Sunrise and Sunset

I love to watch sunrise and sunset everyday. I have a clear view of the eastern and western horizon where I can watch the transformation of night to day, and day to night.

These hours are the best for wilderness photography, as the light casts long shadows and it is filtered through the wide atmosphere, and illuminates the world around us with light rich in distinctive mystery, even mystical and magical as it passes through majestic multi-layered clould formations of various elevations.

The ionosphere above us goes through huge changes between night and day. Our sun ionizes, via UVC & UVB light the upper atmosphere and creates layers of very dense ionization. During the daytime there layers are capable of reflecting our radio waves back to earth, and is used in this way as a sort of mirror, to facilitate global radio communications. The schumann frequencies are tuned and directed by these spherical layers circling the earth, which rise and lower in response to our day and night cycle.

Our brain waves frequencies and the schumann frequencies are in the same bands, and can “play” together, and even “sing” together following common “tunes” and frequencies. Sunrise and sunset are major events that shift “songs” between waking and sleeping hours. When we are synchronized with daylight-awake and night time-asleep our rapport with these songs of the ionosphere is greatest: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person rich, happy and wise” Ben Franklin.

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Oxygen is Magical


We all need oxygen to survive: hold your breath as long as you can, and take note of the desire to breathe. Body chemistry demands oxygen for each and every cell. What is it about oxygen that is so special? First of all, it is a little battery that can charge and discharge very easily. Oxygen can have two electrons (electrically negative) that can “mate” with  two “holes” (electrically positive). Hydrogen does this with oxygen to form water [ H=0 ] and our bodies exhale carbon dioxide [ C=0 ]. Each and every cell of our bodies “burn” oxygen to yield energy: the electrical characteristics of oxygen make this possible.

Exercise increases our need for oxygen; we can see how fit we are by the efficiency the body has in absorbing and utilizing oxygen. Muscles become sore and we feel tired as the efficiency drops. Atheletes know that the body can be trained to higher and higher levels of efficiency, via workout routines, diet and supplements. Olympics teams have used air ionization techology before events to gain an extra advantage.

Energetic air (negative air ions) is air that has a surplus of electrons, rather than a deficit of electrons (enervated air). This is air that is like a battery that is charged up and ready to go to work. Energy has been transferred, via electrons, from: waterfalls, green forests, ocean waves, lightening, rain, radon, and cosmic rays to the oxygen molecules. When we breathe energetic air we feel stronger, smarter, faster, content, enthusiastic and the nasal passages are wide open allowing superior absorption of energetic air. Exactly how this process works, via enzymes or energy transfer, etc., is an area of research in the field of Atmospheric Electricity (UCB is distinguished in this field).

The modern technological world has been very hard on energetic air. The levels of energetic air in most cities and homes is very low, and in some cases so low that it is enervated air (like the Santa Ana Winds, hot dry air that is associated with depression,irritability and breathing problems), which is the opposite of energetic air. Near the ocean and out in the wilderness we can find high levels of energetic air.

See my previous blogs (AIR Research) for more information and links. “AIR  Air Ion Research” are links to anecdotal data and stories about this subject. Included are a few scientific research references.

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Deep breathing, also known as diaphramatic breathing is known for many health related benefits. Air that is pure, clean, and energetic with AAI (atmospheric air ions of oxygen) is necessary to optimize breathing practices and achieve positive results.

Breathing is normally an unconscious process, yet we can intervene and direct specific rhythms and methods at will, such as diaphramatic breathing. This makes it possible to explore the power and potential of breathing techniques and different mixtures of air, or atmospheres, as found at various elevations and locations. We can learn to recognize qualitative charateristics of the air which have distinct effects on our awareness and well being.

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Air Quality: Home and Work

The air we breathe indoors is typically contaminated with a very large number of airborne particulates and chemicals. This is due “out gassing” and the slow disintegration  of building materials, furniture, and all other items found in the room or building.

If you live / work in the high mountains or near the ocean, you can open doors and windows to allow the pure and energetic air (negative air ions of oxygen) to enter. In all other locations an air purification & ionization is essential in order to clean the air and energize it.

More information:      Indoor Air Quality (OSHA)         Indoor Air Quality  (Wikipedia)

Sick Building Syndrome        Indoor Air  (EPA)           Outgassing (NASA)

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Aura and Kirlian Photography

Worldwide and throughout history paintings and art have depicted the aura and halo. Many people have seen this mystical light around the body, as an aura or outline of luminousity. Kirlian Photography might be capable of portraying qualities of the aura.

Shamans practice healing via adjustments to this field of light, which surrounds the body, and is related to health. Psychedelic experiences are also known to reveal the aura, and have been used by shamans in healing ceremonies for thousands of years.

Deep in a limestone cave, in complete darkness, I could see light around my hand.

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The spectrum of visible light (sunlight)

The complete electromagnetic spectrum

Speed of light and all electromagnetic radiation:  300,000 km/second (186,000 miles/sec).

Nature of light near absolute zero: slows to 50km/hr (38mph)

Slowing light to a stop   via   Bose Einstein Condensate

Faster than light

Quantity of light required to register at the sensors of the human retina:  1  photon

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Divine Light

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.     Genesis  1: 3  

The light of the body is the eye: If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.     Matthew  6: 22

Astral Light

The astral plane has been described by the Rosicrucians, Theosophists and others. It is a visionary dimension perceived during sleep, trance and also with psychedelics. What is the actual nature of this astral light? Is it made of photons, bio-photons, or memories within Mind at Large? How does it relate to our real world of waking conciousness? Can we dream within the astral plane, conciously, and at a later time recall the experience as a memory ?

Is the OBE (out of body experience) an astral plane trip? Robert Monroe taught people how to do this, journey out of the body, consciously, and remember the experience: it was successful for hundreds (thousands?) of people.

We also find Tibetan traditions which refer to Dream Yoga, and it is stated (Evans Wentz) that adepts of this skill, when combined with advanced meditation, can transit from death to birth consciously, with no loss of awareness.

There are requirements for astral vision: mental energy, a calm and quiet place, darkness, and the ability to focus the mind attentively on the inner “dream screen”.

Telepathic and precognative dreams, experienced by many people worldwide, suggest a close relationship between the astral plane and our waking reality.

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Skylight of the Mind

Within their teachings Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Profit) and Don Jose (Huichol Indian shaman) reveal insights about our latent potential for lucid dreaming, and they both taught (different) techniques to facilitate active exploration via this channel of inner perception. Yoga refers to a similar ability as “activation of the ajna chakra” (the third eye), and the dot seen on the forehead of Indian Hindus, and statues of meditating yogis is a secular reminder of the tremendous and incredible scope this hidden channel can offer. Remote viewing and lucid dreaming are current subjects of research which follow a similar path to transpersonal visionary perceptions.

See my article, “Skylight of the Mind” found within the Archive of my website.

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