UFO Illusion or Reality?

What are the boundaries between inner and outer worlds, what is illusion versus reality? The subject of UFO’s touches this area of uncertainty and concern. Are all of the reported flying lights in the sky illusions, or projections of imagination, appearing as alien space craft?  Do we tend to see what we want to see?  Take a look at this video recorded by a Navy fighter pilot in 2004.

Another excellent report on the subject of UFO’s is, Out of the Blue, a documentary that reviews extraordinary cases by credible witnesses.

A theory that I have is:  Some of these UFO’s are people dreaming, and create a dream  “body” of apparent spacecraft. They follow interesting objects and people, turn at sudden angles, and instantly disappear. Could radar reflect off these dream bodies? Maybe. In certain cases sufficient coherence of form might occur, and give unusual radar reflections.

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(c) Paul C Adams  2018


“There is a light that glows continuously in the universe. It is eternal, ever-present, and unending. This light is the source of life. It can be for each of us the source of joy, wellbeing, aliveness, in fact that which makes everything in life charged with exuberance and gratitude at the miracle of being. We can be filled with wonder and excitement at participating in the enormous adventure of life. This light is infinitely expressive, constantly seeking ways to manifest in ever-unfolding, ever-increasing varieties of expression. We, humankind, have the opportunity to be the channel for the expression of this light. As the most developed creatures on the planet, we have been granted attributes which permit us to unite our inner self with this indescribably beautiful light, to be an expression of this energy, and to share in the joy and delight of the unfolding processes of Life.”     Myron Stolaroff                                                         Thanatos to Eros: 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration, 1994.

Myron was a friend of my father, Charles Adams. In the 1960’s, they were associates at Ampex Corporation, Redwood City, California.


Paul C  Adams     2018