One Gallon Bath

 How can we save water? It is good to know you can bathe with just one gallon of water. In the event of an emergency, while camping, or just to save water the “one gallon bath” is fun and easy.

Fill a one gallon water jug with (clean) tap water. To make warm water, let it sit in the direct sunlight, or heat a small pot of water on the stove and return this to the container. Place a plastic sheet or poncho on the floor or ground. Sit or squat down, nude or wearing a swimsuit. Have a plastic dish basin to catch water as you pour water, with a cup. over your head. Wash head and hair first, catching as much water in the basin as possible; use minimal amount of bio-degradable soap (environmentally friendly, such as Dr. Bronners).     Next, wash your body with a wash cloth using the soapy water caught in the dish basin. Then toss out soapy water, pour fresh water into the basin and rinse again using the wash cloth.  Mop up water that spilled around you with a towel or cloth.    

It is possible to bathe with this technique and still have clean water remaining, as much as a half-gallon!

Bathing helps neutralize the build up of “stray” electrostatic fields on our bodies, and is part of the reason we feel “lighter and brighter” after a bath or shower.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014


Luminous Cactus

I first heard about “peyote light” from Carlos Castaneda at lecture in Santa Cruz, CA in the early 1970’s. He was promoting his first book, “Don Juan A Yaqui Way of Knowledge“. At a bus station in Nogales, Arizona he met a Yaqui Indian elder from Sonora, Mexico. Carlos Castaneda’s primary interest was to learn about peyote. We read in his books that peyote is seen glowing in the evening hours and this light helps to find the small cacti that is naturally camouflaged within the desert environment. Yarn paintings by the Huichol Indians also reveal peyote luminescence.

Peyote is the holy sacrament of the Huichol Indians, and for the (US) Native American Church. The later consumes tonnes* of peyote (each year ) during weekend – all night prayer ceremonies throughout the US. The Huichol Indians of Mexico have a tradition of walking from their Sierra Madre villages several hundred miles, eating only tostadas in the evening, and after three weeks of hiking consume and gather peyote in the high altitude desert, and then hike back to their families and celebrate.

Night vision is usually improved after consuming the very bitter (and nauseating) peyote cacti. It (seems) easy to see in the dark and walk about the desert without difficulty. Research has discovered that peyote and various other natural “hallucinogens” have the very interesting characteristic of florescence (and also piezoluminesence). This occurs when UV light is shinned upon a solution ( strong tea) of the cacti. The UV light is received by the solution and stimulates the emission of visible light: this reminds me of the work of Dr. Fritz Popp and bio-photon emission.

Parke Davis pharmaceutical corporation sold peyote extract to the American public in the late 1800’s as a herbal remedy: it was well received and popular. Market places in Mexico sold peyote to the public before 1970: train cargo cars were filled with sacks full of peyote and sent from the desert to Mexico City and Guadalahara. Today it is illegal except for traditional indigenous use.

Selegiline (deprimyl) is a PEA (phenethylamine) drug that has similar pharmacological characteristics as the basic structure of phenethylamines found in peyote. Just as with the mood enhancing/antidepressant effects of peyote (and good chocolate), this pharmaceutical yields multiple mental and emotional benefits and has earned billions of dollars. PEA (phenethylamines) have been identified within the human brain as natural mood elevators, the deficiency of which results in various symptoms including depression.

* Peyote, when harvested correctly, by cutting off only the top, reproduces as with a cutting, and often results in clusters of many cacti growing from the same root-stock. Mescaline, a PEA associated with visions, can be absent, or found in very low concentrations from peyote harvested from the high altitude desert of Mexico. Peyote is commercially grown in deserts for the quarter of a million members of the Native American Church, and is harvested after 5 to 8 years (like ginseng).

(c) Paul C Adams 2014                          updated: 6-19-14


Methods to Explore

Increasing sensitivity and awareness can be accomplished via many methods. Pilgrimages to wilderness locations, fasting, and various diets (milk, fruit, grains) have been employed since times immemorial.

One of the most effective and powerful methods is to simply pay attention, to concentrate the mind for longer and longer periods of time (meditation): this leads to samadhi, an altered state born out of the present moment, here and now. The breathing slows, even to a stop – briefly, and time goes by quickly. Everyone experiences this to some small degree, as when the mind is concentrated on reading or a good movie.

The following list I composed in the early 1980’s. There are many ways to expand our “envelope of awareness” beyond the limitations of mundane day-to-day conciousness. Some methods such as fasting and “hitting the wall” running are more dangerous than others like chanting or nocturnal dreaming. Check with your doctor before trying any technique that seems risky or for which you are uncertain.

Methods:               Extraordinary new age music on headphones or loud hi-fi systems; personal or group drumming sessions; nitrous oxide at the dentist office! Tantric sexual practices (a vast, ancient subject coming to light); bramacharya or sexual continence – chastity; high altitude hiking and camping; meditation and concentration techniques – which will lead to samadhi states; fasting, lucid dreaming; legal herbs such as: damiana, passion-flower, hops, catnip, ashwaganda, ginseng; hyperventilating and /or a multitude of pranayama (breathing)exercises; chanting and singing; all night rituals or ceremonies; sweating – sauna & sweat lodges; air ions at high elevations and near waterfalls or the beach; and electronic air ionization devices; natural places or power – power spots; new technologies such as the “vibe machine” are now appearing and will soon be a category of options for energetic experiences comparable to those found in certain rare (power spots) locations; focusing on Mandelbrot set computer generated kaleidoscopic patterns on a monitor or wide-screen combined with some of the above techniques; isolation in “samadhi tanks“; long distance walking or running induces altered states before you “hit the wall”; hypnosis and age regression / time travel, and the list goes on…

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

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