Earth Barefoot

 I love walking barefoot on soft wilderness park trails. Something so simple as this opens a powerful relationship with the earth, and is another technique to establish rapport with a luminous place.

How long have people been wearing foot gear? The use of boots, shoes and sandals goes so far back that it is hard to find historical references to life when everyone went barefoot. Civilization seems to be directly related to the use of foot wear; part of the reason for this is because it is a status symbol of stature and prosperity.

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, and is a condition for computers so serious that extreme measures are taken to protect computer chips from this kind of electric damage. Computer technicians wear special shoes and bracelets to redirect the high voltage build up, which occurs on everyone, as we move about. Remember those sparks that fly off your hand and zap door knobs, or between pieces of dried laundry clothing, or at the gas station went you get out of your car and touch something? This is thousands of volts discharging from you to the environment. Everytime we move, this generates electrostatic electricity, and it “floats upon us” looking for where to discharge. Is this another kind of (serious) stress? I think so.

Foot wear electrically insulates us from ground, and allows the build up of high voltages. The spark discharge occurs only at rare occasions, yet this high voltage is almost always upon us: except when we walk barefoot, swim, bathe, or have contact with water or the earth. I think everyone feels better after being in the water, or the time spent with shoes and socks off.

 Walking barefoot is a natural massage and stimulates the feet to become stronger. Acupuncture and Foot Reflexology have fascinating maps of the feet and correlations with all parts of the body and mind.

 There are many good locations to go barefoot walking. Obviously, watching where you step is required, and avoiding pavement (roads and sidewalks) is a good idea. I never walk barefoot in the city; I walk barefoot on some wilderness trails, and beaches. There are barefoot hiking clubs which offer excellent guidance and insights.

(c) Paul C Adams 2013