Movie to See: Risen

The film Risen is spectacular. The degree of very impressive realism of this movie matches Gladiator. The story follows a Roman Tribune who attended the Crucifixion, and then was commanded by Governor Pontius Pilate to investigate and determine if Jesus survived. Rumors reached this frustrated Governor that Jesus emerged from His tomb, and had been seen alive.

In addition, this film introduces a new perspective of the Apostles, as exceptionally joyful and happy people. The ending of this movie seems to suggest that Jesus passes through to another dimension, or into a UFO.

In the first four chapters of the New Testament, we read that Jesus was seen going out into the wilderness alone, to the hills, mountains and deserts. Also, these chapters describe Him visiting a mountain top with several of the Apostles, and high on the Holy Mountain (Mount Hermon), He is seen to glow with radiant light (The Transfiguration).

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Solar Terrestrial Indices

Below you will find links to solar terrestrial indices which you can use to learn more about solar flux and the geomagnetic field. I refer to these frequently, as I have done for the last 35 years. You can compare sudden bursts of geomagnetic activity, called storms, with their specified intensity (the A and K indices) to how you feel, and thus learn to identify magnetic fluctuations and corresponding feelings. This is excellent training that will help you locate luminous places in the wilderness. The feeling of geomagnetic storms teaches you to pay attention to specific qualities of feeling, and this is the same magnetic sense you can use to perceive the magnetic qualities of certain luminous places.

The same approach applies to solar flux (measured at 2800mhz, a microwave frequency generated by the sun that easily passes through clouds): sudden changes are perceptible and correspond with feelings and personal energy levels. Solar flux varies the most during periods of sunspot activity, and that is the best time to look for the effects within you.  We are in a period of solar minimum (December 2016), with few sudden bursts of solar flux (the flux value is at the bottom of the scale) and occasional geomagnetic storms; however, it is still worth watching.

Inner space can be significantly altered by both solar flux and geomagnetic storms. If you are planning on an inner journey via hypnosis, meditation, the flotation tank, etc, then check the indices for space weather conditions: you will be amazed at how much our inner landscape is modulated by both the geomagnetic field and solar flux.   This is my favorite for fast and complete information at a glance. Solar flux is in the upper left corner, abbreviated as SFI.  A and K indices are below the SFI. You can click on any window for enlargement and more information. The aurora photos are excellent.

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report    Current data, the solar disc with spots, and charts which compare past sunspot cycles.

Geophysical Alert (NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center)  The solar flux, A and K indices. This data is also available on shortwave frequencies from the station WWV on  5, 10, 15 and 20 megahertz; also by telephone((303) 499-7111 for WWV, from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Use their home tab to see more charts and satellite information.

SOHO  Solar and Heliospheric Observatory   This NASA website provides satellite data about the sun: click on the photos for enlargements.

Songs from the Sun, Dance on the Earth (my title)   The Earths Magnetic Shield: This is a YouTube presentation of solar activity and our geomagnetic field.

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Dolphin Songs

We share songs with the dolphins, our brainwaves, especially within the alpha band. In the early 1980’s I met with John Lilly,MD at Marine World-Africa USA .He introduced me to several dolphins who were very friendly and communicative with clicks and a wide variety of body movements or gestures. I felt a sense of elation and joyfulness when close to the dolphins, and wondered if they were inducing these feelings via our common brainwaves, perhaps resonances in the alpha band. Their sonar is very powerful, and in the water it can stun fish that hide under the sand; a mellow version of this might be used, in the water, for somatic communications (ultra sound massage) with people.

John wanted to communicate with them, using computers, and ideally with a direct high speed translation, as reliable as telephone. Micheal Demitrios, the manager of Marine World-Africa USA had invited him use of the facility to attempt communications in this way, and offered time with the dolphins to explore direct communications via transducers and computers.. His problem, at that time, was that the computers were too slow, and the software programs inadequate. He did suspect that something like ESP occurred with the dolphins, but it was vague and unreliable: he wanted something as reliable as telephone.

I saw a presentation, narrated by Pierce Brosnan, on DVD about Jo-Jo, a wild dolphin that was injured by a boat propeller. Dean Bernal came across the injured dolphin, helped him, and established a long term relationship and multiple meetings with this wild dolphin. You can see a portion of this amazing story on YouTube.Be sure to watch: Super Smart Dolphin Answers Questions – Extraordinary Animals, which automatically follows Deans presentation.

The Day of the Dolphin : Reading and Movie DVD

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