Dolphin Songs

We share songs with the dolphins, our brainwaves, especially within the alpha band. In the early 1980’s I met with John Lilly,MD at Marine World-Africa USA .He introduced me to several dolphins who were very friendly and communicative with clicks and a wide variety of body movements or gestures. I felt a sense of elation and joyfulness when close to the dolphins, and wondered if they were inducing these feelings via our common brainwaves, perhaps resonances in the alpha band. Their sonar is very powerful, and in the water it can stun fish that hide under the sand; a mellow version of this might be used, in the water, for somatic communications (ultra sound massage) with people.

John wanted to communicate with them, using computers, and ideally with a direct high speed translation, as reliable as telephone. Micheal Demitrios, the manager of Marine World-Africa USA had invited him use of the facility to attempt communications in this way, and offered time with the dolphins to explore direct communications via transducers and computers.. His problem, at that time, was that the computers were too slow, and the software programs inadequate. He did suspect that something like ESP occurred with the dolphins, but it was vague and unreliable: he wanted something as reliable as telephone.

I saw a presentation, narrated by Pierce Brosnan, on DVD about Jo-Jo, a wild dolphin that was injured by a boat propeller. Dean Bernal came across the injured dolphin, helped him, and established a long term relationship and multiple meetings with this wild dolphin. You can see a portion of this amazing story on YouTube.Be sure to watch: Super Smart Dolphin Answers Questions – Extraordinary Animals, which automatically follows Deans presentation.

The Day of the Dolphin : Reading and Movie DVD

Paul C Adams (c) 2016