“Home Sweet Home” and “There’s No Place Like Home” suggest that “home base” is a place where we recharge and recuperate. The vibes at home are totally compatible with oneself and family: it is nourishing and sustains.

Once again, I believe our presence in a house, apartment or RV charges it with a subtle energy, and this energy remains within the home “tuning it” to our personal qualities and vibes. It is a variety of luminous place that we have created by our own radiance, aura, or bio-field. Whenever we return to home this energy permeates us, and helps bring us back to our song, rhythm and personal power.

There are words in english that have their origin in Sanskrit. The word “home” contains the letters o and m, and might be linguistically related to Sanskrit, for english is a Indo-european language. The letter H was more recently added to our alphabet, and so the original was probably ome; note that the e is silent in home. This would make sense, for om is believed to be an invisible, omnipresent spiritual energy(Hindu-yoga) where one can recharge and recuperate: perhaps western knowledge of this came via ancient Greece ( or Alexandria, Egypt). The sound “om” represents a hidden current or power that permeates the universe.  [could om be associated with the schumann resonance frequencies?]

Another curious occurrence has been noted by many people: as the years pass, some couples begin to look like each other. This has also been noted with pets, that they take on qualities of their owner, even facial features and expressions. Could it be the same bio-field forces tuning our homes also tune (induction, resonance, modulation) between people, and even pets?

Home      “Origin:  Old English hām, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch heem and German Heim”    Oxford online dictionary


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Holographic Memory

How does the environment record events such as strong emotions, or vibes from people and events that occur?

Churches develop a perceptible religious and spiritual quality, as do places of pilgrimage. Even common rooms rented at motels and hotels can have very powerful and  perceptible qualities, not always pleasant. Our thoughts and dreams can be influenced by these subtle “recordings”, and directed along similar channels.

How much information, or “data” can be “written” into an object, room, or location? and how long does this recording remain? The akashic records describe a domain where all kinds of experiences, emotions and archetypal data exists; it has no limit to the amount of information that can be “stored” there, and is believed to last forever. Perhaps our environments have a similar capability, where the impressions of consciousness, thoughts and emotions are automatically recorded. Each persons sensitivity and receptivity varies, thus the (conscious) awareness of this data, and process of acquisition also varies.

Our recent technological advances have yielded “holographic” memory, and is now commercially available. This is one more step toward huge amounts of data in a very small place. If the universe started from a point smaller than an atom, then it appears there is no limit to how much can be stored in “microscopic space”.

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Power Objects, Vibes and Contact High

There a variety of ways subtle extraordinary bio-energies can be experienced, utilized for knowledge and healing. These energies are a kind of luminescence, perceptible from within, and can include insights concerning ones path in life, and experiences of well being.

Psychometry is the ability to “read” the vibes of an object; there have been police investigations that acquired information obtained in this way, via a person whose has this “psychic” ability. Sometimes it is possible to read an object, and learn of its owner, and life events from long ago, or an earlier historical era.

Shamans and their apprentices place items such as crystals and feathers, normally kept in a bundle or “medicine box”, out to where the blessings of a ceremony or power spot can “charge” them, and then return them to the bundle. Later these items are used for healing and to conduct ceremonies.

Religious relics can be vibrant with the spiritual energy of a saint, living or deceased.

Some yogins and siddhas can “charge” an object with shakti (vibrant spiritual energy), and this power is absorbed by people who touch it; insights and visions can follow such energy received.

Natural places of power, and also rooms or offices can “charge up” with the personal “vibes” of the people who visit them. See my previous blog of 3/20/13

I find that when I approach my bed, I feel serene and relaxed: the bedroom or sleeping space induces within me a calm state of being. The same is true for a meditation room that is used exclusively for meditation: the room “remembers” and induces (resonates or modulates) the same qualities to future visitors, of peace and serenity,

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Song of the Electron

Magical and mysterious: the tiny electron is a big player for luminosity. Our whole world and universe revolves around the song and dance of these energetic entities of the atomic domain. I first learned of their amazing nature when I was 11 years old via the Novice Class ham radio test, which required a basic understanding of electricity and radio waves. The General Class License, which I obtained when 13, took me much farther into electronic realms of theory and circuits. At 16 years of age I was working as an electronics technician repairing TV’s, radios, stereos, phonographs and tape players.

The world we sense is electrons. Everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell are the shells (“clouds”) of electrons. Light (photons) bounce off electron “shells” or “clouds”, and this is what we see: photons reflected off electrons. All that we touch is electrons (the inner nucleus is always hidden deep within the atom, and out of reach).

The movement of our hand across an object is the meeting of our electrons and those of the object, and electrons interact, can swap places, and generate electricity (or light: triboluminesence) via this friction. Every contact and movement is the interaction and relationship of electrons.

Quantum computers can use one single electron to use for calculations.

An electron can go thru two holes at the same time!

There was a time the universe existed as electrons (and positrons).

 Light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves, etc) are born via the movement of electrons.

The electron “orbits” around the nucleus at a fantastic speed: one theory suggests the power to make this happen, for billions of years – indefinitely, is “picked up” from  “zero point energy” . All of our relationships with the world are mediated by electrons, inside and out. Also, our personal energy level is the ability and efficiency of each cell, via the mitochondria “electric power plants” and ion (electrolytes) pumps to work in an optimal and harmonious way.

Wilderness places of power have perceptible qualities that are electrostatic, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic. By developing sensitivity we can become aware of these subtle energies, including visible and invisible luminosity.

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ESD: Long Hair and Barefoot

Lightning discharges the build up of electricity generated by the friction between layers of (moist) air. Air masses, heated and cooled, rise and fall, and friction between molecules strips electrons, and these accumulate forming high concentrations which are the opposite polarity from those of earth ground. When the concentration is high enough the charge transfers, suddenly, as a flash or bolt of lightning.

As we move our bodies, each and every move, no matter how small generates electricity. This charge can build up to thousands of volts and sometimes it discharges suddenly as a spark to a door knob, etc., and is a micro miniature “lightning bolt”. Movement in water causes the same friction, generates electricity, and sharks can detect this minute electrical charge.

 I believe long hair helps the body discharge the build up of electrical charges. Lightning rods on buildings and aircraft (rods) dissipate the the build up of electricity. Our brains are electro-chemical, and orchestrate conciousness via brain waves. Hair grows from the scalp could function to balance differencies of electricity between the body/brain and surrounding environment, reducing “stress”. It is my perception that when my hair is longer, I feel less stress than when my hair is short. With long hair my ability to relate with people is improved, in a subtle and refined way. With long hair I feel a superior sense of balance and harmony with my enviroment, and people.

Most women seem to be less stressed than most men, and they live longer. Worldwide traditional cultures such as Chinese, Indian , and Native American encouraged men to wear long hair. The founding fathers of the United States wore long hair (or wigs). The modern world of the last two centuries has seen a change to short hair for men, as a custom, worldwide. Most men with long hair appear (to me) less stressed than men with short hair.

Walking barefoot reduces stress and anxiety for most people (where it is comfortable and safe to do so). With walking barefoot we have contact with “ground” and, as with long hair, a way to dissipate the build up of electrostatic electricity. For millions of years our ancestors walked barefoot; even as late as the 1800’s many children were commonly raised growing up barefoot.

ESD stands for ” electrostatic discharge”, a term used frequently by computer repair technicians.The CPU (central processing unit), the brain of the computer, can be disturbed, damaged or even destroyed by the build up of stray electrostatic electricity and discharge: this is a common cause of computer malfunction.

I believe that one significant cause of stress for modern people is the buildup of stray electrostatic electricity,both within the body and on the surface of the body. Body hair and  bare feet were the pathways nature provided us with to discharge, or balance our excess/deficiency, and lacking this we suffer stress and dis-ease.

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Elves and Sprites

Our spacecraft have discovered and photographed lightning that goes up into space!   It starts in the highest part of the atmosphere and travels up-ward to discharge.  This is still something of a mystery and is an area of investigation and research.  The discharges are beautiful and awesome.  See link to pictures and info.

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Our first radio transmitters, such as those invented by Marconi and Tesla employed an electrical spark to broadcast radio signals; they were called “spark gap” transmitters.  Early (wireless) telegraph systems used this primitive spark technology for decades. From this very simple “spark” technology evolved television, cell phones and wi-fi.

Lightning is a large “spark” that radiates frequencies across the vast electromagnetic  spectrum, and is a giant version of our spark gap transmitters. Recently it has been discovered that gamma rays are produced by lightning, and that cosmic rays from space (origen: solar and galactic)  might act as triggers or detonators that initiate lightning bolts and bursts.

The power contained in a lightning bolt is immense: voltage and amperage. Most of this power is dissipated as heat and light, and the remaining power is radiated as frequencies throughout the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Resonance occurs at certain frequencies that, in wavelength, match the distance from the ionosphereic layers to earth ground. These frequencies are known as the “schumann resonance” frequencies, and many of these have a precise correlation with human brain wave frequencies, and can interact with (modulate) them.

Worldwide, 50 to 100 lightning strikes per second form a symphony of schumann resonance frequencies that travel at the speed of light, bouncing off the mirror like ionospheric layers and cover the whole earth with their “songs”. Due to the changes of ionospheric layers during night ( loss of solar energy causes the layers to become thinner and ascend higher, out toward space) the schumann resonate frequencies lower, as do our brain waves, when we fall asleep. At dawn, with the first light, the ionospheric layers become more dense and occur lower, closer to the earth, and the schumann resonant frequencies become higher, as do our brain waves as we awaken.

More information:    lightning (wikipedia)            thunderbolt.info  (the electric universe)

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