UFO’s and Luminous Places

Do UFO’s recharge, or power up at luminous places?  I think this is possible. Some of the sites I have visited are very powerful and radiate energy over a very wide area. One example is strato volcanoes such as Mt Shasta, Mt Adams and Mt Rainier. I have visited these and I have experienced extraordinary geo powers at each of these volcanoes. The quality of energy is unique and I cannot identify it with any known energies, and therefore suspect it could be in a category of its own, and is associated only with strato volcanoes. Furthermore, UFO’ are frequently observed near these sites, they are known as UFO hotspots. I have never seen a UFO, but I suspect they exist both in actual, present time “exterior” reality and multiple dimensions, including inner dimensions of consciousness.

“They were people, but they were gods” (Eran gente, pero eran dioses.) is a statement I heard frequently from Huichol Indian yarn painting artists, as they attempted to communicate their stories about certain aspects of their sacred knowledge and when some of their traditions started. For more than ten years (1972 – 1982) I listened to visionary yarn artists talk about the people who were gods, and it just went right by me, I could not figure out what they were talking about. Recently I have watched the series of Ancient Aliens on the Discovery channel (excellent program produced by Kevin Birnes). This seems like a possible explanation for the people gods, who shared knowledge and information with the Huichol ancestors long ago. The Huichol might have been visited by ancient aliens, people gods, who taught healing skills and pilgrimage to luminous places found from the west coast to mountains in central Mexico, including their most sacred mountain (extinct?) volcano from which, according to their myths, the sun was born.

Paul C Adams (c) 2016

Walking into the Light

Dawn and twilight are great times to go for a walk. Luminosity at these times is especially beautiful and gently touches the soul with awe and mystery. Walking into the sunrise, or toward the sunset reminds us of waking and sleeping, of the transition between inner and outer worlds. Inspiration and motivation to go out and walk is much greater during these luminous hours of sunrise and sunset.

Walking into the sun light also occurs within, and is a natural result of this simple, yet supreme exercise. Breathing natures fresh energetic air outdoors and walking greater distances increases clarity of the mind, and this is complemented with an exuberant, optimistic enthusiasm for the day.

In 1955 Grandma Gatewood walked the full length of the Appalachian Trail.  In her golden years she hiked this trail three times, the last hike was at age 75. Her story shows us that age is no barrier to walking, camping and wilderness adventures. She hiked thousands of miles wearing only simple Keds tennis shoes, a shower curtain as a rain cover, no backpack and instead carried her food and clothes in a sack over her shoulder. You can read about this amazing woman and her hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Paul C Adams (c)2016