Luminous Places, Longevity and Time Dilation

Regular visits to luminous places in the wilderness reduce stress by inducing a peaceful state of well being. In addition, they confer a charge of vital energy: this has been my experience, consistently, on many occasions. Could these experiences add years to ones life span?  I think so, especially when combined with sufficient exercise, a nutritious diet and avoidance of toxins. In addition, the wilderness experience, especially near luminous places, adds a strong dose of enthusiasm and optimism for daily life.

My experience in the wilderness consistently provides another fascinating benefit: time dilation. In the wilderness and near luminous places the experience of time slows down, and therefore, in a subjective way, one lives longer. I think this approach to living longer, within an average lifetime, is practical and reliable.

My book, A Guide To Luminous Places is available as a download from  You can read this ebook on any computer, tablet, and some smart phones: the App for  this is free from Amazon.  Paperback edition: A Guide To Luminous Places.

Paul C Adams (c) 2017