A Guide to Luminous Places

My book, A Guide to Luminous Places,  is now available in color. There are 62 color pictures and 2 black and white. In addition, the book has been updated. The link above with take you to the Amazon page listing this exciting new edition. The editions in black and white, and the eBook are on the same page, or linked to it.  Enjoy!

A Guide to Luminous Places can help you find locations, in the city and wilderness, of high vitality and serenity: places to live and prosper, for vacation and regeneration. In addition, you will find that the insights and extraordinary sensitivity learned from this book will be of benefit to your relationships with people and improve perception of many subtle qualities of any environment.

In this book, Paul shares with you, personal autobiographical narratives exploring amazing inner worlds of luminosity and external natural locations of beauty and high vitality. A Guide to Luminous Places is a brilliant path leading to renewable inspiration and fountains of well being.