Drought and The Air We Breathe

California is in a condition called “exceptional drought”, the most severe condition of drought defined. The lack of rain has serious consequences for the air, as it is not cleaned via rain that washes it, and high levels both dust and smog are the result. Negative air ions (energetic air) cannot exist in dusty and polluted air. Furthermore, the rains normally generate very high levels of energetic air, which will not exist without the rains. In addition, the forests and plants no longer transpire as much: evaporation of water from leaves for cooling – radon  might be  transpired via leaves with water.  Nor do empty lakes and reservoirs, and thus ionization via naturally occurring radioactive radon, (radon and its alpha particles are the source of most of our energetic air,negative ions of oxygen, found in the lower atmosphere) is dramatically reduced.

It is bad enough to breathe dusty and polluted air, yet with long term drought  energetic air is lost, and this can have a significant impact on health and well being. The cilia of the bronchia are stimulated to increased action by energetic air and this helps clear the throat and lungs: without this stimulation, via air ions, pulmonary congestion and breathing difficulties are more likely. Depression of mood will occur as levels of energetic air drop to zero and below (to the opposite, which is enervated air , full of “posi-ions”, as found in the “witches winds”: Santa Ana Winds, Chinook and Foehn). For many people awareness  and the ability to think clearly could be impaired, due to a fascinating relationship between brain serotonin and air ions (Albert Krueger and Eddie Reed, University of California at Berkeley).  Also, see:  Astronauts Experience the Dangers of De-ionized Air.

What can we do about this? See my previous blogs for specific recommendations. Electronic air purifiers – ionizers are one of the best options, if you can find a good one. These devices need to be evaluated and graded, and the results published online. See link to  Negative Ions .

 More Information:   Drought, Air Ions and Health

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“A Strange Experience”

John Muir was sitting on North Dome in Yosemite and suddenly had a premonition: a friend was in Yosemite Valley. He hiked for about eight miles, first down the mountain and then into Yosemite valley and checked with the register of the Hotel. Sure enough, his friend and former college professor was there.

John Muir had been sketching all day, by himself, sitting on a major promontory – dome, with a spectacular view over western Yosemite. You can find this account in: “My First Summer in the Sierra”, chapter 7, by John Muir.

Ansel Adams photographed Yosemite and the Sierra mountains with an amazing ability to capture the mystical and enchanting qualities that John Muir so vividly describes.

Paul C Adams 2014

Divine Light

Genesis 1: 3  And God said,  “Let there be light,”  and there was light.

John 8: 12   “I am the Light of the world”  Jesus

Acts 9: 3   As he (Saul – Paul) neared  Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.

Matthew 6:22  “The light of the body is the eye: If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”


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