Dream On In Movies

Dreamscape is a movie that engages mutual dreaming in a conscious and lucid way. There are currently active experiments and explorations into this kind of shared lucid dreaming being performed regularly, worldwide. Some websites connect people who seek to learn more, and share mutual dreams.  Also, See the book  Group Dreaming  by Jean Campbell.

Next is another movie that uses the dream screen to peek into the future, and thus alter the future by viewing it, or by changing it. I suspect that many people use a subtle ability unconsciously, to determine their future.  There is one scene where an actual hike to Supai and the waterfall (Grand Canyon, Arizona) takes the viewer to meet Havasupai people. See my previous blog Serendipity In the Grand Canyon.

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Dream Movies to See

Here are two movies that explore the inner “dream screen” for different purposes. Inception employs a maze of dream channels, dimensions and possibilities where directing the future and events occurs on multiple levels.  The Giver conveys profound experiences of the past, from a wise elder teacher to a young student, via the dream screen. Our future and our dreams could be related and mutually interactive, as these excellent movies suggest.

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Image generation within the mind is imagination. Fantasy and dreaming also use our inner imagination. This power of the mind to imagine, with inner vision, provides us with a creative ability for inventions, stories, art, and even previewing our future, moment to moment. Before the era of human languages our inner ability to think in images was probably very evolved.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein

How can imagination be enhanced and refined?  Does the language orientated mind suppress the image thinking mind, or attenuate inner visual imagery by keeping it in the “unconscious” mind, such as we see in dreams while sleeping?  Does the environment around us “tune” us like musical instruments where imagination and dreaming reflects powers of land and home as qualities of mind and songs of nature?

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Luminous Nature Photo Gallery

I have added a new sales photo gallery. It is called “Luminous Nature” and is the same as the “Thanksgiving ” Gallery.  Here you will find prints of my select photos mounted on  canvas, metal or matts, and a wider variety of sizes for certain pictures.

All of the photo sales galleries offer digital downloads of the pictures, and most of the galleries offer prints of the photos.

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