changes of piezo electric energy : this has been reported everywhere, and throughout history. If we look at the chart data of seismographs we that there is a constant activity and corresponding generation of piezo electric currents.

I believe that our unconscious mind and physiology is constantly picking up ( modulated) by the seismic generated piezo electric field. This subtle power varies constantly with seismic activity and can surge to such high levels that a phenomena similar to ball lightning occurs; strange lights appear on the horizon, or float about.

This extraordinary power of piezo electricity is very potent along the large earthquake faults, and people who live near them unconsciously “sing along” with these geo powers. Could it be that the degree of innovation and creativity found in Los Angeles, the SF Bay area and other geo active regions is related to this kind of terrestial luminosity?

(c) Paul C Adams  2013

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz (The Holy Cross), California was named by the Gaspar de Portola. I believe that he named this site for the very high quality energetic air found here. Natural Bridges State park, winter home of the monarch butterfly has one of the highest levels and finest quality of energetic air that I have experienced. I believe that Portola and his party felt this extraordinary inner luminosity, mental and spiritual clarity, and so named it Santa Cruz. There were no buildings or pavement and the energetic air could flow over this area covering many square miles. Also. we must realize that the spanish lived on a 100% natural foods diet, exercised frequently and probably used no drugs or alcohol (except on rare occasions). Furthermore, fog tends to avoid this area most of the year ( it neutralizes energetic air – due to high humidity), and the sun’s light and warmth add to luminosity (inner and outer).

Santa Fe (The Holy Faith), New Mexico is another site very rich in high quality energetic air. This is due to the naturally occurring radio-active elements (uranium, radium and radon) found the area, which actively energize the air. Higher elevations, such as that of Santa Fe are typically cooler and lower in humidity and thus conducive to the presence of energetic air. Thinner atmosphere at higher elevation is also energized by UV and cosmic rays (from the sun and galaxy). Certain characteristics of geography and geology, as found in Santa Cruz and Santa Fe can focus and concentrate energetic air to very high levels.

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Eat Well and Walk Far

My motto is:  “Eat Well and Walk Far”

Eating well and walking far are life long learning courses, and are an exploration of latent potential.  With time and practice, all good things grow from these, and revelations of insight about anything can emerge from them.

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