The High Spectrum of Feeling

Essential to locating luminous places in the wilderness is the ability to differentiate  subtle feelings that correspond with a considerable variety of environmental energies. I am amazed at how many qualities we can learn to perceive once this “higher spectrum” of the feeling sense is recognized and developed.

A first step is to compare feelings of the city to the wilderness: this is an opportunity to notice a dramatic difference in feeling, the qualities are opposite and easy to identify. If you cannot notice any difference between this two very different environments, then a change of diet and a practice of meditation is recommended.

A vast range of higher spectrum feelings that correspond to different natural environments can be perceived when patience and practice are employed. Every environment has a distinct “signature” of potentially perceptible feeling qualities, both city environments and wilderness. Luminous Places are especially potent natural energies that have the power to “tune-up” the body, heart, mind and spirit. This tune up will endure as long as one is near the luminous place, and slowly dissipates upon returning to the city.

Here is a list of some environments that induce intense feelings and are easy to identify: motel and hotel rooms of the city which are used frequently by many people, overcast weather (fog or clouds), heavy rain storms, gusty (dry) winds that precede a storm, geomagnetic storms, high levels of solar flux, in the hallways of mausoleums, redwood forests, in large crowds of people (such as during football and baseball games) and close proximity to crashing waves along the seashore.

Paul C Adams  (c) 2016

Historical Documents

I have added a new selection to my website archive, “Historical Documents“.  You will find letters from friends and business associates; also there is writing contract. These documents are relevant to my previous research, publications and experience in the field.  I hope you enjoy them.

Paul C Adams  2016