How to Find A Luminous Place

I have included a “Guide” to finding your own luminous places on my home page, “Places of Power”, the button on the upper right side of the page. Of course, the first step is to develop sensitivity (“higher spectrum”) via quiet time alone in the wilderness, meditation and perhaps refinements of diet.

When you find a luminous place there is the option of keeping it quiet, to yourself and or close friends. This way the site is preserved, otherwise too many visitors might damage a delicate area. If the site is large, or already well known ( like Mount Shasta or Niagara Falls, then sharing your experiences with others poses far less chance of environmental disturbance.

There are many well known and famous sites all around the world. Martin Gray, anthropologist and professional photographer, has created a website to show many of these. He has done a fantastic job, and his website is a revelation you want to see. Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power, by Martin Gray, is a beautiful book with a magnificent collection of photos and fascinating information.

Paul C Adams  (c) 2016

The Healing Powers of Luminous Places

I have found many luminous places, which for me induce peace and serenity: This is the most common variety of luminous places I have discovered in wilderness locations. Since most illness is caused by stress, I suspect this category of luminous places can provide a “tune up”, via resonance with the site, and induce a personal energy state conducive to self healing. The mind and the emotions become calm, and a soothing regeneration, not unlike that of deep sleep, occurs and leaves oneself deeply refreshed.

Another common variety of luminous place is energetic, conferring personal energy,  coherent in quality and focused in nature. Many illnesses are closely related to a lack of personal energy, fatigue, weariness and some degree of depression. The energetic sites boost personal power, a sense of well being, and optimism. These qualities are genuine gifts of the site and facilitate healing, plus a clear state of mind that frequently yields insights about why one is ill, and what life style changes will further the healing process.

Some sites are very powerful and can induce a state of amazing mental and emotional stability. This category is fascinating, yet after a while is limiting, as it defines a specific state of being, usually peaceful, extremely stable, coherent, focused, yet eventually boring, as it limits change, like a “straight jacket,” and maintains the focus and state of consciousness in this condition continuously, until one leaves the area. Yet for some people this might be of value, at least for a period of time.

I believe there are hundreds of thousands to millions of luminous places on our planet, most of them undiscovered. People with meditation and yoga experience have the required qualifications to discover these amazing sites, as due many people naturally gifted with higher spectrum sensitivity.

Paul C Adams (c) 2016