Finding Water and Home

The practical value of perceiving our geomagnetic field is demonstrated by successful dowsers. Dowsing accesses a subtle feeling that might correspond with small variations of the ambient geomagnetic field. This is a good example of how a subconscious perception of a certain kind of feeling, related to the geomagnetic field, can be employed for survival, to find drinking water. There are people with an exceptional ability to find water, and this skill has been called dowsing.

To find the way home is also an obvious survival skill, and we can imagine how important this latent ability was for our ancestors who, long ago, lived by wandering in the wilderness hunting and foraging. Many animals can navigate very well via perceptions of the geomagnetic field, especially when combined with orientation to the sun and light.

From my experience with places of power, I have found that any location a distinct and unique “signature” corresponding to a feeling. Our word “home” has a very specific feeling to it, which for most people is unconscious, yet very important. You feel “at home” when you are in your home zone, or location. This feeling of home is a memory and it can be compared to other locations and the difference noted. I suspect that some people and certain animals memorize internal maps based on this feelings, and can navigate by them.

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Our Magnetosense

It appears that we have multiple channels of “magnetosense” which exist below the conscious mind. Several membranes that surround the brain (pia and dura) are found to have relatively high levels of magnetite. Our eyes use cryptochrome, and it could have the ability to “perceive” the geomagnetic field. Also, the nose has a magnetic sensor. Iron in hemoglobin, which makes blood-red is very receptive to all magnetic fields.

Epigenetics has been associated with the geomagnetic field!

“The zeitgeber is any external or environmental cue that entrains, or synchronizes, an organism’s biological rhythms to the earth’s 24-hour light/dark cycle and 12 month cycle”.   The geomagnetic field can provide cues and entrainment which affect our deep brain functions!

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Luminous Loka

Loka is the Sanscrit word for place, site, location, world, or dimension. Both inner places and outer places can be lokas or dimensions. Our word location uses this same root” loca” and probably is linguistically related (Indo-european).

Loka is a place, such as an open space and can be associated with secular and spiritual significance. I choose to use it as part of my email address for Prem Das, and it is found on my home page, left side, under Contact, and is: luminouslokas@gmail     I thought this would be an equivalent of luminous places, and so I use it with the name (Prem Das) that I have been known by via recordings, publications and seminars.

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Theory: Geomagnetic Field

Here is a fascinating and compelling theory about how the geomagnetic field is generated. This distinguished scientist, J.Marvin Herndon has spent many years developing and exploring the theory. If he is right, then it is one of the greatest discoveries in geo-science. If he is wrong, then it shows how a theory can be almost perfect and yet be wrong. Either way, this is a very interesting idea, and process of theory developement.

According to Herndon, Helium 3 is emitted by volcanoes as predicted by his theory. However, Anti-neutrinos, a by-product of fission and reactors were detected in Japan, but not in Italy, not at a flux level, or density that would correspond with a fission reactor (at the center of the earth).


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Geomagnetic Songs

The earth is singing to the tune of the sun. Our geomagnetic field pulses along with solar activity, sometimes very quiet and other times stormy. NOAA has monitoring stations around the earth and provides constant updates, using numbers and chart. See my blog “Geomagnetic”.

Our blood is red due to the high iron content, and iron is very receptive to magnetic fields. Also, our brain concentrates small quantities of magnetite in certain areas. This is true of many animals and is believed to be used for orientation, navigation and migration.

Our geomagnetic field is under going a big change. The North Pole has moved toward Siberia.  Also, a large magnetic anomaly (“hole”) has formed in the south mid-Atlantic. There are serious speculations that a magnetic reversal of the poles is taking place; this has occurred many times in the past, as is recorded in stone and old lava rocks.

In my book “A Guide to Natural Places of Power in the American West” I describe locations which have very distinctive magnetic qualities, and are perceptible to me, and for which I give numbers specifying the intensity.  I believe that by “bathing” in these natural magnetic “fountains” some health benefits occur, including reduction of stress and induced relaxation.

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The Electrostatic Biosphere

We live and move in a powerful and natural electrostatic field. Earth, at sea level, registers an average of 130 volts per meter, and this increases with elevation (wikipedia and website The Electric Universe, see below)   [other articles on the earth’s electric field say it decreases with elevation. However, the perception of this field is stronger, or more intense at higher elevations, perhaps due to lower humidlty]   This electrostatic field is created by weather conditions and the rays of the sun energizing our atmosphere; very high up it is called the ionosphere. This invisible force field pulsates, sings and dances to the rhythms of the weather and solar activity. [See website: The Electric Universe ] However, as with gravity and barometric pressure (14.2 pounds per square inch) we selectively ignore these forces, at least with our conscious mind.

When I drive from sea level up into the Sierra mountains, to an elevation of 8000 ft, I become very aware of the electrostatic field and I feel very stimulated, energetic and hyperactive. At this elevation it takes time to adjust, and become familiar with this higher level of power. The change of 130 volts per meter to [a different value] volts per meter makes this force field apparent, and I learn more about how it affects me.

The electrostatic fields generated by synthetic clothing, walking on carpets  (10,000 to 500,000 volts,[very low current]: see “Other”  pg 21, or in buildings: these are bursts of sudden stray fields, erratic, chaotic and of brief duration: for some people this is irritating and causes dis-ease. The field created by the sun within our biosphere is normally constant and stable. People and animals can be disturbed by the field during sudden changes, as occurs with storms and weather fronts. See my blog Feathers and Hair.

In my book, “A Guide To Natural Places of Power In the American West” I specify, with each site, an experiential value as a number, the intensity of the electrostatic field. This natural field, in my experience, is actively utilized by my body, as an additional (minor) power source that energizes and stimulates, to varying degrees, and is valuable to my health.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014                      updated: 2/12/14

Being Grounded

Very high voltages (electrostatic) continuously develop on our bodies (and sometimes visibly as sparks to door knobs or with dry laundry). For some people this is a condition that is associated with stress, discomfort, and irritability. We need to periodically re-establish contact with “earth ground” to neutralize this problem.

There are various ways to make contact with the “ground” = earth ground. These are ocean bathing and surfing, swimming in lakes, rivers and streams, swimming in swimming pools, bathing in springs (hot or cold), bathing in bath tubs or hot tubs, taking showers, and walking barefoot on natural trails of the earth (see my blog, “Earth Barefoot“)

Conditions that isolate us from earth, and lead to the build up of electrostatic electricity are the following: wearing synthetic fabric clothes, wearing shoes (especially shoes with rubber or plastic soles), wearing socks, walking on synthetic fabric carpets, waking on linoleum and other synthetic surfaces, and living in buildings that are elevated, second story or higher.

Also, energetic air (negative air ions of oxygen) are repelled away from electrostatic fields, such are those that build up on our bodies, clothing and synthetic materials of the living spaces we inhabit.

Luminous places of the wilderness are best enjoyed with direct, or close contact with the earth. Being grounded, periodically ( not all the time) is an important practice for opening a good relationship with the earth.

In the book “Walking Barefoot” the authors consider earth contact so important that they refer to it as “vitamin G” (Caution with barefoot: this requires careful considerations, study of risks, and some practice: check with your doctor and reference sources before venturing outside barefoot).

See Grounding – Earthing  Dr Sinatra website

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Information and Knowledge

Libraries and the internet offer millions of books, articles, video and audio media. These data sources are available to billions of people worldwide. Researching these sources, almost any question could be answered, on any topic. The cure for almost any illness, or even pathways to bliss and happiness: these sit patiently awaiting, in the archives, for anyone willing to seek, ask and search.

I have heard it said that “wisdom is the timely and practical application of knowledge”. We can have all the knowledge of the ages at our finger tips, or in mind, but if it is not put to use, in a practical and meaningful way, then it remains a symbolic curiosity. Huge amounts of knowledge, from data, without practical application, can be entertaining, a diversion, or even an excellent distraction from boredom.

How can we mine for the jewels, or the gold of knowledge, that progresses to practical application, at the appropriate time? I believe this is a skill, of intuitive orientation, plus a modest degree of mental concentration, and is called “meditation“.

Meditation (see my website: Links ) is a skill that can be developed. It does not have to be associated with any religion. Most people experience short durations of mediation as a natural process with learning. In this state (of meditation) the mind is both more coherent and intuitive at the same time. With practice it can become a skill, or ability that lasts longer than a moment: it is a state of mind that can last for hours, days, or a lifetime.

Luminous places in the wilderness can facilitate meditation, or even induce it, for long periods of time. Brain waves (particularly alpha waves) become stronger and synchronized (coherent) via energetic air (negative air ions of oxygen) and as a result of better resonance with the Schumann natural frequencies of the biosphere.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014