Liquid Crystal Clear

The lipid layers of a cell have been compared to liquid crystal. Effectors, receptors and gates (water channel proteins called aquaporins) float upon this living liquid crystal of life, and they are the interface or keyboard for cellular communications. The qualitative nature of this microscopic lipid layer might play an immense role in how well the cells can communicate between themselves and the outside world, and thus of awareness or consciousness.

I find it significant that so many ancient healing techniques directly alter (experiment with) cellular lipid chemistry. For example: fasting, vegetarianism, long distance walking, and the consumption of wine, olive oil, whole grain wheat kernels, and seafood, particularly fish and sushi.

Another book I highly recommend, an excellent reference is “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill” by Edo Erasmus.

Paul C Adams (c) 2016


Keys to a Sensory Barrier

Finding luminous places in the wilderness requires sensitivity of our inner feeling (channel) of awareness. There are many ways to increase and diminish the feeling awareness. One of my favorites is by consciously altering the lipid layers (“cell walls”) surrounding the cells of my body. This process occurs naturally, and constantly in direct relationship to our diet and exertion (mental and especially physical activity). By eating foods rich in saturated fats like cheese, milk, avocados, and also peanut butter (mono-saturated fat), etc. cellular lipid layers become thicker with the result of diminished awareness, for it is an insulator and buffers the cells against sensory input, acting as an effective sensory barrier. This is a good condition to be in for city life, around people and electricity or locations of high electromagnetic fields (radio, tv, wi-fi, computers, etc.); it is protective, however, excess consumption of foods rich in saturated fats can lead to obesity.

How can we increase sensitivity?  By consuming ultra-poly unsaturated oils (such as the omega 3’s) as found in the following foods: salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies, trout, herring, tilapia, shrimp and krill oil.. For vegetarians: walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, purslane, borage, evening primrose, and the oil of those ocean algaes known to be high in the precursors of omega 3 (DHA).  It is important to consume these at meals with less (minimal) saturated fats, because the saturated fats will win preference with the cells and this tends to exclude beneficial effects of ultra poly un-saturated oils. The ultra-poly unsaturated oils are (semi)conductive, due to the many hydrogen ions within the long chains, that can facilitate an increase of cellular awareness and sensitivity (especially within the brain and nervous system).

The cell wall, “lipid layer” plays a major role in cellular communications, into the cell and also between cells. This transparent and invisible layer protects the cells power level, electrolytes and corresponding voltages: it defines life or death for the cell. In his book  “Biology of Belief” Bruce Lipton PhD, tells us the lipid layer is the “keyboard” of cellular conscious awareness: it is the primary site of the cell’s conscious intelligent activity, a living interface, and deserves far more recognition and research.

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Maps, Pathways and Ports

Words are symbols, of course, and are not the actual objects they represent.  Just as a map is not the actual terrain, and a menu is not the meal, our words, as precious as they are to us, can only hint and suggest to our imagination what they mean. For this reason words and books cannot actually take us to cosmic consciousness or mystical experiences, but they can give directions and provide maps, such as those left by other people, even from the remote past or faraway lands.

Gopi Krishna, a modern Indian scholar and office clerk has given us extensive and vivid written accounts of his experiences with cosmic consciousness, and exactly how he was able to get there.  Swami Vivekananda, who attended the Parliament on Religions in Chicago, IL, USA (1893) found complete access to eidetic imaging via his traditional yoga path to samadhi. Nicolas Tesla who invented both wireless radio and electric power generation/transmission was celibate his whole life and experienced intense mystical experiences, revelations and insights that with astounding precision guided his discoveries and numerable inventions.

Did Jesus travel to India?  The Bible tells us that one day he walked fifty miles. Anyone who can do this could easily walk from Israel to India and back, over the well-used trade routes of that time.  Also, there were ships traveling from Alexandria, Egypt to and from India quite frequently.  The port city of Alexandria, at that time, had more Jewish residents that did Jerusalem.  Trade with India was very significant, and thus quite possible that Jesus could have either walked or sailed to the East.  I believe that “The Kingdom of Heaven” within, to which he referred, was cosmic consciousness, including the incredible imaging powers of the mind that we call eidetic.

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Paul C Adams (c) 2016