Hibernation and Yoga

Indian (Hindu) literature and current oral history provide legendary accounts of an exalted yogic state called “nirvikalpa samadhi“, where the breath stops, the heart beats imperceptibly, and the body is cold – except for a warm spot on the crown of the head. It has been said that an individual in this state of samadhi (trance or ecstasy) can survive for up to three weeks without food, water or even air to breathe, and appears to be lifeless or deceased. This state of existence could be a variety of human hibernation.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a summit or goal of (Ashtanga or Raja) yoga, and from within, for the person, corresponds with an ultimate religious experience, total freedom of being, and a timeless ecstasy beyond words.

The classic image of a yogin is that of an acetic practising meditation within a cave in the high Himalayan mountains of India (Shiva), Nepal or Tibet (Milarepa). Within caves the level of negative ions of oxygen (energetic air) can reach very [extremely] high levels: this is due to naturally occuring (radioactive) radon gas seeping out of the earth {in some locations this could be a dangerous exposure to a radioactive carcinogen}. Due to extreme cold the energetic air is maintained, and within the cave it can become very concentrated. At high elevations the air is thinner, and this further contributes to the sustained presence of energetic air (AAI). UV light and cosmic rays from the sun create energetic air at higher elevations, and in combination with the AAI found in the caves the total concentration can attain extremely high levels. Caves such as this are a variety of luminous places that can be found in high mountain regions worldwide.

Certain breathing techniques, such as the “pranayama” described in Raja (Ashtanga) Yoga can maximize the absorption, within the body, of (AAI) energetic air .

Also, as we know, bears choose caves for hibernation. Perhaps atmospheric air ions of oxygen, (“energetic air”) is part of the equation that facilates and maintains the state of hibernation.

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Hibernation and Air Ions

Two cases of human hibernation have been reported recently. Both cases occurred at very high elevations while flying, one in a hang glider that got caught in an updraft within thunderhead clouds, and the second occurred for a stow-away youth within the wheel-well compartment of a 767 jet airliner.

Due to the very cold temperature and high elevations (40 to 50,000 ft) the level of air ions could have been high in the extreme [thin atmosphere, UV light, cosmic rays,and cold temperature are found at very high elevations = energetic air]; this might be one of the important factors that helped to activate a latent potential for hibernation in these amazing cases of survival.

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Air Ion Galleries

Within my website I have two photo galleries providing specific and practical information about “energetic air” (atmospheric air ions, or negative air ions of oxygen)).

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Air, Breathing and Life

We breathe approximately 23,000 times per 24 hours. The importance of high quality air for health and to stimulate a bright mind is obvious. Negative air ions of oxygen have an  effect on brain serotonin levels, and thus they play a role in regulating conciousness (see research articles by Albert Krueger)

What reduces the level negative air ions of oxygen (“energetic air”) ?

(1) Heaters and heating the air, especially with electric heaters and forced air heating systems [ turn down the heat and save both money and air ions! ]  (2) air pollution of all kinds (3) synthetic fabrics and materials such as carpets, drapes, clothes and plastics, especially in enclosed spaces with little ventilation  (4) people breathe in ionized oxygen and breathe out the opposite: posi-ions, plus water vapor and carbon dioxide. (4) storm fronts: electrostatic fields between clouds and earth; weather conditions can create massive changes in the level of air ions.

AIR #4     Ions for the Brain         Cognitive Performance           More on Air Ions

previous blog AIR #3        “AIR  Air Ion Research” are links to anecdotal data and stories about this subject. Included are a few scientific research references.

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Gold Mind

One of the 10 top herbs is a precious sweetheart called Ginkgo (biloba).  This is a tree that grows in the northern hemisphere and is commonly found as a street side ornamental in many cities of the USA.  The tree almost went extinct, and was saved by Chinese Buddhist monks. It is a primitive tree from an earlier epoch,with distinctive leaves and whitish bark. South Carolina grows it commercially, with annual sales above  $500 million – mostly to Europe, where it is highly valued.

My experience with ginkgo has been very good. The springtime leaves harvested from small to medium size trees, new moon to full moon, can be chewed, the juice sucked out, and the pulp discarded. The taste is tart and pleasant, and might be used in a salad. Three to five leaves yields a serene, lucid and precise state of the mind, conducive to reading, writing, studying and of course for meditation. The effects vary according to many variables, as with most herbs, and is well worth hunting for, and learning all its secrets.  Caution: in some areas trees are sprayed with insecticides (etc.) and air pollution from vehicle exhaust can concentrate on (or in) the leaves. In this case the high quality effects are lost, and mild toxic effects can occur.

You can buy ginkgo leaves, tablets and other preparations at many health food stores, and some pharmacies. Some of these products are pleasant and reminiscent of the fresh picked, young leaves: the preparations are worth trying for the experience and reference.

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There are times when I wake up in the morning (or after a nap) and for a moment have no recall of who I am, or where I am;  a common experience for many people. This special moment is a good time to experience our “being” without identification with personality or history: it is freedom from the limitations of time and space.

How can we improve our memory to recall more facts and experiences? John Muir states in his autobiography “My Boyhood and Youth” that he memorized the entire New Testament and three-quarters of the Old Testament at a very early age. He credits his father for this ability, the result of frequent thrashings (whipped and spanked). He says the  Scotch teachers of Dunbar (early 19th century. USA frontier era was probably similar) knew the relationship between the skin and memory. Everyone has had a traumatic experience that leaves a solid memory from the past. Today we know this power to memorize is the result of vasopressin (ADH antidiuretic hormone) secreted by the pituitary gland during traumatic events, such as being slapped, hit or whipped.

“Diapid” is a nasal spray of dilute vasopressin (ADH) and is available from your doctor by prescription. In ‘Life Extension: A Practical and Scientific Approach” Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw provide information about this hormone and its powerful effect on memory. Rather than frequent thrashings of the skin there is an option. This pharmaceutical, Diapid, can prove useful for memory activation and stimulation during intense study periods. I tried it and found it effective, when used occasionally, but not frequently.

Rosemary herb can be a very powerful memory stimulant.  Grinding a very small amount of the fresh leaf with a little water, and then rubbing this solution into my scalp, after a short wait, past memories were activated in fine detail. I have not had success using teas or consuming the herb; a high potency shampoo might work.

There are luminous places in the wilderness that stimulate the mind to a fine degree, and activate memories.

I believe time “travel” into the future via dreams is possible (precognitive dreams), and occurs frequently for many people. However, memories of the future are lost upon returning to the present. Perhaps memories of the future are “tagged” or “tuned” by their very nature, for each specific time, and can only retrieved if they have a “tag”. On rare occasions a memory from the future does get back to the present, as it was not tagged, or the tag came off. In this case the memory of the future can have a significant effect on the present, such as an invention.

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A bright student, a bright person, a bright mind. Luminousity and mental brilliance go hand in hand. How can the mind be “tunned” to this condition?

There are many tecniques and methods to bring the mind up and out of lethargy and foggy dulllness. Walking, running, and meditation all provide the stimulus and focus for the mind to become bright.

A pharmaceutical drug called “Hydergine” by Sandoz is a miracle. For most people, it has few side effects; it is not addictive. It does bring the mind to a clear and precise focus, lucid and sober. It mimics NGF (nerve growth factor) and stimulates brain cells toward superior communication and growth. Free radicals are neutralized by it, like melatonin. Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (Life Extension: A Practical and Scientific Approach) praise this drug above all others for the multitude of beneficial effects it offers.

I have tried hydergine and agree with the claims that it makes the mind bright, sharp and improves memory. I took it daily for 3 years, stopped suddenly, and noticed no negative side effects or withdrawal symptoms. It did leave my mind and memory improved in qualitative ways that seem permanent.

Hydergine is superior in performance when taken sublingual several times a day. The generic competition of the Sandoz product may not have the same quality.

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Solar Power Home

Here is another excellent reason to build solar-powered homes, or convert your home to solar power:

Solar power is a direct current (DC) system, versus the alternating current (AC) found in homes powered by the “grid” –  wires from the street The magnetic field within a house, created by the DC system of solar power is linear and stable (relatively: depending on the use of “inverters”). This is a smooth and constant field which might have beneficial qualities, perceptible as peaceful and wholesome. My experiences at some wilderness places of power supports this possibility.   

Our electrical power usage generates a “magnetic flux field” throughout the home, which is perceived by the body and influences cellular chemistry and metabolism. See the link to current research directly relevant to this subject.   

Recent studies demonstrate distinct changes in gene expression in cells exposed to a weak magnetic field (MF). MFs and solar cycles-dependent geomagnetic field fluctuations are capable of altering expression of genes related to function of NF-κB, hormones and other biological regulators. Notably, NF-κB, along with its significant role in immune response, also participates in differential regulation of influenza virus RNA synthesis”   Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2010 March; 7(3): 938–965.

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