Update: Eat Well and Walk Far

Walk Far       “Your Muscles, Your Life”  is an article in the current issue of  Prevention Magazine,  November 2014,  that reveals current research about the value of daily exercise. Personal power and vitality are directly related to muscular activity, via the mitochondria. Muscles literally waste away if not used, and both fats and toxins flood un-used muscles.   

“Killer Chairs” is an article in the current edition of   Scientific American, November 2014. This is another research revelation indicating people who spend too much time sitting have  50% greater chance of dying (due to various causes) than people who get up and move more often. This study was based on 800,000 people, 18 studies, over 16 years.

I found these publications at Safeway, and I  highly recommend them to anyone concerned about health and well being.

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