Ghosts, Angels and UFO’s

How can we travel to the next nearest star and beyond? Are there hidden portals and dimensions close to us, that open and close? People from all cultures worldwide have witnessed ghosts, angels and UFO’s.  These manifestations are clearly associated with a very special kind of light, and might point us toward a mass free avenue for travel. The new break throughs will come from such unusual research persuits. Access to other dimensions and time travel might also result from a complete understanding of these phenomena.

Native Americans like the Huichol Indians have made pilgrimages to places of power to see visions and contact with ancient wise beings (kakauyari), who live in a parallel dimension, close to certain natural geologic monuments. The Huichol believe these beings (who were people gods) first arrived on our planet on beach of the Pacific Ocean, and then traveled overland to Central Mexico.

Are ghosts, angels and UFO’s associated with power spots, and luminous places? Is there a potential at some of these sites to experience preternatural light, and doorways inward or outward?  Are mystical experiences and revelations of insight on some mountain tops, deserts sites, or in a forest “loka” [sanskrit]  location the gift of hidden terrestrial currents?

The above are questions I will explore and ponder as we visit luminous places of different kinds.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013