The Path To Luminous Places

What are the benefits derived from luminous places?

  • A significant reduction of stress, and a return to peace.
  • Improved relationships with people: this is due to feeling better, both peaceful and energetic. It is easy to relate with people when your batteries are fully charged.
  • A clear mind, and insights about problems that need to be solved.
  • A deep appreciation for the natural world and our place within it.
  • Feeling wholesome, healed, coherent, focused, inspired and optimistic.
  • Enjoyable walks in nature, breathing fresh air and visiting beautiful environments.
  • A stronger body, greater endurance and fitness.
  • An enhanced ability to dream and recall episodes or details.
  • Serenity and vitality that can be shared with others.

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places is available as a download from  You can read this ebook on any computer, tablet, and some smart phones: the App for  this is free from Amazon.   Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Paul C Adams   (c) 2017