Could there be luminous places where life is prolonged due to the enhancement and tune up of the cell’s efficiency?  Mythical or legendary locations like Shangri-La, or Eden might actually exist.  Natural places of power and luminosity are of many different kinds, and some of these confer a boost of energy, of a very fine quality, and stimulates (in my opinion) the cell to work will greater efficiency: to remove waste, breathe, and reproduce with superior replication ability.

Luminous places can be any size, from a few meters in diameter to hundreds of square kilometers.  People who live in these special areas might not notice anything unusual, as they have become accustomed to the local “songs” of the environment.  However, visitors are more likely to notice the distinct qualitative effects, as these contrast to their home “songs”.   The qualitative characteristics of a luminous place are not just one or two, but dozens, or more.  It is like an orchestra and choir:  the right combination (might) equal long life and happiness.

(C) Paul C Adams 2013