Luminous People

I flew via jet from San Jose to Los Angeles, and then to Palm Springs. While waiting to catch the bus, I found myself with a small group pf people, all headed to a meditation retreat center near Desert Hot Springs. While sitting on a lawn, close to these people, I felt as if I were near a luminous place, as found in some wilderness locations. My mind was becoming clear, focused, coherent calmness filled me, and I felt very content. I knew the effect was caused by the people, who were experienced with meditation, and unconsciously they were inducing a “meditative state of being” to those near them. The contrast for me, from Los Angeles and airports, stressed and tense, to that of the meditation, peaceful and serene was very dramatic. Contrast is an important element for recognizing luminous places, or people.

There are many natural locations which can induce a powerful meditative state of consciousness: the quality of this state is different that induced by luminous people. The wilderness locations are primal and elemental, they yield coherence but not the subtle sweetness and living vibrance of human luminosity. There are degrees of fine tuning, delicate and precise, found with luminous people, especially those who practice meditation, and these qualities can be perceived by people nearby.

Not everyone is consciously aware of the subtle environmental energies which can set their mood and focus of attention. Most people take these changes as their own, and do not trace the origin; they do not identify the multiple channels and environmental powers that affect them. Sensitivity has been lost in the stress and pressures of modern life. However, Sensitivity can be developed by diet, meditation, and time in the wilderness. Actually, this is a process that is simply returning the natural and original sensitivity of a young child.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014


Chanting and Singing

1975    Salton Sea, California         I was driving back from Mexico, and entered California via Mexicali and Calexico, heading north until reaching the southern boundary of the Salton Sea. I saw a large rock promontory off the road to the left; it was intriguing and seemed powerful.

Don Jose encouraged me to start chanting and suggested I begin alone, in the wilderness, where nature was beautiful. This site attracted me, and so I parked, and hiked to the formation, climbed up almost to the top, and sat down with my Taos pueblo drum and a rattle.The view out over the Salton Sea was awesome and inspiring. I was alone, and could see for miles in all directions.

I began drumming and humming, then trying a few words, then scagging and humming again: It was exhilarating and fun. The pulse and beat of the drum generate power, the chanting focuses the mind and heart to the moment, and multiple sound resonance’s  rapport with everything, harmonizing, unifying and healing. I could feel the energy of the environment pulsating through me, singing along in spirit, as if this place enjoyed my presence and expressed itself with me, sharing an uplifting enthusiasm.

The visionary experience can be guided, fine tuned and directed via chanting and drumming. Don Jose was a master of this ability, and employed it at all of his ceremonies. Bruce Lamb in his book, “Wizard of the Upper Amazon” reveals this technique, which is still employed by some Amazonian shamans.

Today, in modern cultures we have stereo sound systems or headphones, and access to an amazing variety of recorded music, songs and chants. This technology and its effects is a similar avenue, and can provide a guidance system for inner journeys activated via breathing methods, meditation, hypnosis, and luminous places in the wilderness.

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1971 Guadalupe’s home, Colonia Acayapan, Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

One of the first questions don Jose asked me was, “Do know you how to dream”?

Whenever a person seeking a cure came to don Jose, he would tell them he will dream on it, that night, and let them know the next day. Dreaming was the primary channel to access insights, in order to learn: the cause of an illness, how to cure it and what life changes a person needs, in order to become healthy again.

Learning to dream is a skill, acquired via apprenticeship, of at least six years, that includes celibacy, visits to wilderness places of luminosity and power (kakauyari), and periodic use of the Huichol sacramental peyote cactus.

“Nierica” don Jose explained (as did the Huichols yarn artists of his village) is a tunnel or passageway between waking and dreaming. Yarn painting artists ( in his village) depict it like a mandala, or kaleidoscope of symmetrical patterns. When we were in California (1976) we went to see: “2001 A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick. Don Jose liked the movie, and said the rush of colors and patterns that appeared before the space capsule descended to Jupiter was an extraordinary display of the nierica.

The Huichol word “nierica” has various definitions, including: my face, votive offering, mirror, and for some yarn artists and shamans the “interface” region between waking and dreaming.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014


Dream Screen: Cinema and DVD

Several new movies have come out recently* revealing both natural and technological access (fiction) to the inner dream screen. This latent modality of perception is seen by almost everyone during sleep and dreams. Nicolas Tesla was able to access a visionary state (edetic imaging) in waking consciousness, and use it to see the finest details of inventions and designs. See article “Skylight of the Mind” in my website archive.

Natural psychedelics (caution) such as peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, yage and tabernathe iboga (these might be illegal in your country) have been used for thousands of years by adept shamans, (experienced with psychedelics) to find the dream screen while awake, and search for lost items or people, find the locations of wild game, visit relatives far away, and even peek into the future. Today lucid dream research, hypnosis, meditation, dream yoga, brain wave entrainment, theta meditation, and biofeedback have made access to the dream screen both safe and possible in creative ways. See my previous blog: “Lucid Dreaming” Jan 2013.

There have been outstanding movies  which reveal access to the inner dream screen:   Paycheck   Matrix   Total Recall             Minority Report         Thirteenth Floor          and new releases are:   Divergent*   and    Anna*

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Jaguar on Sanguanguey

In the early 1970’s while I was living in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico I decided to go on a hike and visit a local dormant volcano called Sanguanguey. Don Jose told me the Huichols had known this mountain as “Tatewarita”, the place of Grandfather fire.  This volcano has not erupted for at least 500 years. The town of Tepic, capital of Nayarit, is built upon ancient lava ( jal ) and ash from the eruptions of Sanguanguey.

I took a cab to a village, near the base of the mountain, and asked villagers for directions to the summit trail. After hiking an hour I began a steep ascent into the jungle, and the trail vanished, so I continued on struggling through vines and brush. I came to a rock cliff, facing me, 50 feet high and no easy way around it. When I glanced at the top, suddenly a spotted  jaguar appeared, for just a brief moment, growled, and then he was gone. If I had blinked at that moment, I would not have seen him. The growl was alarming and a probably a warning;  I was alone, off the trail, and had no defense.  I decided to continue up, around the cliff, very carefully, and later emerged from the jungle into a small clearing with a view of the top.

I had hoped to find a power spot, a luminous place, however I did not, and everything seemed normal, or usual, yet I did enjoy a great view of the distant Sierra Madre ranges, distant Tepic, and of the plains below. There was no crater, nor vapors or smoke. I found no hot springs, nor any trails around or near the site I struggled so hard to reach. From a distance this site looked like an excellent candidate as a luminous place; how a site looks may not correspond to any special powers or qualities.

After I returned to my home in Tepic, I realized the jaguar was an experience of significance, beyond words or understanding. It was his mountain, and for a second he saw me, and I saw him. Only once since then have I seen a panther – mountain lion, it was in Joseph Grant Open Space, N. California  1998).

(c) Paul C Adams 2014


John Lilly referred to the phenomena of synchronicity as the effects of “cosmic coincidence control”: synchronicities, anonymous, apparently automatic, and very spontaneous. These special events seem to occur more frequently during psychedelic experiences and during pilgrimages to certain luminous places. I suspect that most people, during the course of their lives, have noticed the fascinating experience of a surprising event(s) which reveal synchronicity, sometimes startling and intense.

1973:    I was living in the outskirts of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico and collecting yarn paintings, mythology and art crafts made by the Huichol Indians. A yarn painting artist, Domingo, and I decided to split one large peyote cactus and eat it, hoping it would lead to visions, insights and inspiration.  After an hour went by we felt the first effects: a heaviness, mild nausea, and also a sense of elation.  Suddenly the room we were in shook and the ground trembled.    “The peyote is really good, it is very strong” Domingo said, smiling, almost laughing.  But this shaking and moving was not caused by the peyote, it was an moderate (4 to 5 ) earthquake !  I told Domingo the effect was not the peyote, it is an earthquake, and he laughed.  We went outside and asked his family, and they said yes, it was an earthquake.  The quake had hit right at the point in time when we had expected the effects of peyote to occur. A coincidence, synchronicity, and a lasting memory of an amazing moment.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Biological Interfaces

The interface, coupling or port within us that connects with the various powers found at luminous places is an open question: How can such weak and invisible energies have any effect upon us? For example, energetic air (negative air ions) are a miniscule electrical power, existing in the air for a very short period of time. How can this have such pronounced effects in many people? The schumann resonant frequencies are also tiny signals that can hardly compare to cell phone and radio transmissions. Piezo-electricity from earthquake faults and volcanoes is highly variable, sporadic, and also weak signals. The geomagnetic field is weak by comparison to that of a nearby speaker or electric motor.

First of all, these powers are an experience, for many people, but not all. Exactly how we perceive them is not well known, nor precisely how they affect us. It is clear that sensitivity is essential, can be developed, and with it an experiential education of these subtle environmental powers. We can compare a person to a radio receiver, and realize that there must be a tuned connection between the signal source, or transmitter and the receiver. Sensitivity and tuning of the receiver (person) is not the same for everyone. Learning to find the signal, and pay attention to it is essential: the correct diet and meditation techniques can help accomplish this. I believe that these powers affect everyone, yet for most people they remain “unconscious”, and ignored.

DNA is responsive to piezo-electricity: it can generate piezo-electrical signals and change structure in response to piezo-electrical energy. The emission and reception of biophotons by DNA can be influenced via electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, and piezo-electric energies, and thus these powers can influence DNA biophoton communications.

I believe DNA seeks to know “what is happening”, or “what is going on”, and obtains information from its environment, via all possible channels, and can slowly accommodate, to perceive new channels when necessary. In my opinion this is occurring now, as DNA seeks to understand and “tame” our technological forces, such as 60 hz power line fields, cell phone radiation, radio frequencies , etc. and convert them into biologically useful power.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Southwest Regional Places of Power

There are large geographical areas where the active perception of environmental powers occurs, including a corresponding increase in personal vitality. Various factors can contribute to make these locations amazing and extraordinary. The first is energetic air (negative ions of oxygen) created via alpha particles that are emitted by radio active elements like radon, radium and uranium. Where the radio active elements are exposed to the surface of the earth, or mined, greater concentrations of energetic air are likely to be found. Also, at higher elevations the air is usually thinner, cooler, and this helps to sustain the oxygen ions. UVC and cosmic rays are more effective at higher elevations, and ionize the air more than at lower elevations. Next is electrostatic electricity, and this increases with each gain in altitude, it is measured as volts per meter, reaching thousands of volts per meter at 10,000 feet.

Where mountain ranges are actively growing, even where this growth is imperceptible, very powerful piezoelectric currents are generated This power is also generated along earthquake faults, such as the San Andreas fault in California, also the Great Rift Valley – from Ethiopia, Africa to Israel, and along the Pacific Ring of Fire, where earthquakes occur frequently. When friction,and/or great pressure between rocks occurs, especially those that contain some quartz,  then piezoelectric currents are created. How much does this effect people? Many animals show symptoms of disturbance before big earthquakes. I believe people are subconsciously “tuned into” these currents, and both epigenetic, and genetic  interaction (switching genes on or off)  can take place (via biophotons; and certain magnetic and electric fields of long duration)
I suspect the human brain is especially sensitive, and perhaps former phases of brain enlargement occurred as a result of sustained periodic exposures to piezoelectric currents of the East African Valley Rift region..

Chaco Canyon, Taos Pueblo, Lama Foundation and Santa Fe, New Mexico are all found in the southwest, and each of these locations is associated with significant spiritual – religious qualities: they are recognized as powerful places. These sites are in an area of uranium mining, mountain (plateau) growth, and elevations above one mile high. Similar regions with a combination of such powers can be found in various locations around the earth.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014         updated:  8/5/14   &   8/11/14

Serendipity: Paradise in the Grand Canyon

1974      I was driving east of Flagstaff, Arizona after trading feathers. The Navajo love brightly colored parrot feathers, and traded for them, in Flagstaff, with friends of mine. I felt like an like an Aztec feather merchant, as those who traveled up from Mexico, and traded with Chaco Canyon a thousand years ago.

I saw a hitch hiker, a native American, and stopped to give him a ride. He asked if I had heard of Supai, in the Grand Canyon, and I said no. We spoke for a while, about Mexico, my life with the Huichol Indians, and also about his home and village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He invited me there, and after driving on unpaved road we came to a parking area on the rim of a desert canyon.

We hiked down into the canyon for about six miles, enjoying spectacular views, to a small river, and then a few more miles to the village of Supai. We went to his families house, located on the floor of the canyon, of which red sandstone walls towered thousands of feet above. The feeling here was very serene and reminded me of Yosemite Valley. The quality of peace here is powerful, induces relaxation, presence in the moment, and a feeling of being very content. He introduced me to his brother and parents, then offered me a fried bread snack with soft drinks. I spent the night there, outside, viewing the desert night and stars from the bottom of the canyon.

The next morning he took me on a hike, several miles down canyon, to a most impressive waterfall of many small pools, scintillating translucent green and blue colors. The pools were interconnected and a few people were swimming within them, and under the falls. It was the month of May, and prime time to experience this desert paradise.

Tourism is supported by the Havasupai community and they offer excellent (round trip) horseback (mules) journeys, from the parking lot, to Supai Falls.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014

Valley of Fire

In southern Nevada, east of Las Vegas is a spectacular state park. It is close to Lake Mead, and is near the Colorado River, below Grand Canyon National Park. Red and orange sandstone canyons, within this park, form an enchanting desert environment with petro-glyphs carved into some of the sandstone cliffs. Valley of Fire State Park includes a secluded campground within small canyons, and short hiking trails lead around the canyons and into the desert. I have visited this serene and beautiful park several times and have always enjoyed it, especially as an over night rest stop on the way to Mexico.

1975     On one occasion, early in the morning, I hiked out into the desert, up into a nearby canyon, then to the top of it, and on to small mesa. Here I sat, viewing the great panorama and horizons, feeling very peaceful, contemplative and relaxed. However, there was a strange quality of energy, which was slowly increasing in intensity, and after an hour or so I began to feel that something imminent was about to happen, for the energy was too much.The energy was of a great kind, filling the space around me. It was peaceful, yet pregnant, full of potential, and of a type I was unfamiliar with. I just knew something was going to happen. Suddenly the earth shook, and an explosion rumbled through the area, filling the canyons with subtle echoes. I was startled and surprised, filled with awe, wondering what could have happened, and caused such an extraordinary event. The next day, in Las Vegas, I read in the newspaper an underground nuclear test had taken place in the desert north of Las Vegas.

Synchronicity, coincidence, and a mystery. The timing of my walk in the desert, to the mesa, sitting contemplative, feeling the increase in energy, and then the explosion. I do not recall associating my thoughts with the event, only peaceful energy that increased until I knew something was about to happen.

(c) Paul C Adams 2014