Comparison of Perceptible Qualities

Here is an exercise you can try. Get up at 3am and pay attention to how you feel. If you live in a city, at this early hour, electrical power use (and cell phone – radio waves) is very low. This is an excellent opportunity to compare how you feel, daytime versus during the very early morning hours. What difference can be perceived?  First of all, it is quiet, little or no sound; yet more important is that it is very peaceful, similar to how you might feel in the wilderness. The extent and degree of peacefulness is profound and contrasts dramatically to the stimulating, “wiry” buzz of daytime hours.

The city generates an artificial luminous place, and the bigger the city, the more powerful the radiant electric and electromagnetic (radio) fields are. Technology generates invisible fields that are perceptible, and they do affect us, coloring our moods and sense of being: they form a distinct layer of the “onion” – multiple feelings within.

(c) Paul C Adams 2017