Update: Eat Well and Walk Far

Walk Far       “Your Muscles, Your Life”  is an article in the current issue of  Prevention Magazine,  November 2014,  that reveals current research about the value of daily exercise. Personal power and vitality are directly related to muscular activity, via the mitochondria. Muscles literally waste away if not used, and both fats and toxins flood un-used muscles.   

“Killer Chairs” is an article in the current edition of   Scientific American, November 2014. This is another research revelation indicating people who spend too much time sitting have  50% greater chance of dying (due to various causes) than people who get up and move more often. This study was based on 800,000 people, 18 studies, over 16 years.

I found these publications at Safeway, and I  highly recommend them to anyone concerned about health and well being.

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Climate Change and Energetic Air

Walking in northern California wilderness parks I have enjoyed observing tree ring patterns on logs that cross trails. I collected photos of these and they reveal a pattern consistent throughout this part of northern California. Rings of the most recent years are very thin, and are thin as far back as twenty years. Fifty to seventy five years ago the rings are much thicker, and at 100 to 150 years ago they are five to ten times thicker than the thin rings of the present. I found a chart of California rainfall   [San Jose Mercury News: “200 Hundred Year Drought”]  that covers the last 1200 years and an approximate correlation with the tree rings is apparent. 

All of the parks were logged in the past, and thus the thinning of forest areas probably allowed greater growth to young trees of that time: the rings probably would have been wider. In addition, the winters were much wetter, and the combination of these factors resulted in thicker rings.

Forest groves in northern California, which I visit frequently, no longer support the high quality energetic air of past years; this a personal experience, that is very obvious and some what sad. These groves had an atmosphere that was very robust with a vibrant “champagne” of energetic air, and it is absent. This special quality of air ionization is, I believe, is due to radon gas that is transpired by the leaves of the trees, and surrounds the area close to the forest. However, due to extreme drought conditions these forests are drying out, and no longer transpire very much water or radon gas, and thus the sweet experience of energetic air is lost. The loss of energetic air will also affect the local weather, for the air ions play an important role in “seeding” clouds and creating various atmospheric conditions.

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