Energetic Air: Historical Reference

John Freemont, guided by Kit Carson into the Rocky Mountains wrote the following statement in his official report:

“The air was fragrant with the odor of the pines, and I realized this delightful morning the pleasure of breathing that mountain air which makes a constant theme of the hunter’s praise, and which now made us feel as if we had been drinking some exhilarating gas.”

The Daring Adventures of Kit Carson and Freemont, by John C. Freemont  (Kindle).

Walk Around The World

Some very adventurous people have taken long distance walking all the way: around the world!  This shows what our potential is, at least for those with good feet and a capability for super endurance. I can imagine that walking everyday can be addicting: to the intense sensations and ever changing scenery; but this is a good addiction. When walking is done carefully, and optimizing the healthy practices of eating well, plus resting enough it leads to a clarity of the inner self, illuminating within, filling oneself with well being and deep satisfaction. The point of optimal returns from walking is the middle path: not too much, and not too little.

Here are a few of the people who are, or have walked around the world:

Paul Salopek   Ethiopia to the tip of South America: in progress. He plans on a 7-year trip.  See National Geographic, December2013.Website:  outofedenwalk.com

Karl Bushby   Tierra Del Fuego, Chile to England: in progress, currently in Siberia.          Book: Karl Bushby: Giant Steps  A great story and adventure!

George Meegan   Tierra Del Fuego, Chile to Artic Circle: completed                                       Book: The Longest Walk: An Oddessey of the Human Spirit    Excellent!

Ffyona Campbell    NY to SF     Australia,  Capetown  S. Africa to England:  completed.       Books: On Foot through Africa is my favorite

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