Our Sixth Sense

A quality that I perceive at some luminous places is magnetic. I can feel this effect quite distinctly, and in degrees of intensity. Those sites which have magnetic qualities correspond with feeling constrained, limited, and very stable. It is soothing and usually pleasant, but not for long periods of time, otherwise a desire to move and free oneself of such a rigid and defined state of being occurs.. Sites with strong magnetic characteristics are common in some mountainous regions, especially near strato-volcanoes and in the proximity of some earthquake faults.

How do we perceive magnetic fields? Vestiges (or dormant abilities)of human magnetic sensing have been identified, and these are potentially active.  ” TV Fursa has concluded that “Electrons and nuclei, which possess magnetic moment, are the “magnetic antennae” in any biosystem, including human.  Also, magnitite is found throughout the brain, “A minimum of 5 million single-domain crystals (Biogenic magnetite)per gram for most tissues in the (human) brain and greater than 100 million crystals per gram for pia and dura. Magnetic property data indicate the crystals are in clumps of between 50 and 100 particles.”magnetite sensors in the brain

Nasal detector       detectors within the eyes        genes geomagnetic

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Earth from Space

Earth from Space (2013) is a documentary about satellites and the data they provide about a wide range of environmental issues. This is a master piece of brilliant visual effects, revealing some of the interactive and dynamic forces that shape our world. This presentation is spell binding, you wont want to miss even one scene of this impressive documentary.

Included are scenes of the geomagnetic field as seen from space, and the solar winds generated by corona mass ejections and massive solar flares as they interact with the earth. Also, the presentation includes views from the International Space Station of the numerable (approximately.40 per second) lightning strikes, which generate the schumann resonance frequencies.

I found this documentary as a DVD at our local library; it is still available for purchase online, and can be seen on YouTube.com

Paul C Adams (c) 2016