Lumens and luminosity

Visible light and its degree of brightness as perceived by the human eye is measured in units called lumens. When we go to buy light bulb, we find various kinds such as incandescent, CFL, halogen and LED, with the degree of brightness, as perceived, is indicated in lumens. The power (in watts) for each can be equal, yet the brilliance varies dramatically.


Luminous places (sites or locations ) each have an extraordinary quality, at various intensities, and it would be nice if something like lumens could quantify it.   It can – if the luminosity is in the visible part of the “spectrum”. and this is one of two basic categories we can define. The second, and invisible category is the other, and vastly larger dimension of photons (EMF) where we find radio waves, cell phone microwaves, warm infrared, ultraviolet, and even down to the “schumann resonance” – lightening generated frequency  of 7.83 hertz.[alpha – brain wave frequency].

The extent to which the invisible spectrum affects us is important to consider: I think wilderness places of power have a corresponding luminosity, as perceived by us, and the “song” is composed of a variety of natural energies, from rich combinations of air ions to parts of the invisible EMF spectrum, along with telluric and sometimes magnetic properties.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013