Day Hike to Buzzards Roost

Buzzards Roost 2 (1)Big Basin State Park has excellent hiking trails and also overnight campsites (call for reservations). One hike I took recently was up to Buzzards Roost, a hill and peak that over looks this large park. This site would appear to be a power spot, or luminous place, yet I find it to be quite normal in qualities, and nothing unusual or distinguishing, as perceived from within. However, it is a very beautiful and enchanting location perched on rock outcrops surrounded by forest.

Parking is available near the park headquarters. Hiking distance to the top of Buzzards Roost is about five miles, and includes a good workout of uphill hiking. You will pass huge redwood trees that are a thousand years old, and a flowing creek with small waterfalls.
The same trail that leads to Buzzards Roost has a trail connector to Little Basin Park, with very large open mystical forests and meadows, many picnic tables and quality overnight camping. From here you can hike up to Eagle Rock, a steep hike, (you will sweat) and culminates near an abandoned fire lookout. The peak is easy to ascend, yet is dangerous, with a shear drop off the back side; the view is spectacular.

(c) Paul C Adams 2015        Click on photos for enlargement.

Buzzards Roost 2

Images, Words and Sounds

Our dreaming mind uses images that can be in full color and quite finely detailed. Our waking mind uses words as symbols, abstracted from the images they represent: most adults do not think in vivid images, as the dreaming mind is capable of doing.

Languages have made possible artificial, abstract realities to which we are educated into, and the mental world within can, we hope, correspond with the apparent actual reality perceived. Words as sound or speech go further, and provide audio symbols that represent words: another variety of abstraction. The inner world of words, as we think them or read them is an amazing artificial reality that can be manipulated (thinking), without images, and influence how we feel and experience the world around us.

There is the possibility of a word bringing to the waking mind an actual image in full color and fine detail.  We can practice creating colorful and vivid images by thinking of an object and imagining it with colors, textures and dimensions: the image will slowly become vivid with sustained practice. The ability is within us, as our dreams reveal. This ability can be used to visualize designs, art, and inventions.

(c) Paul C Adams 2015

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