Santa Cruz Mountains Hiking Trails

There are many parks to explore in the Santa Cruz Mountains of central California. A very good park and  trail guide is  The Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Book  by Tom Taber, published by the Oak Valley Press 1976 – 1994.  I found a copy of it in the main branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library. 
The last few days the weather has been very warm and more like summer than winter: a good time to go out for a hike!
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Merry Christmas

” Six days later Jesus took Peter, James, and his brother John to the top of a high and lonely hill and they watched his appearance changed so that his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became dazzling white.”   Matthew 17    The Living Bible, paraphrased.


Sony Vaio Notebook Computer

My website was built and is maintained with my Sony Vaio notebook computer. I have had this small computer since 2003, when I bought new at Fry’s Electronics.  Over the last ten years it has performed very reliably, and it has endured various environments.

My operating system is Microsoft XP Home Edition, utilizing periodic updates from Microsoft. I Use both wi-fi  and Verizon wireless broadband access to the internet. I used a webtext editor by SeaMonkey to built the main part of my website. GoDaddy is my internet host.

I want to thank Sony, Microsoft, GoDaddy and SeaMonkey for making this possible.

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Dreaming and Air Ions

Here are a few more herbs that I have found useful to enhance dreaming: ashwagandha root, damiana, and skullcap. I find that it is best to take only one herb at a time, an hour before going to bed. Start with mild doses and slowly increase until dreaming is vivid and eventful. If you have any health problems or conditions, be sure to check with your doctor before trying any herbs.

Air ions (negative air ions of oxygen) “energetic air” helps with dreaming, but only at moderate levels. If the level is too high, then sleep is not deep enough; if the level is too low, then sleep is too deep for active dreaming with recall (memory) in the morning.

“AIR  Air Ion Research” are links to anecdotal data and stories about this subject. Included are a few scientific research references.

AIR (Air Ion Research)  #2 Negative Ions Create Positive Vibes                         Vegetation, Radon, and Air Ions

previous blog AIR #1         “AIR  Air Ion Research” are links to anecdotal data and stories about this subject. Included are a few scientific research references.

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Walk Around the World

Paul Salopek is walking from Ethiopia to the tip of South America!  He  plans on a 7 year trip, and will cross the Pacific Ocean via boat from Russia to Alaska.  You  can read about his adventure in National Geographic in the December 2013 issue.  Also, he has a website:    and you can follow his journey.

The Great Rift Valley is very long geologic hot zone. This area was  home to early human ancestors – during the era when brain growth increased rapidly (cubic cc) and became the required size for intelligent modern man. Could the piezoelectric power radiating out along this hot spot turn on genes (or epigenetic modifiers) to grow bigger brains?  The most powerful sites I have experienced are near active (dormant) continental strato-volcanoes, near some major earthquake faults, and certain mountain ranges: these generate, I suspect, milder versions of the massive tectonic forces, and piezoelectric powers of the Great Rift Valley.

Also, see autobiographical books by Ffona Campbell and her hike around the world.

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Reading and Imagination

I fell on love with reading books when I was 9 years old. I would go to the elementary school library before and after school to read books. My favorite reading was biographies and autobiographies of famous people. From that time until now I have read thousands of books.

Reading stimulates the imagination, which is image generation, internal visualization, and “fantasy”. Below the level of conscious reading, of  the “binary” black upon white background – world of symbolic letters and words, the deeper mind creates full color images. Thus reading is excellent training for lucid dreaming and edetic imaging.

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E Books and Libraries

Most libraries offer a very large selection of e-books that you can check out online. One of the largest selections is available via the US Library of Congress: They plan on making millions of books accessible via online viewing. Most of the books I have referred to in my website and blog entries are easy to find via e-book checkout at many libraries.

Kindle ( is another very large e-book collection, available for sale. These e-books can be viewed on Kindle tablets, and with their free software: on computers, tablets and mobile devices; you can download this software from any page, usually it is seen just below the book title.

I read in our local newspaper that Amazon plans to make small package deliveries, to private residences, using small drone aircraft.

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Luminous City

Our huge use of electricity generates man-made luminous places, yet the visible component, light ( from bulbs), is only a small part of the vast pool, or fields we live in.

Electricity is based upon exciting and moving electrons, as in wires and power lines. The more power used (watts) the larger and greater the field effect created by the magnetic component of the 60 hertz (cycles per second)) power line. This radiates, invisibly, out from all wires and circuits and stimulates electrons to dance or sing along. All frequencies do this, including the 60 hertz power line to Am and FM radio, TV, cell phones, CB and ham radio, Wi-Fi, and more. For any cubic centimeter (especially in the cities) there is a very large number of invisible (EMF fields, see chart) powers which stimulate electrons to vibrate.

The electrons of our bodies will also vibrate, sing and dance to the chaos of multiple frequencies found in our cities. Luminous places in the wilderness and luminous places of the city are similar, both reach inside us and provide a power to sing with: but very different songs. Wilderness is peaceful and developes increased latent potential (power) within us. The city is agitating, like too much coffee, and is fatiguing due to over stimulation, as with addiction to a stimulant drug. Yet even so, this kind of stimulation, as is found in the city, is potentially very useful, as a stimulant, and can be harnessed to productive ends. The answer to this high-tech “condition” is to find (periodic ) peacefulness within the city environment as a necessary balance to the continuous spur of invisible EMF flux  (electromagnetic field) stimulation. A regular meditation practice is one partial solution. Another option is to build special bedrooms ( or meditation rooms) that are specially designed to be “shielded” and attenuate all invisible EMF fields.

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Awake Asleep

I find in the wilderness and especially at luminous places I am more awake and conscious. It is apparent there is a ratio of awake/asleep or attention/ignorance which changes, moment to moment, in response to different environments.The normal polarities of this ratio are asleep (in bed at night) and awake ( up and about daily life). Extremes of the ratio are: Awake – to the fullest potential (paying continuous attention, concentration or meditation), and totally Asleep (complete lack of attention, ignorance, dreamless very deep nocturnal sleep).

Natural places of power.or luminosity reach within oneself and provide a “tune up”. They shift the ratio of awake/asleep toward more awake, and thus can reveal the process of conciousness ebbing up or down: this can be very useful for lucid dreaming. Also, in the proximity of luminous places there is a qualitative improvement in my awareness, it is superior and more refined in nature.

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