Pacific Crest Trail 2016

Take a look at this YouTube presentation of 2016 PCT hike. (Living Step by Step, The Pacific Crest Trail 2016, by Keith and Gina) These folks did a fantastic job of combining camcorder and digital camara pictures to document their hike. The quality is outstanding: I especially like the scenes of the High Sierra Range of Light.

Dream on:   AIPCT    American International Pacific Crest Trail     Starting from the tip of South America, whenever possible following the mountain trails and crests, to the Bering Strait.

Dream more:  IT   International Trail      Starting from the tip of South America, to the Bering Strait, Across Siberia to Europe and then from Egypt, Africa to the Beach at Capetown, South Africa.

In the future long distance hiking/backpacking will be very popular. Hiking trails around the world add up to hundreds of thousands of miles, and some of these can be combined to create more trails like the Pacific Crest Trail.

Eat well and walk far.

Paul C Adams  (c) 2016

Luminous Children

Not long ago I had the good fortune to visit an elementary school. This was before school started, and I was standing outside a first grade classroom near groups of young children. Suddenly I realized this was a luminous place, with contagious enthusiasm, and a sweet positive energy, not coherent (like near groups of people meditating), yet radiant and joyful. My perceptual ability, which I have developed via finding luminous places, was acutely aware of the children’s group energy field aura, and its healing power.

The Young Messiah is a movie (fiction) about Jesus when he was a young boy. There are multiple scenes where his healing power radiates to others, and his mother cautions him about allowing others to see this. It is an excellent movie, with outstanding actors, story and cinematography: you will want to see this one!

There are research results indicating that most natural healers use the same alpha wave (close to 7.83hertz) when actively healing, inducing this in their patients: this is the same frequency as the schumann resonance. Also, drumming and meditation have been found to facilitate resonance with the alpha wave band, inducing relaxation and a healing state.

Paul C Adams (c) 2016

Earthquake Lights

I have found luminous locations near earthquake faults. The sites are relatively small and very consistent providing highly impressive qualitative effects on my mental focus and sense of well being: I am amazed at how precisely these geo energies, probably piezoelectric, interface or couple in such a gentle and beneficial way. They do not exist along the whole fault line, rather they appear in small areas, not far from the fault lines.

The French Demeter satellite acquired data revealing ionization in the atmosphere, preceding, during, and after earthquakes. This indicates piezo electricity generated by fault pressures and movements, radiating up, from the fault area into the sky. At times this power is so great that the air and sky ionize sufficiently enough to create visible lights, known as earthquake lights (EOL). See YouTube presentation of Santa Rosa, CA 2014 and another event that occurred in Italy2009.

Paul C Adams (c) 2016