Sensitivity to Luminous Places

Our sensitivity to luminous places is a variable that can be enhanced or diminished by many different methods or techniques, including a vast variety of herbs, nutrients and drugs. In addition, our basic sense of feeling – sensitivity fluctuates with daily awake/asleep cycles, dietary choices, terrestrial, and space weather (including astrological aspects/transits. It is essential to recognize these variables, and personal  sensitivity, before trying to identify energies associated with luminous places.

My experiences at luminous places includes a large variety of distinct qualities and characteristics, which can be quite stable, such as geomagnetic fields, and others, such as air ions, that fluctuate intensity and qualities. Piezo-electric fields, as those near some earthquake faults are usually very stable, yet can vary dramatically upon certain occasions. Strato-volcanoes, such as Mount Shasta, Mt.Adams and Mt Rainier generate, in my experience, very powerful unique magnetic fields that are stronger in the springtime, during snow melt. Near the seashore, the air ion concentrations vary with onshore or offshore breezes, wave size and ions/ aerosols created upon crashing, wind speed and direction, weather and storms.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017