Rise of the Himalayas

During my visit to India in 1971 I felt a distinct energy quality everywhere, it permeated the people and the land. My feeling in India was of a soothing, calm, magnetic and feminine quality: receptive, intuitive, gentle and spiritual. This contrasts dramatically with the West, specifically the west coast of the United states, which to me feels electric, dynamic, masculine, yielding a sense of forward momentum and a desire for activity. The west coast is also a collision in progress: the Pacific Plate colliding with the American Plate; here also we find piezo-electric energy (pressure between rocks, crystal containing granite, and igneous rocks) radiating from areas near earthquake faults, existing as a continuous background level of seismic activity.

I suspect that the on going collision of the Indian subcontinent with the Asian continent is generating a very powerful field of piezo-electric energy, and sensitive individuals can perceive this as specific qualities of feeling. For more information, see the YouTube presentations about the rise of the Himalayas, and Plate Tectonics and California Geology.

YouTube: Rising Himalayas   and   70 Million Years in Two Minutes

Plate Tectonics and California Geology

Paul C Adams (c) 2017       updated:1/26/17