I have heard that the world around us, and our bodies are 99.999% space. Our planet, if compressed – to squeeze out all space, would become a black hole, the size of a walnut!    I wonder what is going on “inside” us, in all that space. Does this space pass through us as our planet orbits the sun, and as we revolve at 1000 mph ?                                          

Meditators, especially those who spend years in this practice speak of the experience as “emptiness”;   powerful psychedelic experiences are sometimes refered to as “spaced out”.

The immense inner space that makes up almost all of our physical nature exists between the atom’s nucleus and the electrons. Here is where flux and fields, as a multitude of songs fill the space: communications that bind our visible and apparent selves together. It is here, within our inner space that rapport and resonance with luminous places occurs, and if we listen, we can enjoy the songs.

Pathways Through to Space“, by Franklin M. Wolfe, who lived in the  Sierra Nevada wilderness, wrote this book after his illumination deep in a gold mine. I met him several times and was very impressed with his wisdom and lifestyle.  I highly recommend this book.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013