Movie to See: Risen

The film Risen is spectacular. The degree of very impressive realism of this movie matches Gladiator. The story follows a Roman Tribune who attended the Crucifixion, and then was commanded by Governor Pontius Pilate to investigate and determine if Jesus survived. Rumors reached this frustrated Governor that Jesus emerged from His tomb, and had been seen alive.

In addition, this film introduces a new perspective of the Apostles, as exceptionally joyful and happy people. The ending of this movie seems to suggest that Jesus passes through to another dimension, or into a UFO.

In the first four chapters of the New Testament, we read that Jesus was seen going out into the wilderness alone, to the hills, mountains and deserts. Also, these chapters describe Him visiting a mountain top with several of the Apostles, and high on the Holy Mountain (Mount Hermon), He is seen to glow with radiant light (The Transfiguration).

Paul C Adams  (c) 2016         updated: 1/3/17