Southwest Regional Places of Power

There are large geographical areas where the active perception of environmental powers occurs, including a corresponding increase in personal vitality. Various factors can contribute to make these locations amazing and extraordinary. The first is energetic air (negative ions of oxygen) created via alpha particles that are emitted by radio active elements like radon, radium and uranium. Where the radio active elements are exposed to the surface of the earth, or mined, greater concentrations of energetic air are likely to be found. Also, at higher elevations the air is usually thinner, cooler, and this helps to sustain the oxygen ions. UVC and cosmic rays are more effective at higher elevations, and ionize the air more than at lower elevations. Next is electrostatic electricity, and this increases with each gain in altitude, it is measured as volts per meter, reaching thousands of volts per meter at 10,000 feet.

Where mountain ranges are actively growing, even where this growth is imperceptible, very powerful piezoelectric currents are generated This power is also generated along earthquake faults, such as the San Andreas fault in California, also the Great Rift Valley – from Ethiopia, Africa to Israel, and along the Pacific Ring of Fire, where earthquakes occur frequently. When friction,and/or great pressure between rocks occurs, especially those that contain some quartz,  then piezoelectric currents are created. How much does this effect people? Many animals show symptoms of disturbance before big earthquakes. I believe people are subconsciously “tuned into” these currents, and both epigenetic, and genetic  interaction (switching genes on or off)  can take place (via biophotons; and certain magnetic and electric fields of long duration)
I suspect the human brain is especially sensitive, and perhaps former phases of brain enlargement occurred as a result of sustained periodic exposures to piezoelectric currents of the East African Valley Rift region..

Chaco Canyon, Taos Pueblo, Lama Foundation and Santa Fe, New Mexico are all found in the southwest, and each of these locations is associated with significant spiritual – religious qualities: they are recognized as powerful places. These sites are in an area of uranium mining, mountain (plateau) growth, and elevations above one mile high. Similar regions with a combination of such powers can be found in various locations around the earth.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014         updated:  8/5/14   &   8/11/14

Serendipity: Paradise in the Grand Canyon

1974      I was driving east of Flagstaff, Arizona after trading feathers. The Navajo love brightly colored parrot feathers, and traded for them, in Flagstaff, with friends of mine. I felt like an like an Aztec feather merchant, as those who traveled up from Mexico, and traded with Chaco Canyon a thousand years ago.

I saw a hitch hiker, a native American, and stopped to give him a ride. He asked if I had heard of Supai, in the Grand Canyon, and I said no. We spoke for a while, about Mexico, my life with the Huichol Indians, and also about his home and village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He invited me there, and after driving on unpaved road we came to a parking area on the rim of a desert canyon.

We hiked down into the canyon for about six miles, enjoying spectacular views, to a small river, and then a few more miles to the village of Supai. We went to his families house, located on the floor of the canyon, of which red sandstone walls towered thousands of feet above. The feeling here was very serene and reminded me of Yosemite Valley. The quality of peace here is powerful, induces relaxation, presence in the moment, and a feeling of being very content. He introduced me to his brother and parents, then offered me a fried bread snack with soft drinks. I spent the night there, outside, viewing the desert night and stars from the bottom of the canyon.

The next morning he took me on a hike, several miles down canyon, to a most impressive waterfall of many small pools, scintillating translucent green and blue colors. The pools were interconnected and a few people were swimming within them, and under the falls. It was the month of May, and prime time to experience this desert paradise.

Tourism is supported by the Havasupai community and they offer excellent (round trip) horseback (mules) journeys, from the parking lot, to Supai Falls.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014