Drumming and Dreaming in the Wilderness

Remote wilderness locations, such as deserts, near the ocean, and national forests, can be a great place to enjoy drumming. I like to explore voice resonances with the drum, bringing tones of my voice to the same as the drum, and then adding a few words, and then back to into resonance with the drum tones. It almost seems as if the wilderness plays through you !  Rhythm and beat synchronize with the environment, through you, and you can find the song, and pulse of the space, of the environment.

I believe personal healing and reduction of stress can be facilitated in this way, via drumming and chanting. You can chant “kumbyah”, or any word of preference. Drumming reaches deep within us, like sitting next to the camp fire. The pulsations of chant and drum penetrate the body, emotions and mind, leading to relaxation and presence in the here and now, free of the past and future.

I use a Taos Pueblo drum for outdoors drumming, on my wilderness journeys. The water drum is best inside ( tipi, tent, yurt, cabin).

Respect others and their desire for quiet and solitude in wilderness places. Avoid drumming near campgrounds and public places; seek solitude and isolation where drum beats will not disturb anyone.

I find dreaming is enhanced in the wilderness, especially when alone. Survival awareness will (usually) prevent you from sleeping deeply, and you will surface back toward waking consciousness more frequently throughout the night. Energetic air and electrostatic fields ( especially at higher elevations) will help to keep you from falling into deep sleep. As with drumming, the environment can dream through you, singing in your dreams.

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Books to read:  “Drumming on the Edge of Magic  Mickey Hart  and                           “Healing Power of the Drum”   Robert Friedman

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Picacho State Park

In the southeast corner of California there is a state park that hugs the Colorado river. In 1975 I drove along a dirt road, out into the desert, parked, and began to hike in the dry, barren desert. I found an area with tall rock formations, and I walked through narrow canyons, enjoying the deep serenity, alone, here in a vast wilderness desert. I was searching for local places of power and luminosity, carefully attentive to my feelings, breathing, and state of mind.

There are many effects and qualities of space, or location that can reach into one, resonate, induce or modulate consciousness, vitality, and thought processes.
I look for distinct changes within me, contrasting from previous locations. The greater the change of environment, the more obvious are the inner changes of being: from city to wilderness is a good example.

I had just returned from Mexico and decided to visit this state park. The name “Picacho” attracted my interest, and it means “peak”. I walked for hours, near the peak and promontories, yet found nothing unusual. As I began the return walk toward my car, I began to think about people and technology. Cities are made of earth elements, and if we remove the illusion of a separate self, or ego, I pondered, then everything made by people, including cities is the earth manifesting herself, transforming via people, raw materials into all that we see as technology. If our illusion of separation, in waking consciousness, as isolated points of view and thought can be transcended, if just for a moment, then all the creations of people can be seen as the earth transforming herself. Suddenly there was a roar, almost a explosion, and a jet flew above me, at very low altitude, and was gone in a second. I was stunned by the suddenness, for without any warning or noise it came, and went by instantly, leaving me amazed, even slightly shocked. Was this event connected with my thought processes, an inner/outer “coincidence”? Or perhaps synchronizing, between inner and outer events. The Air Force does has a training reserve on the other side of the Colorado river, and flying close to the ground is probably normal. Yet it is the event, my walk, and thoughts which fit together like a kaleidoscope, and reveal a deep connection between the “inner” and “outer” world.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Extreme Fitness

The Tarahumara Indians are known as long distance runners. They live in the remote “Copper Canyon” area of Chihuahua, Mexico, growing corn, beans and squash. Up until the last century they hiked to the high altitude desert of central Mexico and gathered peyote for healing, and ceremonies. Today they participate in ultra-long distance running, in their home land Sierra, and international competition. They have run in long distance races similar to the 500 mile (50 miles a day) run! This is one of the most extreme cases of running fitness, and reveals latent human potential.

The Huichol Indians, when they go deer hunting, refer to this as “running [down] deer”, a technique also formerly utilized by the Tarahumara and other native Americans. One theory (see: paragraph “human hairlessness“, Hair, Wikipedia) suggests that humans, long ago, in Africa, lost most of their hair in order to allow superior cooling, as they ran down game such as deer. The deer, due to their fur and extended forced run would overheat, collapse and be captured. Humans, free of excess hair, did not over heat, and could run in small groups, like the Tarahumara, for much farther distances before stopping to rest or eat.

Both the Tarahumara and Huichol walk, or run, in simple sandals. They eat a plain diet of tortillas, tostadas, beans and occasional eggs or meat. Until the last century, small groups of Huichol pilgrims walked 175 miles one way, from their homes in the Sierra Madre to their Holy Land of Wiricuta, in central Mexico, in the evening eating only tostadas, for approximately two weeks. This walk was very strenuous, passing through multiple mountain ranges before reaching the higher altitude desert plateau.     [  I took the blood pressure of more than 100 Huichol people and found an average BP of 90 / 60. The average for healthy Americans is 120 / 70 .]

Walking and running are forms of exercise that can stimulate the release of both growth hormone and nerve growth factor. Don Jose, elder of Huichol Indians lived to be over one hundred years, and walked extensively, every day, in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Nicolas Tesla walked at least eight miles every day, and Henry Thoreau walked an average of twelve miles a day. John Muir walked all his life, especially in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and wrote volumes about his experiences.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

The Silent Zone

I suspect there are many subterranean geologic anomalies that cause unusual distortions of the geomagnetic field, and also,they can be periodic rather than constant. I have visited the Silent Zone, in the desert of northern Mexico, and in the few hours I was there did not notice anything unusual, other than very poor radio reception, which would we expected in remote areas such as this. It is a location that has been very impressive, in the past, for some people, using different varieties of electronic technology. We read that Werner Von Braun went to the silent zone, to consider how a missile could be deflected from its course, and this indicates the site is extraordinary.
Here is a very interesting story.  Did you see, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?  It starts in a remote desert of northern Mexico.

(c) Paul C Adams

Silver Mines and The Royal 14

The worldwide demand for silver has gone up, due to the material needs of computers, medical catheters, jewelry, etc.. Old mines are being reopened, and the high price per ounce has made this very lucrative.

In Mexico “Real de Catorce” (the Royal 14) of San Luis Potosi is a historical silver mining area (it appears that the historic mining town of Real de Catorce is one scene in the movie “The Mexican“). Here vanadium has been mined for the use in ball bearings and aircraft materials for the last 30 years, and so roads are open, and blasting has occurred periodically. Now, with a huge demand for silver, the whole area is being considered for pit and strip mining, along with continued tunneling and blasting. Foreign countries have invested in this bonanza, and equipment plus financial capital are making progress extracting silver.

This is taking place in the  Huichol Holy Land   of  “Wiricuta“,   located in the general vicinity of Real de Catorce. United Nations UNESCO is considering designating this Huichol sacred site as a World Heritage Site, and thus recommends recognition and protection.
There is growing concern for the preservation, of at least a small part, of the Huichol Holy Land, within the boundaries of mining claims and activities. Old dirt roads have been paved, traffic and train activity has increased, blasting has continued, and urbanization is expanding into this region. The mining offers Mexico jobs and profits, thus the situation is for the Huichol Indians is very difficult. Recently some protection has been given, to certain areas within the region, and this might extend further in the future.

Silver is a luminous metal, and like gold has been associated with spirituality. There are references to “monotomic silver” that suggest it has a role to play in spiritual evolution.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

The Gold of Montezuma

Hernan Cortez obtained a horde of gold from Montezuma, and fled with it. Aztec warriors followed the conquistadores and the gold treasure was hidden, or lost, making possible a more rapid retreat. Nothing more is reported about the gold, history leaves it lost. (see The Aztec Response )
Later Cortez sails to Baja California, to explore ( see “Later Life and Death“). Perhaps the gold was not lost, but instead secretly taken to Baja California, a safe place to hide it from the Spanish Royal Crown.
Later on in we read that the Jesuits of Baja California were fabulously wealthy (see “Governor of Las Califonias“), and King Carlos of Spain wanted them out of Baja California. General Gaspar de Portola is sent to Baja California and an expedition is arranged to travel north to Monterey Bay. One  hundred  mules are employed, to carry what? These men were competent long distance hikers,and would have avoided riding on mules (riding fatique and saddle sores). Wild game was very plentiful, and they were meat eaters. Native American Indians acted as guides and hunters, helping with wild foods and meat.
The climate was mild and pleasant, and these explorers were use to camping with a minimal of supplies. Tools to build dwellings would only require a dozen mules. What were they transporting?

They report that they “missed” Monterey Bay (see “Expedition to Alta California“) and continued on, up the coast to the San Francisco Bay, and then returned south. Once again they claim to have missed the Monterey Bay, and continued on to Baja California. These were seasoned explorers who had sailed across the Atlantic, using compass. There is no way they could have missed the Monterey Bay, even in the fog. Ships had also been sent, from Baja to the Monterey Bay, to help support the expedition.  (Above story information is via Wikipedia, and should be further researched for authenticity)  This story would make a great movie!

Gold is luminous and has been valued since times immemorial. Spiritual traditions have utilized it for jewelry, icons, statues and even elixirs. There are some claims that monotomic gold (and other elements) have powerful spiritual effects on people, and these stories are fascinating, even if part myth. Myth is a metaphor, and can have important messages to decipher.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Aztec Places of Power and Healing

Mexcaltitan is the legendary origin of the Aztecs. It is a “Venice” of Mexico, where boats are used to access homes and streets. This village is located in Nayarit, Mexico, on the Pacific, and is a tourist attraction known for excellent seafood.

The Huichol Indians are of the Uto-Aztecan language group, and includes the Hopi, Yaqui, Tarahumara, Cora, Aztec and others. The Huichol believe their origin was the Pacific ocean, near San Blas, Nayarit; Mescaltitan is not far (north) from San Blas. For the Huichol, this site (Washieve) is a very important pilgrimage destination, and is associated with renewal and healing.

Ixtlan Del Rio is also in the Mexican State of Nayarit, located south of Tepic and North of Tequila (Jalisco). Close to the town are ruins left by the Chichimecas, relatives of the Aztecs. It is a powerful location with impressive views of its valley and horizons. Carlos Casteneda’s book, “Journey to Ixtlan” was probably named after this site.

Chicomoztoc (Runias Quemadas) is found near Zacatecas (a regional place of power, similar to Santa Fe, New Mexico) in the state of Zacatecas. This is large ceremonial site built by the (Aztecs or Toltecs) and commands a spectacular view of the high altitude desert and horizons. The Huichol Indians visit this area, known by the name “Jaikitenieh” (Cloud Mouth Pass) and pray, before traveling on to their Holy Land.

Teotiahuacan is the pyramid complex of the Aztec and Toltec, located near Mexico City. It is the most famous ruin site in Mexico, and was associated with the ancient capital city Tenochitlan during the era of Montezuma. The power and majesty of this site cannot be conveyed with words: it is an experience you should have at least once. Don’ forget to visit the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City where fabulous treasures from the past are on display.

I found an amazing coincidence of words where we find the phoneme “ku” or “cu”:  Sanscrit: ku ndalini = latent vitality;  Spanish   cu lebra = snake;   Maya: Ku culcan =source of culture and snake diety associated with the Flying Serpent (Aztec) Quetzalcoatl;    Huichol:  cu wiwi = rainbow,   hi cu ri = peyote,   i cu ri = corn,              ku puri = life force vitality.

Mexico Mystique     by Frank Waters
Unknown Mexico, Vols. 1 & 2    by Carl Lumholtz

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Lightning of the Sierra Madre

Don Jose’s village was located in the Sierra Madre mountains of central western Mexico. I lived there for six years, (1971 – 1977) in my own one room grass & stone hut. During the afternoon and evenings, in the rainy season (from June to September) storms would pass over, and the night sky was illuminated with flashes of cloud to cloud lightning. The effect was like a strobe that lit up the night sky in frequent bursts of light, sometimes with thunder and bolts of lightning. This natural light show is stunning in its awesome power, and is an experience well worth a trip into this remote area. Canyon de Cobre (Copper Canyon), in Sinaloa, Mexico, land of the Tarahumara Indians is also a spectacular mountain range, and has a similar rainy season light show. The lightning in these regions is so amazing you have to see it to believe!

Our planet has many regional places of power, and this is obvious when one fly’s from a major city in the USA to a location such as Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. The change in “vibes” is profound, and most people are quick to perceive it. As you travel east from Puerta Vallarta , up into the mountains, and finally to a village we find that all feelings of stress disappear, and is replaced with a pronounced serenity, deep and nourishing in nature. Places of power and peace can be very large geographical areas, and local populations are accustomed to this, and may not notice the qualities. Contrast is apparent to visitors, and once again upon returning home.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Pulse, Rhythm, Song and Dance

Don Jose’s Huichol name was Matsuwa, and it means “pulse”. He had an amazing ability to chant, sometimes with an accompanying drum, all night long in family ceremonies, on a mountain top, in his wilderness home. Everyone was deeply touched by the depth and power of his chants, that celebrated love for the earth and sun, life and spirit. People that remember don Jose recall that in daily life he loved to make everyone laugh, and with spiritual passion he could chant all night long until sunrise.

The schumann resonant music of the natural world, today, might be out of reach for many people. The inaudible and mysterious tones which have been here for billions of years are overwhelmed with technological innovations. Meditation practice is one good way to “listen” for the inner tones. However, by substituting music and song, or pulse and beat, I believe we create an equivalent inner song that helps to harmonize and orchestrate our bio-energies and well being.

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The Sun

Our present sunspot cycle 24, and corresponding solar activity has been relatively modest and quiet compared to previous cycles. The solar flux has not shot as high, or has it had contained many sudden peaks of activity. You can follow the activity reports and note highs and lows. Sudden peaks can (usually) be perceived as: excitement, animation, stimulation, enthusiasm, optimism and boldness. Dips and depressions, especially when sudden and pronounced can be perceived as: depression, lassitude, disinterest, fatigue, peaceful, and conservative.

Do you recall feeling sullen and depressed when the sun does not shine and the sky is overcast? And then feeling very happy, elated and cheerful when the sun comes out? What causes this? Clouds or fog, according to their density with water, can attenuate “solar flux” at many frequencies or wavelengths from reaching us, and visible light is only a small portion of this. I have noted on these occasions of overcast & depression – that going inside to a room fully illuminated, even with full spectrum lights, I still notice the depression. This suggests to me that not only the visible part of solar radiation is utilized and absorbed by people, but that invisible portions are important to us for health, happiness and well being. I suspect we absorb these invisible energies, as we do at natural places of power and luminosity, (see my website home page: Places of Power: Guide ) and they fine tune our bio-field, biorhythms, and brainwaves.

The schumann resonant frequencies can also be distorted and attenuated by clouds or heavy fog, and also: pavement, buildings, power lines, etc. with corresponding effects on our brain waves, or lack of effects and loss of this synchronizing signal (clock) or “metronome”. When we are asleep at night we [probably] synchronize frequently with the shumann frequencies, and gain mental coherence as a result, lending to the recuperative power of sleep: this can be enhanced via meditative practices.

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