Sea Breeze See Bright

cropped-Pacific-Ocean-Coast.jpgThe slightly higher oxygen content of ocean air at sea level, and greater pressure (than at high elevations) yields a very good source of energetic air. The sea breeze  in mediterranean climates can blow inland many miles and still be rich in air ions; this is due to favorable temperatures and humidity.

Locations such as Greece, Italy, England, the USA, Japan and Korea have large geographical areas which receive almost continuous sea breeze. When we add a diet of fish (and fennel) then people with brighter minds can result. Fish is well known as a mental stimulant and fennel is frequently added to fish food meals. Combine this with breathing energetic air (negative air ions of oxygen) of the sea breeze: this is a recipe is for bright minds.

Paul C Adams (c) 2015


Luminous Fennel

Big Basin 1I have enjoyed chewing on fennel stalks, flowers and seeds found growing wild in wilderness areas. The taste is some what like licorice and the smell is almost divine. Consuming this herb, fresh, in small doses can stimulate the mind to a fine degree, sweet, gentle, and very clear. I suspect that if coffee and tea were not available, then fennel would find its way to predominance and world fame. It is a remarkable (mild)stimulant with a stable effect that lasts for up to twelve hours. Not all fennel plants are the same, each has its own degree of potency and quality: rainfall, soil quality, herbicides and automobile exhaust pollution are some of the variables that determine its potency and quality. Marathon (originally) was wild fennel,  (The name “Marathon” (Μαραθών) comes from the herb fennel, called marathon (μάραθον) or marathos (μάραθος) in Ancient Greek)  and was the destination of the first famous marathon run.

Paul C Adams (c) 2015            updated: 8’16/15