Drought, Air Ions & Health

The lack of rain here in California, due to the drought, has resulted in the loss of energetic air (negative air ions) and insted posi-ion (enervated air) pollution is taking its place. The normal winter rains cleanse the air of pollutants that cause posi-ion pollution, and replace it with refreshing, invigorating energetic air. Thus, we have lost both water and the winter-seasonal atmospheric blessing of high quality energetic air. On warm days and in valleys posi-ion pollution (an excess of positive ions) can become severe and cause many unpleasant symptoms. See links to articles  (AIR) below for details and information.

High quality energetic air is also produced by plants and trees. They breathe oxygen into our atmosphere (the main source of atmospheric free oxygen is photosynthesis) as negative air ions and from radon gas ( uptake with water through roots and aerated via leaves) during evaporation of water from their leaves. During drought, production of energetic air is drastically reduced, for lack of green leaves and thus much less evaporation (transpiration) of water and radon. I can perceive this as a very significant loss of energetic air, in various central California forests, and this is a result of the drought.

A I R #3    What are Negative Ions     What Are Negative and Positive Ions? 

previous blog AIR#2                                                                                                          “AIR  Air Ion Research” are links to anecdotal data and stories about this subject. Included are a few Scientific research references.                                                                                           

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Sanborn Skyline County Park

Lake Ranch, Sanborn Skyline Park

Lake Ranch, Sanborn Skyline Park, winter of 2005 (c) Paul C Adams 2014
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In the southwest corner of the San Francisco Bay area is a delightful county park called Sanborn Skyline, with miles of wilderness hiking trails. It is located west of the town of Saratoga in the foothills and prime grape growing –  wine country.  The park provides camping areas, to carry in, or for backpacks. Also, there are several picnic areas near the redwoods and a very large – open lawn area to play upon.

Hiking trails depart from the picnic areas and can be followed through dense forests up steep trails to the ridge top, near skyline highway. This is an excellent hike that leads to Indian Rock, a large sandstone outcropping of fascinating and mysterious formations, plus a great view of the southern bay area. Rock climbers frequent this site to practice climbing skills. The picture I took is taken from below

Indian Rock (c) Paul C Adams 2014

Indian Rock (c) Paul C Adams 2014

the tallest formation. Nearby (north) is another similar formation called Summit Rock: both of these locations can also be accessed, with a short walk,  from Skyline Highway.

A hidden jewel, Lake Ranch Resevoir (formerly known as Lake McKenzie) is within this adorable park, and is found at the end of Sanborn road. I recommend parking in the official parking lot of the main park, and hiking up the road to the trail head which leads to the lake. It is a short hike to the lake, about a quarter-mile. There is a longer hike, through the oak forest, at the opposite end of the lake, which leads to Black Road, about 3 miles away. 

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DNA Light Songs

Fritz Popp and his research teams have discovered that DNA radiates “bio-photons” in  coherent patterns: the frequencies are primarily in the visible part of the spectrum, and also in the UV. [also see: Marco Bischoff ] Serious consideration is now placed upon this an ultimate high speed communications network that orchestrates activities and timing of many cellular processes including cellular reproduction.

These bio-photons radiate out from all life forms and could carry tremendous amounts of encoded information. Our technological progress has lead us to quantum computing, and is now utilizing single photons and (electron).  On commercial computers  “flux cubits” of phenomenal computing power have been developed. It appears that mother nature is utilizing biological quantum communications ( and perhaps computing also) as part of the song and dance of life.

Do wilderness places of luminosity and power generate bio-friendly energies that stimulate or enhance our cells, increasing their efficiency, so that we can “sing” better and live with more light?     See my blog “Life  in Light“.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014


I love to watch movies of all kinds.  Here again, the light communicates:  it originates on the screen and an incredibly tiny “signal” of photons touches my eyes.  Of course, none of this is real:  It is an illusion of light dancing across my eyes.  Here is the real magic.  I believe what I see, enough to feel a full range of emotions, and “forget myself” as I fall into the story, just like a dream.  Powerful healing potential exists in this media, which the ancient Greeks recognized, and for which they designed theater and dramas  to maximize the catharsis of emotions which can heal the inner self.

I recognize that deeper layers of the mind & brain (The Amazing Brain)  interpret sensory information as if real, even though my conscious mind knows it is only a motion picture (movie).  The deeper, “unconscious” mind activates emotions as if the scenes were real.  Dreams, fantasies and even thought – images will also evoke emotions. Here is the key to powerful healing.

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Update: High Solar Flux

At the moment and during the last few days the solar radio flux  has gone up by 100 points, or more. This can be perceived as excitement, stimulation, feeling “wired”, buzzed, animated, bold, and enthusiastic. It can also cause anxiety and insomnia.  This sudden change  of flux value can be a teacher concerning how flux feels and what it can do.

In order to perceive the effects of (EMF) flux, such as solar flux, requires sensitivity, and this can be achieved via diet, meditation and time spent in the wilderness.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Pictures and Healing

The light we see can heal, as it reflects off a picture and touches our inner self. Art, pictures, photos, movies and that we see in the world around us all share this process: to reach within us, via light. These luminous worlds of visual imagery evoke significant personal emotions and thoughts that can lead to higher levels of inner harmony and well-being. Some art forms such as the maṇḍala, yantra and Huichol yarn paintings are specifically created for this, and use colorful designs to evoke a healing process. Also, modern technologies employing slide shows and movies can be carefully planned to the optimize the healing dimensions of light.

See google images:    pictures and healing

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Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is a popular theme for artistic rendition. This was the first couple, according to the Old Testament, and located in a special garden. See images from Google.  Was the Garden of Eden a geological power spot, or a luminous place?

Paul C Adams 2014

Adams Paradise

Building a dam on a river (rio) can provide power for innumerable uses, from agricultural to the generation of electricity. By conserving personal power (of all varieties) an inner reservoir is filled and can yield greater awareness, insight, luminosity and well-being. Here are a few links to people who have revealed extraordinary accomplishments in this latent potential.

Kundalini Biology          celibacy          Gopi Krishna

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